Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 2

This week, the Abby Lee Dance Company headed to Columbus, Ohio, the hometown of Cathy Nesbitt-Stein and the Candy Apple's Dance Studio, for the Rising Star competition.

Abby began the episode with two announcements: Kendal looked too scared in her dance routine and the Abby Lee Dance Company was going to beat Candy Apple's at this week's competition.

The pyramid was next. Kendal was at the bottom with Mackenzie, Brooke and Paige. Nia and Chloe were in the center. Maddie was on top, even though Abby said she's danced better.

The group song this week was called Bad Apples. Abby described it as 40's mixed with Katy Perry. Brooke was given a solo to compete with a girl on Cathy's team. Abby told Brooke to make the girl, Erika, cry before she even hits the stage at the competition.

Kendal's mom started her complaining right away, saying that Kendal shouldn't have been at the bottom of the pyramid. This did not sit well with the other moms because Kendal moving up would mean that one of the other girls had to move down. It was speculated that Jill, Kendal's mom, had trouble with Kendal's placement on the pyramid because she was a star at her old dance school and now she ranks the lowest. If you were wondering, Jill specifically believed that Kendal should rank higher than Nia did.

Jill went down to talk to Abby. She said that she was upset with Kendal's placement on the pyramid and wants to know what to do to pull her up higher. Abby made it clear that Kendal needed better technique training, and the other dance moms watched their interaction like kids watching a movie.

The moms later discussed Jill at lunch. They were suspicious about Jill's motives. Why had Jill and Kendal lived so close to Abby Lee's studio but never gone there? Was she a studio hopper? Did she have ulterior motives? The moms ran through it all. They later did some research. In one of Chloe's old competition books, they found the results of a previous competition, in which Maddie took first, Chloe took third and Kendal took tenth. The moms later hypothesized that Jill's going to do everything she can to look like a team player until she secures her spot, then she'll turn and be completely different.

Christi, already skeptical of Melissa and Jill, was disgusted when Melissa and Jill gave Abby a gift. I guess Christi shouldn't be too upset because Abby immediately put it away as if she didn't like it and asked if next time they could find her a husband.

When the Abby Lee Dance Studio arrived at the competition, they received invitations from Cathy Nesbitt-Stein to go to a party. This was part of Cathy's plan to keep her friends close and enemies closer and show them that Candy Apple's travels in style. Also, at the party, Cathy (the only guest besides the dance moms) tried to convince the Abby Lee dance moms to leave Abby's dance studio for one that didn't treat them badly. Very shady, Cathy! When the women told Abby, she was furious. Cathy also went up to Kendal before she danced, wishing her luck, probably to throw her off her game.

The Rising Star competition began with a fight - not only did the moms not like the girls' costumes, but Holly got her daughter a snood that looked different than the other snoods. Abby had a hissy fit.

The Competition

The Bad Apples costumes, while not my favorite, did go with the dance and music, also not my favorite. However, Christi seemed to think the girls pulled it off, especially with their facial expressions. After the dance, Abby went off about Kendal's performance. It doesn't seem like Kendal's going to have much luck in this group!

Candy Apple's did their group dance second. I hate to say it, but they were really good. They did complex moves and their costumes were great. That being said, the girls seemed to be much older than the girls on the Abby Lee dance team. Abby went as far as to say that she thinks that Cathy lied about her kids' ages to get them to compete against Abby's team.

Despite the worries and fights, Abby Lee's team took first place. Cathy was less than thrilled, noting that her dance was superior. She questioned the judges, and despite her questioning, it turns out that Abby's team did win fair and square. (Cathy said she doesn't ever rock the boat...haha...not true!!!)

Brooke's dance was next, and she danced to the song Garden of Eden. Again, this song was apple themed, and Brooke danced with an apple on the stage. Erika danced to Through the Looking Glass. Abby said that Brooke did great, but she was worried because Erika looked much more mature than Brooke, age-wise.

After the girls' ages were questioned, things got nasty. It was proven that Erika is 14, and Candy Apple's had her in the wrong age division. In retaliation, Cathy had the staff question Brooke's age. As it turns out, Brooke was in the right age division. Because of this, Erika was disqualified and Brooke was not. Brooke even ended up taking home first place in her competition.

After this all went down, Cathy got nasty with Abby, and even went below the belt by insulting Christi's nose. Oh, Cathy...I have absolutely not missed you.

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