Monday, February 20, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice 2/19/12: Some Thoughts

I'm not usually one to watch The Celebrity Apprentice, but I decided to give it a try because of the interesting cast this season.

Some of the "celebrities" (and I use that term loosely) had their personalities come out immediately, while others faded into the background. Let's run through the celebrities and their first impressions.

First up is the women's team, who called themselves Forte.

Patricia Velasquez: I'd never heard of her before, but she stepped up as a strong force on the team. She nominated herself as the team leader and fought hard for her team.
Dayana Mendoza: This beauty queen (winner of Miss Universe) didn't take the lead, but she did step up when Patricia Velasquez took control. She's very motivated by Patricia and clearly wants to please her. (It worked.)
Tia Carrere: I'd never heard of Tia either, and this show didn't help. I didn't get much of an impression of her.
Teresa Giudice: Teresa pronounced her last name Gee-you-dee-chay, like she'd discussed doing on Watch What Happened Live a while back. (It was previously pronounced Joo-dice, in an Americanized fashion.) Teresa actually made a good impression. She was responsible and cooked roasted red peppers for the sandwiches in the first challenge, which was probably a bit of a kiss-off to those who say she can't cook even though she has a cookbook.
Debbie Gibson: She was very kind and calm, but made sure everyone knows that she can still sing.
Victoria Gotti: She was very strong willed, and made it known that there's someone on the show she's already wary about. The cameras made it known that she spent a lot of time dealing with non-show related things, like an eye injury and some personal stuff. That being said, I think she will be a strong force in the show, and I look forward to seeing her rumored fighting with Teresa Giudice.
Aubrey O'Day: She came off a bit conceited, but she has a lot to live up to after her past reality TV experiences, so I'm not surprised. I'm not convinced that she'll make it too far in the show. Also, I wasn't a huge fan of her hairstyle.
Lisa Lampanelli: She's funny and entertaining. Not much else to say at this point.
Cheryl Tiegs: It makes sense that she was the first one to be kicked off. She was way too calm and passive for the show's drama.

Something interesting was that when asked who the most recognizable people on the team are, Teresa Giudice's name came up first. It's so strange that a reality star famous for flipping tables is the most famous person on the team.

The men's team, called Unanimous, took the victory in the first challenge. The challenge was to raise more money than the other team selling sandwiches that the teams designed and made at Cafe Metro. Their team was led by Paul Teutul, Sr. of American Chopper, who in the beginning seemed like an underdog, but was able to lead his team to victory by raising a ton of money from an unnamed donor.

Paul Teutul, Sr.: Paul came off as very confident, but as a television viewer, it was easy to doubt him. He said he'd raise $500,000 for his charity, and that seemed highly unlikely. That being said, he came through and led his team to victory. He didn't quite reach his lofty goal, but he did bring in a lot of cash for the Make a Wish foundation.
Clay Aiken: Clay almost seemed to be in a grudge match with America...but in a positive way. He knows we see him as an American Idol runner up, and he's ready to break free of that.
Michael Andretti: He didn't make too much of an impression, but we'll see how that rolls out.
Lou Ferrigno: He was fun to watch and will probably provide comic relief throughout the series.
Adam Corolla: He's funny but not as funny as some of the other guys.
Arsenio Hall: He's really funny...and I can see his jokes one-upping the jokes from the other guys.
Penn Jillette: Penn proved his desire to be on the show by going outside of his team's sandwich shop and attracting people to come in using tricks. He really put himself out there and worked well with Clay Aiken. (By the way - I'm a Penn fan because of the time I was forced to go onstage during a Penn and Teller show. I didn't want to go, but he didn't let me mess anything up so I was happy.)
George Takei: I love his Facebook posts...he posts a ton of funny things. That being said, he's very quiet in person and that was mistaken by Paul for meekness. Donald Trump didn't take kindly to Paul's analysis of George.
Dee Snider: He's great. I doubt he'll win but he'll be great to watch. He was most likely cast as the Bret Michaels of this season, although I doubt that he'll take the prize like Bret did.

The guys won the competition even without this, but their win was assisted by an appearance on the Rachael Ray show, on which Rachael tried sandwiches from both teams and declared the men's sandwich to be her favorite. Money was awarded based on her decision.

Based on the first episode, I think the win is going to go to Patricia Velasquez, Clay Aiken or Penn Jillette. Those three stood out the most to me as strong contenders that will make it through without causing any major interpersonal issues. But who knows? Anything can happen.

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