Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Things I Love About Toddlers and Tiaras

I previously wrote an article about the things that are screwed up about Toddlers and Tiaras. Now, I'm writing about the things I love about the TLC show.

1. Some of the Toddlers and Tiaras kids are awesome.

There are some kids that excel in the pageant world. One of those kids is AnnaBella from America's Ultimate Beauty Pageant. She, and others like her, are genuinely talented, and it's nice to see those children succeed. It's even nicer when the children are not only talented, but down-to-earth as well. These kids prove that it's possible to be both a pageant star and a normal kid.

2. Some of the T and T kids really want to be onstage.

We all have hobbies and things that we're good at. Some kids genuinely enjoy, and are great at, being in pageants. It's easy for us to judge and say that pageants only reward outer beauty, but once kids are of a certain age, talent and poise count for a lot. Some of the children featured on the show had to convince their parents to let them compete in pageants, and those kids are extremely talented, confident and strong contenders in the pageant world.

Take, for example, Queen at the Glamor Girl Hearts and Crowns Winter Extravaganza. She asked her parents if she could compete in pageants. She wanted to be in them and made sure that she rocked onstage to prove it.

3. Some of the non-traditional moms and daughters stand out in a good way.

If you recall mom Ally and daughter Samara from the Island of Dreams pageant, they were non-traditional, and that's what made them great. Mom loves both heavy metal and pageants, which typically don't go together, but she made them work.

Another non-traditional family is mom Chelsea and daughter Emerald from the Glamorous Beauties pageant. They're of Quaker background and say that their background encourages equality. However, they're still able to enjoy the competitive side of pageants.

There's also Ca'Trina and Saryniti, who believe in winning, but also making a fun, friendly pageant environment. At the Halloween Bash Pageant, they were very positive and were a great deviation from the negativity we sometimes see on T and T.

4. Some parents utilize pageant participation for good reasons.

We've seen at least two examples on Toddlers and Tiaras where moms enrolled their kids in pageants to build their confidence and help them overcome a difficult life situation. For example, one girl had a speech impediment, and her mother hoped pageants would allow her to be confident even with the speech-related setback.

Even in less specialized cases, pageants have great learning opportunities that some parents utilize. For example, some children are taught how to win and lose gracefully, both of which are equally important.

5. Cookie-cutter beauty doesn't always win.

Although the Crown Divas Glitzy Beauty Pageant placed a strong emphasis on the Barbie look, not all pageants do that. Some pageants focus more heavily on factors other than the All-American girl look. Some pageants crown girls with more talent, others crown girls with diverse looks, and others take different factors into consideration. The point is, in many pageants, diversity of background, personality and talent can work in a child's favor, and that's a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

We were at crown beauties glitzy divas.(my granddaughter can be seen briefly in her parrot costume) Everything, including the director's comments, was heavily edited. I will go into detail if you want. The judging, though, was fair, and the kids who took top titles were not all "barbies". Novice supreme went to a girl who was a bit heavy, and my 1-year old granddaughter (who was a "no-name" no one there had heard of, and brunette at that!), took beauty supreme. Like all the rest of t&t, you see what they want you to see.

Less Than Reality said...

Anonymous poster whose granddaughter was in the pageant - please email me - - thanks! Let's discuss.