Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dance Moms, Season 2 Episode 4

The girls attended Hollywood Vibe in St. Louis, Missouri this week, in which people from LA would be looking for the next Hollywod star.

This week's pyramid had Paige, Nia and Kendal (still on probation) on the bottom.
Mackenzie and Maddie were in the middle.
Chloe was on top of the pyramid.

At Hollywood Vibe, there would be two solos - Maddie and Chloe, as well as a trio of Chloe, Maddie and Kendal.

Paige and Kelly were upset because Paige wasn't put in the trio. Paige, Maddie and Chloe had been dancing together for years, and they felt slighted that Kendal was put in a spot that should rightfully be Paige's.

The dance was a contemporary lyrical dance about bullying. Nia was cast as the bully, who is the star of the number. At first, Holly was torn because Nia got the lead, but it was a negative role. When she saw the dance, though, she wasn't a fan of Nia being the bully. Holly told Abby her feelings and the role was taken away from Nia.

Abby then made a big announcement - she'd be adding a new member to the dance team: Peyton. She's 14 and has been dancing with Abby Lee for four years. If you recall, her mom had a hissy fit when Peyton didn't make the group during open auditions. This is the point where we know everything's staged because Peyton's mom was given a lot of screen time in an earlier episode.

As the episode went on, Abby got meaner and meaner. She said horrible things to the kids and made Chloe cry.

In a very staged scene, Kelly coordinated a party for all of the girls to go see Brooke. The girls seemed sad that Brooke left the team and asked her the ultimate question: do you think you'll go back to dance? Brooke wasn't sure...which leaves plenty of room for her to return to the Abby Lee team later in the season.

Leslie, Peyton's mother, asked the moms out for lunch to see how they feel about Peyton being on the team, but it ended up with Leslie dominating the conversation, making accusations and dictating how she thinks things should be.

When the costumes came in, the moms weren't happy. They said the girls looked like prostitots. I think they looked like Britney Spears-style schoolgirls. Maddie was told to wear pigtails so people could see the "Kick Me" sign posted on her back.

The Competition

The trio went first. Their spacing on stage was atrocious. One girl was a mile away from the other two. I did not like this number. I didn't like the song, dance or costumes. It just didn't seem special.

Maddie danced next. She was great, as usual, and I think Abby chose a song that complemented Maddie perfectly.

Chloe was third. She did amazingly. It was clear that she's gotten to be a very strong dancer with a lot of range. I didn't love all of her choreography, but she executed her dance perfectly.

The group number was last. It was called What Comes Around. Peyton put the Kick Me sign too high on Maddie's back, so it was hardly visible. That being said, the dance looked good. It didn't stand out, but it was good. My main criticism is that I didn't really get that Peyton was a bully in this dance - she didn't come off as mean. Even with the music, it was questionable. As Abby criticized Peyton, Peyton told Abby that she thought she was better than most of the group. Abby was not happy to hear this. Abby said that Peyton shouldn't belittle others because that was her job - ouch! In any case, Peyton seemed to really hurt the girls with what she said, which may cause some long-term resentment.

The awards ceremony was last.

In the solo competition, Maddie won her division. Chloe did not place.
In the trio competition, Abby's girls did not place. I was not surprised, and Kelly admitted that she was relieved that they didn't place because it showed that Paige, not Kendal, should have been in the dance.
In the group competition, the girls didn't place either. Again, I'm not surprised - the dance was a bit off on several levels.

It was noted that Peyton's future with the group was in danger based on her comments earlier in the episode. Abby and Peyton's mom argued backstage about Peyton's comment. Peyton's mom said she can't take what a fourteen year old says seriously, and Abby says it was inappropriate, no matter what. This, like everything else, led to an argument amongst the moms and Abby. Because of her comments, Peyton remained on probation.

Next week, we'll see Brooke ask to come back (shocker) which may be bad news for Peyton and her mom, who caused problems right from the start.


Anonymous said...

What was the name of the song chloe danced to?

mileycfan4eva said...

Who sang the songs the girl i wanna be and what comes around?

Anonymous said...

Check out the real scores at the "Hollywood Vibe" website. Chloe didn't place overall but she did place 1st in Intermediate Lyrical Dance and while the group didn't win the overall it also won 1st in Intermediate Small Group. The Trio really didn't place in anything. http://www.hollywoodvibe.com/st.louis-results-2011