Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras: Lollipops and Gumdrops Pageant

On this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, we saw the return of MaKenzie, as well as two squabbling sisters, compete in a candy themed pageant.

The director of this pageant is Tonya Bailey, and I am pretty sure I've seen her before as the director of other pageants. She let us know that the pageant winner would get a custom crown and a custom play there was sure to be some competition.

MaKenzie Myers
We were introduced first to MaKenzie, daughter of Juana, who was a giant brat. Her mom said she's realizing she's making, which is changing her attitude for the worse. At the age of six, she did a TV spot, a People magazine spread and had a Funny or Die video about her. She's a spoiled brat now and is sure to be a monster as she gets older.

In her last Toddlers and Tiaras pageant, MaKenzie didn't take home any crowns, so she and mom Juana seemed to be especially determined to win at the Lollipops and Gumdrops pageants. Her mom even bought her an outfit to wear as she arrived at the pageant!

Next up was a girl whose mom bought her first pageant dress before she was even born. Brooke began doing pageants from the moment she was born, and Kaylie began before she turned one. Their mom, Joni, and their dad seemed to have made their house a shrine to the girls. I saw their faces on the walls, on the couch...everywhere! On a positive note, these girls seemed down to earth, and even though they compete against each other in pageants, they seemed to get along and enjoy being sisters.

Hailey was third, and at nine, she seemed to be quite a polished contestant. This is surprising because she started at the age of seven. Mom Shemanda seems to be a supportive, but not overbearing, pageant mom. Hailey seems to really bring it, and I can see how she'd be stiff competition. She's trained by a drag queen, and as we've learned in past pageants, having the drag queen edge can help the girls bring home the crowns.

The Pageant

During pageant prep, MaKenzie was a brat (shocker), the sisters were fun and Hailey handled pageant prep like a pro.

Beauty was the first competition, and it's heavily based on facial beauty. The girls in each division stood in a stage for this, and at this point, I became pretty sure MaKenzie wouldn't be taking home the crown. Not only was she smiling like a maniac, but her stomach was was not good! Next, they did their walks one by one. I hate to say it, but I am not convinced that MaKenzie has what it takes anymore to compete in pageants. She didn't look confident and she didn't seem to be the best in the competition. She even made some missteps during her routine.

Kaylie and Brooke were both phenomenal on stage. You could truly see their personalities, and you could see how different they truly are. Hailey was third. Her poise onstage was just as good as it was during practice, and her smile was genuine. After her routine, Hailey was devastated because she "almost fell on her face," and mom was very supportive, which was nice. Granted, she really didn't almost fall on her face - I barely noticed her misstep - but I give her credit for sharing her emotion in a quiet way and her mom credit for handling the situation in a proper, supportive way.

Up next was Candy Wear. MaKenzie was first of the group and she saw the MaKenzie Mouse outfit we saw in People Magazine. She danced to the 'meet me at the apple tree' song. She made up the routine as she went, and it wasn't too bad. However, the song choice and outfit didn't seem to go together for me...and I'm not convinced as to what they had to do with candy.

Kaylie was next. She wore a candy colored striped dress and pretended to be at a boutique. She was good, but lost her smile at the end. Brooke was dressed in a costume that looked like it was supposed to look like fire, and she rocked her routine. She did back handsprings and kept her smile glued to her face.

Hailey's outfit actually had to do with candy. She pushed a cart that was labeled Hailey's Glitz Candy Cart. She wore a colorful striped shorts / overalls set with a white shirt. She looked a bit 50's, which a judge noted. It was awesome.


6 Year Old Division
Queen: Allison

8 Year Old Division
Queen: Sierra

9-10 Year Old Division
Queen: Erika

Supreme Titles
Candy Wear Winner: Kaylie
Mini Supreme: Hailey
Beauty Photo Supreme: Brooke
Beauty Supreme: MaKenzie
Ultimate Grand Supreme: Sadie


Anonymous said...

What was the song title and artist that Brooke danced to in her candy wear routine for Lollipops and Gumdrops pageant? Female singer lyrics that sounded like "I'm beatin to the rhythm, beatin to the rhythm, babe, I'm beatin to the rhythm, beatin to the rhythm" Dance pop synth sound. Thanks

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Shaun and Joni can go on tv acting like exceptional parents when he has denied his oldest daughter for 15 yrs. So sad. Then he brags about parading them around with their new boxed in trailers that hauls their $10k worth of pageant stuff. Everyone from our hometown knows what he's really like. I feel so sorry for those kids.

Savannah said...

They didn't show MaKenzie's candy wear routine (why, I don't know). The Minnie Mouse was her outfit of choice. The pageant had three competitions: beauty, outfit of choice, and candy wear. Fun Little Side Note: the girl who won Ultimate Grand Supreme, Sadie Brown, was followed by TnT in Season 2. She won ultimate at Southern Glitz Open State. There were a lot of TnT girls in this episode.

Anonymous said...

T&t does that a lot-- shows one routine in the place of another. Alexes's ooc was substituted for "American wear", and brock's talent was shown in place of his outfit of choice. Also, the songs used are not typically the ones the kids actually performed to. In "glitzy divas", ever rose is shown performing to "let's roll the dice", but her routine was actually performed to "sharp dressed man".

Anonymous said...

Did we see the same episode?! Those sisters were SO mean to each other and seemed to get joy out of hurting one another's feelings. I thought they were horrible brats and not sisterly at all.