Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras: Crown Beauties Glitzy Divas Pageant

This week, Toddlers and Tiaras featured the Crown Beauties Glitzy Divas pageant. The pageant director, Bonnie Crow, said a couple of true but questionable things in her introduction.  She said that to win, a girl can't be overweight - she needs a Barbie look. She also said that pageants are not for the poor, which is true, but is still a little bit sad. (Note: the statements Bonnie made are horrible in general, and I mean that they're true for this pageant, not all pageants, since she's the director.)

The first girl we met today was four year old Adriana. Mom Jade said for pageants, she goes from tomboy to pageant queen. Adriana had been in pageants since she was two, although she first participated in natural pageants, and Crown Beauties Glitzy Divas would be her first full glitz pageant. Jade admitted that she's more into pageants than her daughter. She's been getting her daughter to eat healthy so she can look thin for the pageant.

Madi, the ten year old daughter of Kerry, has reached more than $100,000 in winnings and has been in more than 300 pageants. That being said, she seems like a well adjusted kid, and her winnings are going towards her college fund, which is totally respectable.

Third was Ever Rose, the eight year old daughter of Kayla. Kayla likes the aspect of throwing off her child and thinks it's very normal. She does have a point - lots of moms like to show off their kids - but not all moms do it through pageants. Mom and Ever Rose watch their diets before pageants. Mom said that Ever Rose has taken off 10 pounds, and she does that by watching calories.

The Pageant:

Adriana was late for beauty, but she did make it onstage. She didn't look as confident and poised as some of her competition. Ever Rose appeared second. Her dress didn't flatter her at all. She also didn't make eye contact with the judges. Madi, in contrast, was fantastic. I think her makeup was a bit heavy, but I'm not a pageant pro, so maybe that's what the judges want. Although I found her smile to be a tiny bit too big and fake, Madi looked great and did awesome on stage.

Casual Wear was next. Don't be fooled by the name - the outfit has to be a full custom outfit, and it certainly can't be an everyday casual outfit.

Adriana, again, was late for this part of the pageant. Ever Rose was on time, and she wore a pink and black pinstripe outfit that the judges loved. Madi, despite not being allowed to choose her own magic for casual wear, did a great job on her routine. She wore a black, red and white outfit that made her look somewhat like a scantily dressed matador. Casual Wear ended without Adriana's mom realizing it, but she was allowed onstage to do her routine. She was dressed as a sailor. The outfit didn't fit quite right and she was clearly off her game.


4 Year Old Division
Photogenic and Casual Wear Winner: Maddie
Princess: MaKayla, Jaycee and Adriana
I don't blame the judges at all for Adriana's score. She wasn't that good and was late for everything.

7 - 8 Year Old Division
Photogenic and Casual Wear Winner: Olivia
Princess: Anne Marie

9 - 10 Year Old Division
Divisional Supreme: Haylee

Supreme Titles
Novice Supreme: Maddie B.
2011 Face: Ever Rose
Ultimate Grand Supreme: Madi


I can not stand when moms say that they're living vicariously though their children on this show. The mom is not in the pageant. The mom doesn't have to spend her youth practicing her beauty walk. I can understand being excited and hopeful for your child, but living through your child's life is hardly a healthy way to live. I've been thinking about this a lot since the T and T episode with mom Melissa and daughter Carley - it was a bit overwhelming how much Melissa lived through Carley's success.

The names on this T&T episode were interesting. We had Ever Rose, first of all, which I don't hate, but certainly don't like either. There was a Marley, which was interesting but not my style. There was also a Lynzee, which is a name that I like but a spelling that I detest. There were other weird names, too, like Cavanaugh, MaKayla (bad capitalization) and Haylee (not my favorite spelling but I understand why people like it).

Adriana's mom was upset that Adriana lost and blamed it on her not having the Barbie look that the pageant judges like. I disagree - she lost because she wasn't that good, and she was late for Beauty and was so late for Casual Wear that it ended before she could even go onstage.


Misti85 said...

Aside from your snide remarks about how parents are spelling their children's names, your little blog is a good summary of the T&T episodes. However, you do seem to be a tad obsessed with the spelling of names. My daughters name is Baylee, somewhat like Haylee but obviously with a "B" instead of an "H". I think her name has a unique spelling and is unique just as she is. I also find myself in disagreement that you can consider any of the things that the director Bonnie Crow said were true. Pageants are for everyone and every child is beautiful. I do believe that the biggest T&T pageant superstar Eden wasn't a skinny mini and she did rather well for herself. I've also seen low income familes do pageants and be rather thrifty about it. Restyling old dresses, doing your own hair and makeup, and selling raffle tickets for entry fees. There are a lot of people that are rather shocked and disgusted with Bonnie's comments and that won't be attending any of her pageants in the future.

Less Than Reality said...

Hi Misti,

Thanks for your comment.

A few things:

You made a really good point about the wording about the Barbie look / needing money thing. I actually didn't intend to make that a blanket statement. I meant that for this pageant, I do believe it's true. I posted a statement of clarification along with that statement on the blog. I was incredibly shocked and horrified to read what she said, but because she dictates what happens at her pageants, her statements are true for her pageants.

Secondly, I believe that all children are wonderful in their own way, but I do not believe that all children can do pageants. Well, I believe all children can compete, but I don't believe every child has the same level of talent and capability and the same shot at the crown.

Third, I am obsessed with names. I think a child's name dictates his or her future and has an impact on his or her personality. I always consider: Would you like that name on a resume and consider giving that person a job? Can the child grow up with that name? Will that child spending his or her spend her entire life correcting people when they try to spell her name? Can you imagine that name for the next president? I don't value unique spellings, particularly, because my focus is on the ability for people to spell it properly in the future. I also think about pronunciation - I would pronounce Haylee differently than Hailey - although that may vary if your dialect is different than mine.

I know it's not up to me how people spell their children's name, but as an opinion blog, this is my place for my opinion, as well as yours to refute, and I appreciate your comments.

If you'd like to discuss further, I'd love to hear back from you via comment or email at Does your daughter participate in pageants? Or do you have strong views on anything pageant related? I'd be totally open to posting your opinion in a blog post (and either adding my opinion or not, your choice). If I do write, there won't be snark in that article, I promise. :) I'd actually really like to hear about your perspective on why pageants are for everyone, which I agree that they SHOULD be. I don't think they always are (which I noted in line one of the post) but I do support diversity of background and finance in pageants. I actually just think they shouldn't cost as much to enter or have such an expensive culture in the first place, but that's a way bigger issue than just this.

Let's chat - I'd love to get a guest post going if you're interested.

Jordann Iero said...

My niece is Adriana, and she WAS NOT as late as they intended for Beauty, she was late 5 to 10 minutes. Adriana, her mom [being my sister] and myself had to do interviews, AND on top of that get her dressed. And she did AMAZING on stage. That was one of her best times I've seen her on stage. Probably 2nd, when she won Little Miss Magnolia State Overall Queen, and beat 95 other little girls in her age group, was the best. :)

Anonymous said...

No Adriana was not late to beauty. When will you people understand that this is reality tv and things are edited to make their ratings high?? Yes we were late to ooc but they did not count off points. They knew we were filing a show and that we were upstairs in interveiws with them. They do that on purpose so they will have something to talk about on the show. Adriana's scores were perfect 9's and 10's. She had nothing less than a 9. If you dont know anything about pageants or being on reality tv then I suggest you do your homework before you try writing an article on it. Thanks~Jade Robles-Adriana's mom!

Less Than Reality said...

I actually know a lot about reality TV so that's an unfair accusation.

Do you want to set the record straight about Adriana? I'd love to have you do a guest post about your experience on the real pageant vs. the one on tv. Email By the way, O give you a lot of credit because Adriana seems like a wondeful, well adjusted child, which can't be said for all T and T kids.

Less Than Reality said...

O was supposed to be I...I give you a lot of credit. And editing can be very cruel!

Less Than Reality said...

I put the wrong email The other email isn't mine. I was distracted. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

My stepdaughter is named Haylee. I have never thought it was a weird spelling. They used the Lee because it was her Godmother and her mother's middle names. I get that a lot of the names are cringe-worthy on this show, I work in the legal field and I'm trying to see a high powered attorney named Queen, Heavan, Torrann or my fav Syrenati (sp?) addressing the judge. LOL. But I had to defend the Haylee spelling today.

Less Than Reality said...

Honestly, the Haylee spelling doesn't bother me that much. I'm just not a fan of 'ee' endings unless there's a special meaning, which there is for you. I was just so appalled seeing some of the names and thinking back to past ones (remember Sparkal Queenz?) that I was mad by the time her name came up. I actually really love the name overall!

Less Than Reality said...

And Saryniti was an atrocious name, btw! I think I may take down Haylee from the was mainly used as a filler and it's causing the most drama!

Savannah said...

Anyone else besides me recognize Ever Rose's friend, Kim's daughter? It's McKenzie Jones, she was on Season 2. The "Tiny Miss USA" episode. I'm glad Madi finally got her own episode. She's been in the background a few times, but that kid is amazing.

Less Than Reality said... seem to know a lot about this stuff! If you'd like, email me at would love you to write a guest post.

Less Than Reality said...

Out of curiosity, what scale does this pageant score on? One of the T&T pageants scored between 9.4 and 10 or something like it so when parents see the scores, they think their kids did well even if they truly did average.

Jordann Iero said...

I believe it was a 7 to 10 scale. But even if, Adriana got a perfect 10 from every judge on facial beauty. Lateness had nothing to do with it. Adriana was not late for beauty, we were standing in line the whole time to go on stage, with her age group. They were on the other hand 5 to 40 minutes late for the first OOC. I was not with them at the time, so I'm not sure.

Less Than Reality said...

Jordann - I would really love for you to set the record straight on what happened behind the scenes at the pageant, if you're interested. Do a write-up about how the lateness was staged for drama and how you think Adriana was affected (judging wise, even attention wise) by being filmed for T&T. Provide a picture that you like of Adriana and some history on her pageant success. Also include what's next for her.

She seems like a genuinely nice kid. Maybe touch on how you and her mom keep her grounded in the high intensity world of pageants.

I know, of course, that T&T is staged in part, but I think it's wrong that they set up the lateness thing when it wasn't correct. And I can see that Adriana can do really well from her performance, but it seems like maybe she was taking in a lot that day with the cameras and all?

Set it straight, talk about being a pageant family (and one that seems normal, at that!) and your experiences in the pageant world. (Mean moms, etc.)

You don't have to if you don't want to, but it might be a nice thing to put out there for T&T fans so they can understand what really goes down. We can link to Adriana's Facebook page and all so she gets more followers. (I get a lot of hits on this blog so hopefully it'll help).

Despite the cynicism I've displayed in this article, I do genuinely think that Adriana has a lot of potential, and put in the right pageant she can go really far. I mean, the pageant director in this pageant straight up said that she wanted a Barbie type, and, well, yeah. I don't need to explain that. I also think she seems like a great kid, and I absolutely LOVE her name (and you can read how I feel about names)!

Email if you want and we can discuss, or put together an article / picture / links / whatever and we can get it posted.

Jordann Iero said...

I'll write on my own blog for a little while, [Not about this, my makeup blog] and really think about it, and get back to you on it sometime tonight.


Anonymous said...

I hate when the parents blame their kids not winning on poor judging or biases towards a certain look or whatever. From all the T&T episodes I've watched I rarely disagree with the crowning and you can tell right away who's going to supreme and who's not. Adriana wasn't good, that's why she didn't win. And I'm sorry to put down a little girl but can her mom really not recognize how much more work and practice she needs to put in? Ahhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Wow - this pageant was a total turn off from the first comments from the pageant director. Some children don't have the barbie look (ie skinny, blonde, blue-eyed). I would think that if you look beautiful, and is graceful on the stage, show poise and stage presence then you should be judged accordingly. Also if you are going to make such comments then you should also represent what you speak....maybe the director need to have a ghost director represent herself...A Barbie she is not!!! To the creater of this do an excellent job!

Anonymous said...

This show is tolerable sometimes JUST b/c the children are adorable. Bonnie Crow is a fat, ugly Ginger Woman who needs to take a LONNNGGG look in the mirror before she comments on anyones appearance! Much less a childs!! And is it a prerequisite for all the mothers to be fat and look like they just stepped out of the trailor park??? What a pathetic cast of characters. These poor delightful children. They'll need years of therapy to recover from their neurotic mothers trying to live through them. All the while thinking, since their child is attractive it somehow makes them attractive. Not by a long shot losers! Lol. And Adrianna's mother is the worst. She won't buy a house so she can keep her daughter in pageants!?? Priorities Moron!!! The girl who won was better than Adrianna; not just blonde. Scratch the 5k dress and buy a gym membership moms!!

Anonymous said...

I was at this pageant (my granddaughter was seen briefly in her outfit of choice (weirdly, they called it her casual wear), a parrot costume. Trust me when I say that everything (including the director's comments) were very edited. My granddaughter pulled a supreme title, but I am told the scores were beyond close, and there were many many ties. It was very stiff competition, with a lot of big-name girls.

Anonymous said...

This pageant was scored on a 7-10 scale. There were 3 events (beauty, casual wear (which was optional) and ooc. Scoring was based on beauty, your best photo score (if you entered more than 1), and your best stage event, so, in reality, cw was a "throwaway score", so even being late to that one event wouldn't have mattered-- only the best of cw and ooc counted. Also, I don't know if this was the case for Adriana, but I know that what was shown as "casual wear" for ever rose was actually her ooc, not that that matters. Adriana was competing with the 4 year olds, which were last in the
"little kids" grouping, so her "40 minutes" would likely have got her there in plenty of time for lineup, because like most pageants they were running a bit behind
schedule. Also, casual wear was not the last event in the pageant, not by a long-shot, since there was still ooc
to go, and Then all the events for ages 5+. She would have had to be some 4 hours late for cw to have walked in at "see you at 6 for crowning", which I assure you, she was not.

Anonymous said...

Adriana's mother is wearing rose coloured glasses. The girl's routine wasn't exciting or polished. She wasn't engaging. She lacked spark and pizzaz. All these mums think their child is best. I wish they would get some objectivity before they open their mouth and make themselves sound stupid with their " my child deserved to win" comments.

Lindsey said...

People are giving you way too much drama just because you said you don't really like the spelling of the name Haylee. It's an opinion. Yes, they're allowed to voice theirs too, but their getting their panties all in a twist about something so menial. It's not like you're saying that any kid with the name Haylee is ugly and will grow up to be a terrible person. You're just saying that you're not that into the spelling of it. Big whoop!
I don't like the spelling Haylee either. I don't actually even like the name Hailey. I've heard it so many times, particularly when it comes to yelling at children who are acting up in public, that I just do not like the name at all anymore. I'm sure there's some lovely people named Haylee, Hailey, or even Haylie. It doesn't mean I have to like the name or how it's spelled because it's my opinion.
This is an opinion based blog about a reality show. This person that writes it is clearly a very nice person. I could think of a few choice words to say about Bonnie Crow, considering her rude demeanor on the show and with her introductory speech. Misti didn't even throw punches there. She just let it go as Bonnie's Pageant, Don't go if you don't like Bonnie's Words, kind of situation.

Rock on, Misti! And keep saying what you think. This is just the internet and the worst drama you'll get is a few bruised feelings and the option to delete offensive comments.