Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 7

This week on Dance Moms, the girls went to Hollywood Vibe in the Abby Lee Dance School's hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Abby opened the show by telling the girls that they have a target on their backs, so they'd be using a secret weapon in their dance: plastic guns. This was followed by a few gun-related references. The dance was called Private Eyes, and the reason for using the guns was to show edginess. The moms didn't love the idea, and there was also question regarding whether the plastic weapons would be allowed in the competition.

The pyramid was as follows:
Mackenzie, Nia, Kendall (for the costume) and Maddie (for her mistake that could have injured her) on the bottom.
The middle was Chloe and Brooke.
Paige took the top of the pyramid for the first time.

The group number featured everyone except Mackenzie. In addition, Chloe, Maddie and Paige would be doing a trio. Chloe and Maddie would each have solos (called Please and Every Little Step, respectively), and they were told that one of them were required to win.

Jill, who had no sympathy when Kelly was upset about Paige not being in the trio in a previous week, suddenly had no sympathy when Kendall was left out. Like usual, she was argumentative with the moms. To add insult to injury, Jill bought a bench for the studio with a plaque that said "To Abby Lee Love Jill and Kendall". Christi did not take it well (with good reason - it was a clear bribe) and called Jill a "conniving b***h". Unfortunately for Jill, Kendall's dance wasn't good enough, and the girl was told to to push ups in dance practice. Jill became combative around this time, and that theme continued throughout the show.

The trio was performing a contemporary piece called and Over and Over. They'd learned it before, so this week's practice should only need to serve as a refresher. When Paige didn't remember the moves properly, she got the wrath of Abby. Kelly also got criticized for coming down to hug Paige when she cried.

The Competition

Chloe's lyrical solo was first, and it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Her performance was top notch, her facial expressions were her best ever and her choreography was great.

Maddie performed next, and she was afraid that she's make a mistake again this week. Maddie performed amazingly, but I didn't love all of her choreography. That being said, her moved were executed perfectly, and there were some amazing moves in the dance.

The contemporary trio routine was shown third. Melissa noted immediately that the spacing was off. Abby also noted that the dance was off. I think I saw some moments that weren't perfectly synchronized, but it looked good.

The solo winners were announced, and Chloe took second place. Maddie took home first.

In the trio, the girls took second place. Abby, in her typical fashion, said this means that the girls were first losers. Very nice, Abby.

The group number was last to be featured on the show. I wasn't crazy about it. The girls looked a bit like aliens in their gold costumes with gold guns, rather than the intended effect. That being said, even after her skepticism, Holly loved the dance and said the gun accessory worked for the number.

The group number won the girls first place in the Jazz category. However, it did not win the overall category.

Next week, we'll see Kendall go back on probation, Cathy threaten to beat Abby in competition, and Holly get upset, but we don't learn why as of yet.

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