Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 5

Brooke opened this episode of Dance Moms by talking to Abby Lee about returning to dance. When Brooke tried to explain herself, Abby made Brooke feel awful before ultimately allowing her to return to the team. Abby turned the situation around to be all about herself - she said that Brooke had a talent for dance, but Brooke better never let her down again.

Kendal was then taken off probation after proving herself at the last competition.

This week's competition was the Starbound Competition in Long Island, New York.

Bottom row: Mackenzie, Nia, Paige, Kendal
Middle row: Maddie (Abby claims it's to challenge her), Chloe
Top row: Brooke (This was a shock move to welcome Brooke back, and Jill, Kendal's mom, did not take this well. In fact, Jill didn't take much well - her personality became strong and condescending during this episode.)

Next, Abby broke the news that Peyton would be out of the group. Her mom, Leslie, flipped out and walked out in a huff with her daughter.

Brooke was given a solo, and Abby told her she has to win to prove herself. Mackenzie had a solo as well - an acro routine called The Party Starts Right Now. The group was doing a jazz dance called Avalanche.

Jill approached one of the dance teachers to ask why Kendal didn't have a special part in the dance number. The teacher approached Abby about this, and Abby was less than amused. The other moms seemed less than amused with Jill as well, except for Melissa, who seemed to like her. But Melissa liked Cathy last season too, so I'm not entirely sure of her judgment.

Kelly hosted a party to welcome Brooke back into the group. As usual, this turned into a discussion among the moms about who gets what and what's fair with Abby's studio. Melissa got attacked for all of the private lessons that her kids get, and Jill backed her up - but the other moms didn't take kindly to this. Melissa and Jill were 'invited' to leave. It was made pretty clear that they were not wanted at the party.

We saw a rare emotional moment from Abby during Mackenzie's solo practice. Abby cried because in her mind, Mackenzie stopped being a kid and started being a dancer. In contrast, Abby was less thrilled with Brooke because she'd lost flexibility during her time away from dance.

In a very over-the-top gesture, Jill set up a massage studio in Studio C of Abby's studio, and provided her and one of her teachers (Gianna) with an impromptu massage session. She noted that it was Kendal's idea, presumably to make Abby think highly of Kendal. If that wasn't enough, she made it clear that in exchange for her generosity, Jill expected Abby to make special parts in the dances for Kendal. Abby appreciated the gesture, but let the show's viewers know that this would not, in fact, buy Kendal solos and preferential treatment.

The Competition

Jill talked herself into a hole as soon as Abby and crew got to the competition. Jill made snide comments about how she came to the competition even though Kendal was practically doing nothing.

After some arguing amongst the moms, Mackenzie did her solo. She was adorable. Her form didn't seem 100% perfect at all times, but she did amazing moves and gave a great performance. Brooke danced next. I did not enjoy Abby's overly dramatic music choice for her, but she did well. That being said, she makes some painful faces as she dances. She seemed to have a lot of passion, although Abby said she didn't give it her all.

In the Junior Petite solo competition, Mackenzie took first place.
Brooke took third place in the Top Teen Soloist competition.

The group number was last. It was phenomenal. The girls worked so well together. They moved well together and when each girl did her own part, she stood out in a great way. Like Christi said, I'm not sure if I get what the dance was about, but it looked great onstage.

For their group number, Abby Lee's team took second place in their division. However, the announcer said that they did come close to first place, so their efforts were noticed.

Abby, in an effort to be negative, let the girls know that they weren't good enough. She also said that they should win big, or lose big, but don't come in second.

Abby also secretly put Jill (and therefore Kendal) back on probation. She didn't tell Jill that, but Abby knew what she had to do to re-create the relative peace that was in the studio before Jill and Kendal's arrival...and that may mean getting rid of Jill and Kendal. I guess we'll see what happens next week!

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