Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dance Moms: Season Two Premiere

Dance Moms was back tonight on Lifetime! And I was VERY happy to see season 2 of Abby Lee's dramatic dance studio.

Dance Mom Melissa started the season by saying she'd have only positive thoughts during this dance season, and Nia's mom Holly was a no-show at dance practice. Abby Lee got on Nia's case about this, saying that her mom should leave work to be there. She also noted that Nia probably feels left out without her mom there, although I think Nia probably just feels bad because Abby Lee makes her feel awful for her mom not being there. (Later, Abby went off on Holly because Nia's dad dropped Nia off and left. Abby went as far as to say that her father took her to the speech where she learned about her period, so Nia's dad should be at dance practice.)

Abby Lee started the season with drama - she said that Cathy and Vivi-anne were out, and she'd be doing an open casting call to replace Vivi. The moms did a prayer, hoping that the new mom and daughter pair won't be like Cathy.

Maddie, Nia and Chloe were given solos in this week's competition. The group would also do a number called Sassy Dolls, which included all new choreography. The new girl (who is named below) was also given a solo to the song Bring On The Boys.

Meanwhile, at the Candy Apple's Dance Company, Cathy was ready to compete against Abby's girls. She took Abby's pyramid idea and did a similar one, only hers was computerized, and everyone was equal except for the best girl, who was at the top and got a solo in the upcoming competition. Cathy's dancer Erica was given the solo in the first competition.

Abby started her open auditions, and tons of people lined up to give their kids a chance to join the Abby Lee Dance Company competition team. Leslie and daughter Payton were appalled that they had to be a part of the open audition - Payton had been an Abby Lee dancer for four years - her mom believed she should be given the spot. Unfortunately for Payton, she didn't make it because she's too tall. Kendal, 8, ended up making the team. She seemed to fit exactly what Abby needed - not too young, not too old, pretty, a look kind of like Maddie's. And, the girls seemed to like her. Abby got mom Jill started right away, scheduling private dance classes for Kendal.

Leslie, Payton's mom, had a huge hissy fit. When Abby defended her choice, stating that Kendal's too tall and dances too maturely for this team, Leslie didn't take it well. She screamed at Abby and demanded that she find a spot on the team for Payton. Abby refused, and Leslie stormed out.

Next, Maddie practiced her solo song, Jubilation. Nia's song was based on a Broadway musical called Once On This Island. Abby said it is not an ethnic routine, so Holly can't complain about it like she did last season. Chloe danced a song called Dreams because she has big dreams, although Abby thinks the fame from being in a pop star's dance video got to her head.

The moms then speculated about new dance mom Jill. They'd heard that she was an overbearing dance mom. Almost immediately after Jill arrived in the room with the other moms, Christi began to question Jill. She asked why Jill and Kendal didn't come to Abby's studio earlier even though they're local, and Jill admitted that she hadn't heard good things about Abby. The tension between Christi and Jill rose immediately, so that's sure to be a storyline this season. The moms wondered how Kendal snagged a spot on Abby's competition team when tons of girls from Abby's studio could have been chosen. I say it has to do with the fact that Dance Moms is partially cast. Come on, did you think that this reality show was actually completely real?

On the bus to the competition, Jill gave Abby a thank you gift. Christi was again cynical of her for that, stating that Jill seemed like another Melissa. She'd earlier criticized Jill for being fake and too sugary sweet - and to her credit, Christi may be right. Jill seems kind of like she's sucking up to Abby. I hate to say it but that's probably why she was cast - to cause drama and tension among the moms.

The girls arrived at Dance Trouble in North Carolina, their competition for this episode.

Abby and Chloe both did amazing in their dances. Abby even smiled during Chloe's routine, showing more support than last season, but criticized one of her moves after she finished. Nia did great and once again, Abby Lee looked happy. She even hugged Nia! Kendal wasn't perfect, and Abby was quick to criticize.

At the awards ceremony, Nia took fourth place. She was so happy and grateful. Chloe got first overall in her age category. Maddie took a first place title as well.

After the solo competition, Jill asked about Kendal's probation, and Abby said she's still on it because of her mistakes. Jill was not happy, and neither was Kendal. She cried, and Abby didn't like that - it made her yell even more. Oh, Abby.

 The group number was last. From the snippets we saw, the competition looked fierce. The Abby Lee dancers were good as well (although Abby said they only danced so-so), and I was happy to see that Mackenzie got to participate in the group number. My only issue is that the song repeated the lyrics "I'm a sexy girl" and it seems a bit mature for the young girls. The dance still took home first place, despite Abby's reaction. Back in the dressing room, Abby started reaming out the girls for their performance, even though they won. It looks like watching herself on TV hasn't changed Abby a bit...she's still the same angry Abby Lee from last season.

At the end of the episode, we saw Jill admit that she has a not-so-sweet side and bond with Melissa. We saw Christi yell at Abby. And we saw previews of the rest of the season...and it's going to be a good one.

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