Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Okay, We Have to Address It: Blue Ivy

Jay-Z and Beyonce went along with the celebrity trend of naming their kid a weird name. They chose Blue Ivy. While I understand the meaning behind it (blue being Jay-Z's favorite color and Ivy for the roman numeral for 4 - IV), I'm not loving it.

So, why am I not loving the name Blue Ivy? Well, the words in the name are a thing. The phrase Blue Ivy reminds me of an ivy plant covered in spray paint or something. Like, I decorated my house with Blue Ivy because I like the way it looks. It doesn't seem like a name to me.

Second, Blue isn't a name. It's a color. It's not a particularly pretty sounding color, at that. And the full name of Blue Ivy doesn't flow well, so I'm pretty sure the kid will end up just being called Blue.

I prefer Ivy Blue to Blue Ivy. Ivy is a legitimate name, and the kid can go to school without being picked on for having a color for a name. Ivy is creative enough and not so common that the kid will have other Ivy's in her class.

I guess I'm just not feeling it!

You know what, though? Blue Ivy is a great celebrity baby name. It's weird, we questioned by Beyonce and Jay-Z chose it, and it doesn't quite make sense to all of us. So it fits right in with the Apple / Maddox / Peaches / Moon Unit celebrity kid naming style. If Jay-Z and Beyonce want their kid to fit in with the other celebrity kids, they did well at naming Blue Ivy.

Update: Apparently, a type of marijuana sold in California dispensaries has been named Blue Ivy after the baby. Great way to enter the world - having marijuana named after you!


Anonymous said...

Blue is for "blueprint"
As in all of Jay-Zs Blueprint albums

Anonymous said...

It's terrible all the same.