Saturday, February 4, 2012

Madonna's New Song - I Will Give You All My Hatin'

So, Madonna has this new song "Give Me All Your Luvin'" that she'll be performing at the Super Bowl. She has at least one radio station playing it on the hour every hour, and she insists her $300 concert tickets are worth buying because you'd spend that on a purse or pair of shoes, so why not that? I think someone is terribly misguided.

Here's why I think Madonna's new song is a fail, not a win:

- Luvin' is so far off from the word "loving" that I want to send Madonna a dictionary and tell her that she's worse for proper spelling than texting. Plus, when you Google "Madonna Give Me All Your..." people are spelling Luvin' "incorrectly" as "Lovin", which really, it should be.

- This song is so conceited! I mean, the lyrics are L U V Madonna. Really? Do you have to tell us to "luv" you? Because telling me to do it doesn't mean I'm going to do so.

- It's juvenile. The video features cheerleaders and Madonna with a baby carriage. Madonna seems to be having some serious aging issues, which is evident through her young-sounding vocals and the music video. I didn't like the whole 40-something-doing-the-high-school thing when Gwen Stefani did it with the Bananas song, and I don't like it now.

- Madonna is singing like a child. There's no depth in her voice, no maturity, no nothing. You could put a ten year old in front of a karaoke machine with auto-tune and get the same result.

- Madonna utilizes M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj in her song, which is a good thing if they're there to complement a good song. However, they're the only things that are good about the song. And saying they're good is even questionable.

- Madonna has her song playing constantly on radio stations as a promotional tool. have to PAY radio stations to play your song? Is that really a good sign?

- The song doesn't even sound remotely current. Just saying.

- I can't stand how Madonna says "luv-in" with a gap in the middle. It doesn't sound like one word - it sounds like 'love in'. Like, put some love in that song...which clearly Madonna did not do because of how ridiculously uninspired it is.

- Madonna claims that it's worth paying $300 to see her in concert because you'd spend that on a purse or shoes. First of all, I'd get way more use out of an expensive purse or shoes than her concert. In fact, I'd probably have more fun walking around for four hours with an expensive handbag at the mall than I would watching Madonna wear ill-fitting outfits like the ones she wears in the Give Me All Your Luvin' video. Also, not everyone spends $300 on shoes, you know. I'm a big fan of the clearance racks!

What do you think of Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin'?

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