Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things I Hate About Celebrity Gossip Reporting

I love reading about celebrity gossip. It's entertaining, highly exaggerated, and occasionally contains a grain of truth. That being said, there are three things I hate about celebrity gossip, and I've listed them below.

1. Everything is super-something.

"Kim and Kris looked super happy together." That was a quote that was read in tabloids around the world. Little did we know that the opposite was true. After all, tabloids told us that the pair was super happy, so why would we ever think otherwise?

Not only are people always super happy, but weddings are always super beautiful, children are always supercute (sometimes 'super' even joins itself into the word it's accenting), and outfits are super sexy. Whatever a thing or situation is, it can be made into super something...and it will be.

2. All pregnant celebrities are so happy and can't wait to be moms.

I'm not saying that celebrities don't want to have babies, because plenty of them do. But what I am saying is that celebrities, like the rest of the world, sometimes get pregnant by accident. We never hear a news report that says, "Kristin wasn't completely ready to be a mom yet, but it's a nice surprise." We always hear things like, "Kristin is super excited that she and her fiance are having a baby and can't wait to be a mom."

It's not the celebrities' faults that they have to spin stories that way - heaven forbid a celebrity show a sign of weakness or regret - the tabloids would be all over it!

I read a blind item once about a married couple who were having a third child and were less than happy about it. Although I never learned the true identity of the couple in the blind item, the other readers and I had an idea of the names of the couple. However, when news reports of the wife's pregnancy came out, everyone was all happy and sunshine and YEAAA! We totally wanted this baby and are so excited to bring another bundle of joy into the world!

3. Random observers love to tell us how happy celebrities looked when they passed them on the street.

Admit it - you've seen something like this more than once in a magazine:

"Jim and Reese looked super close when they walked down the street. They looked so in love!" said an observer.

Okay, really? First of all, the line sounds exactly like something the magazine would say, and who is this mystery observer that looked so carefully that they could tell two people strolling through LA holding Starbucks cups looked completely in love?

In some cases where two celebrities are oh-so-obviously in love, the pair ends up not even being a couple. Like, if Bradley and Michelle grab dinner as friends, you can be sure that at least one 'observer' will tell a hungry magazine that the two looked like they were going to kiss and seemed to be very comfortable with each other. Even if they looked uncomfortable talking about an upcoming movie they'd be filming together.

What do you think? Do you recognize these types of items from tabloids? What do you think of them?

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