Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice: I Think We Haven't Seen The Last of Victoria Gotti

Last night, Victoria Gotti became the second person to be kicked off of this season's Celebrity Apprentice.

I was not surprised to see Victoria Gotti go, given that her attitude had been less than stellar, and she threatened to leave her team and go work with the men during this week's episode. Her reasoning is that the women should play the game like men to win, so she'd rather go work with the guys who work, well, like men. This, naturally, offended her teammates, most of which are highly capable, intelligent women.

While I agree with Donald Trump's decision to oust Victoria, I will admit admit that Lisa Lampanelli played a big role in Victoria's departure. Why? Two reasons: Lisa didn't give in to what Victoria wanted (which seemed to be a role in the Medieval Times show) and Lisa and Victoria had a rivalry already in place, which was evident during the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice.

Although Victoria said goodbye this week, I don't think is the last we'll be seeing of her. I say this because I heard news reports of Victoria Gotti and Teresa Giudice getting into major fights on the show, and we certainly didn't see any of that yet. We haven't even really seen Teresa get mad, let alone get angry enough to (truly) flip a table. (She flipped a table as part of her team's sketch at Medieval Times.)

The Celebrity Apprentice Episode: A Quick Recap

If you want a quick synopsis of last night's (2/26/12) Celebrity Apprentice, here it is: the teams were told to put on a show at Medieval Times. The audience would vote on a winner. The men put together a sketch in which Dee Snider dressed up like a queen and the men competed for her love. The guys acted out what they do best, in most cases - Penn Gillette (the team captain) did tricks, Clay Aiken sang, etc. At the end, the winning man took his own life rather than having to be with the queen.

The women did a sketch that was called The Unreal Housewives of Camelot, which was a play on The Real Housewives franchise. Victoria Gotti was told by team captain Lisa Lampanelli that she had the most important role of all: lights and sound, while everyone else would be onstage. I think Lisa's decision was part truth and part spiteful. Victoria did have an important role, and the role kept her away from Lisa. Lisa strongly took control of the group and led the way with the help of Aubrey O'Day. I thought the sketch was good, but Victoria messed up a lot of her cues during the women's show, whereas George Takei messed up a bunch during the men's rehearsal, but pulled it together for the men's performance.

In the end, Dayana Mendoza, Victoria and Lisa were the three in the hot seat. Victoria told some things that didn't seem to be quite true, and her words made her the second person to leave The Celebrity Apprentice, following week one's ousted star, Cheryl Tiegs.

Women: 2 firings. Men, 0 firings. Let's see where we go from here!

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