Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dance Moms is Getting a Spin-Off!

Lifetime realizes that they have a smash hit with their show Dance Moms, and they're looking to cash in even further by giving the show a spin-off called Dance Moms: Miami.

Six episodes of the spin-off show have been ordered so far, and I'm sure there will more if the show can keep up with the craziness portrayed by Abby Lee and crew on the original Dance Moms series.

The show will feature Miami’s Stars Dance Studio, owned by contemporary dancers Angel Armas and Victor Smalley. Smalley was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, so this won't be his first time on reality TV. Click here to visit the dance studio's website.

Casting notices for Dance Moms: Miami were first seen in October, so for anyone that thought the Dance Moms series were completely real, they aren't. The original Dance Moms girls were also cast through a casting call.

My main question about Dance Moms: Miami is whether this series will focus more on the Dance Moms than the current installment of the show. While the moms do play a role in Dance Moms, it can't be argued that Abby Lee is the star of the show. The show was originally planned to be focused on the moms and their antics, but once producers saw what Abby Lee could do on camera, the focus shifted - and I'm sure you can all see why.

Am I completely sold on Dance Moms: Miami? Not yet. I think that Dance Moms was such a fresh idea, and I'm not sure that the identically themed show will live up to the expectation set by its predecessor.


Kimber Brite said...

Hmm..It will certainly be interesting to see if this show will be good or not. I have a feeling, though, that it will not even come close to the original. Abby's so crazy with her teaching techniques that it drops a lot of viewer's jaws and lifetime got lucky with that, but a second show would just be stupid I think. If it had been the other way around and they did a show before one with Abby showing how hard it is to be a young dancer or something maybe it would've worked, but I think this show will flop...

I wanted to also tell you that I stumbled across your blog today and I love it! I'm going to be bookmarking it, checking it out like crazy now and leaving you plenty of comments. Looking forward to future posts from you, keep up the radness :D

Less Than Reality said...

Hi Kimber Brite,

I'm so glad you stopped by & enjoy my blog! Your comment has inspired me to try to post more often. I used to write more and have wanted to get back into it, and this is just what I needed. :)

I agree with you about the spin-off. Abby's antics will be tough to top, and being that the person on the new series has reality TV experience, I think the show will come off as more staged. I mean, Abby's show is cast and partially staged, but this show will be working as a copy and trying to intentionally create drama.

caramel said...

They're also going to create Ice Moms about ice skaters, but I think that's going a bit too far. Dance Moms is great and most fans just want to stick to the original. Thank-you SOOO much for introducing me to Dance Moms, I now look forward to every Tuesday for new episodes!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me this is oart of televisions problems today. Once a station/company develops a great program that becomes a hit, they ruin it by trying to clone it. Don't they understand the show became a smash because it was different than everything else on TV right now? If they make another version, they will begin the downward decent. Look at CSI, Law & Order, Real Housewives etc, I beg of them, please, DON'T do another Dance Moms or they will blow them all.
BTW, I haven't seen this blog before, but will certainly bookmark it and check it out. I like reading the posts and the opinions. Thanks,

Ms Ivy E Lonnen said...

I have to say that I'm excited about it coming down to Florida. We have some insane talent down here that (dare I say it?) would blow Abby Lee's kid's out of the water! And not all competition dance teams are that retarded crazy either!!!!!