Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 8

This week, the Dance Moms girls competed in the Fire and Ice dance competition in Pittsburgh, PA.

The pyramid, as usual, was first. Kendall was on the bottom row and placed back on probation. Mom Jill freaked out and Kendall started to cry. If Jill had any common sense, she'd shut her mouth - she's the reason Kendall is at the bottom of the pyramid. Abby Lee even admitted that she was upset by Kendall's tears, as she claims that she doesn't wake up each morning intending to hurt children's feelings. (I'm not entirely sure about that, but it's a good sentiment!) At the end of the argument, Jill pulled Kendall out of the dance studio with the pretense of taking her to another dance studio.

Although there was less drama surrounding this, Paige was announced as the second member of the bottom row for her performance in last week's trio. Brooke joined her for being mopey.

Mackenzie, Chloe and Maddie took the middle row, and Nia took the first row for the first time. She got it because of her hard work and determination. All of the girls screamed and hugged Nia, who looked so happy she could cry. For her placement on the pyramid, Nia was awarded a solo where she'd be playing the part of a princess. Her dance was an acro solo to a song called I'll Do Anything For You. Mom Holly looked so proud of her daughter - it was so nice.

Following the pyramid, Abby announced the group number for the Fire and Ice competition: Head Over Heels. The theme was about falling in love and getting married. Abby chose this intentionally because Melissa had a secret, and she thought everyone would figure it out after this dance. Right after we were told that Melissa had a secret, the camera flipped to Melissa in a confessional, in which she told us that she's getting engaged but likes to keep things private. (So...either this is a really fake secret or the story was out by the time the episode finished airing, but whatever. Also, I'm not sure how private Melissa is - she's on a reality show, after all!) Abby said she'd need the girls' dads at the competition because it would symbolize them giving their daughters away to dance.

Jill, who was criticized for being a studio hopper, called Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, Abby's rival, at Candy Apple's Dance Studio to see if she could find a spot for Kendall. Cathy said yes, as long as Jill and Kendall are completely done with the Abby Lee Dance Company. Nevermind that Abby and Cathy's studios are several hours apart - that doesn't matter in a reality show!

Abby told Maddie and Mackenzie that she knew about their mom's engagement and asked the girls if they'd be in the wedding. The girls just stared at her blankly. Chloe, who was also in the room, said she loves the story behind the engagement. Abby tried to bribe the story out of Mackenzie, but she wouldn't give in. Mackenzie said she can't tell Abby because she's a blabbermouth - that was funny!

The women went wedding dress shopping to get inspired for the girls' dance. Christi commented that everyone knows that Melissa's engaged so she should just admit it. I'm going to consider that a consistency slip in the show. There's no way that Chloe would know the engagement story if Christi wasn't told about it! And, according to a source, Christi and Melissa are actually friends, so of course Christi actually knows about Melissa's engagement!

Kendall auditioned for Cathy, and Cathy offered her a solo right off the bat - and Kendall would be competing against Abby Lee's soloists at Fire and Ice. Jill was in heaven at Cathy's studio - she said the moms were welcoming and Kendall got plenty of dance time. One of Cathy's dance moms asked if Abby knew that Kendall went to Candy Apple's, and the answer was no. Oh, the drama! In an even more dramatic turn, Cathy asked Kendall who was at the top of the pyramid. When she said Nia, Cathy inferred that Nia would have a solo, and noted that Nia and Kendall would be directly competing against each other.

The topic of bringing the dads to the competition came up again, and Melissa said neither her ex-husband or fiance would be coming to the competition. She got defensive about it, and Christi criticized Melissa for not having a relationship with her ex Kurt for the sake of her daughters.

The Competition

Abby came face-to-face with Cathy, and noticed that Kendall was with Cathy's team. Despite the rage of the adults, Nia and Kendal engaged in a staged-sounding discussion wishing each other good luck. Nia danced first of the pair. I didn't love her choreography, but she danced incredibly well. Kendall performed to I Think I Like You. She was great. The problem? Abby claims that Kendall was using her routine and her costume.

The Abby Lee group number was next and it was adorable. The wedding dance was so cute and the girls executed it well. The only thing was that the costumes seemed somehow inappropriate - they kind of reminded me of slutty wedding dresses, and that is not something I want to associate with kids!

Cathy's team danced next, and again, her girls were older, with Vivi-Anne and some other young kids thrown in. Her dance was nice as well, though, so she could be competition. Abby criticized Cathy's dance, which was funeral-themed, saying, "Who runs into a funeral and does an arabesque? Vivi-Anne." That was genuinely funny! But on the flip side, who does a flip at her wedding? Hypocritical much, Abby?

Cathy didn't need to worry - Head Over Heels took the overall award for the junior group. Unfortunately for Abby, Kendall took first place in the solo competition, so Nia didn't win. Holly thought it was all a game - she thought that Nia was set up.

The show concluded with an argument between Cathy and Abby. Abby accused Cathy of taking Kendall, while Cathy maintained that Kendall and Jill went to her.

Next week, the girls will perform in a costume that will make them look nude onstage - um...wow, inappropriate much?


Christina said...

Yep, your summary is pretty spot on. I also wondered about the fact that the two studios are literally states apart and how that would work, but of course it doesn't matter. I actually wondered for a time if Candy Apples was even really in Ohio.
Anyways, glad to know I wasn't the only one who thought their outfits were a bit strange. It could have been really cute with white dresses, but it ended up looking like the skanky Halloween costume to be honest.

Anonymous said...

The two studios are actually less than 100 miles apart. PA and Ohio border each other.

Anonymous said...

This entire comp wasn't real. Fire and Ice allowed them to use the backdrop and the judges were hired. Complete bologna :(