Monday, December 12, 2011

Tough Love Miami Season Finale

On the season finale of Tough Love Miami, the girls had to decide what to do with their promise rings.

Needless to say, nerves were running high. Avonte wasn't sure what to do. Christine talked about what a big deal it is to give someone a ring. Brigette actually spoke rationally about relationships, showing what a long way she's come since the beginning of Tough Love boot camp.

Michelle, a fitness fanatic who used to be into bad boys, went first. Michelle told her date Sam that he's shown her what she really values from a relationship and thinks that he's incredible. She handed Sam her promise ring. Sam said it means a lot, then said the word "unfortunately," which made tensions run high. However, he followed it up by saying that it was unfortunate that he met Michelle so late in the competition and would love to see her again. (Go, Michelle!) Steve asked Michelle if she's ready for love, and she said that she is.

Chasity was second. She spoke to her date Al. First, though, she talked to Steve about who she is - which is more than just the dancer that she originally thought she was. Chasity made a great choice - she told Al that she wants to keep seeing him, but she's keeping her promise ring to remind herself of the changes she's made for herself, not for a man.

Leilani was third. She and her date George caught up and discussed the promise ring. Leilani gave George the promise ring and said it stands for real promises - she promised to make time to go and see George after boot camp. George was happy to accept the ring.

Next, a special guest was brought in: Claudia, who left boot camp early to address her past. She looked happy and let the girls know she was doing well.

Jane came up after Claudia. She admitted that boot camp meant a lot to her. She read a letter to the girls telling them that they are beautiful and how much they mean to her. After that, her date Allen came out. Remember, this was her boyfriend / hookup before she went to boot camp. Jane said she realized how much Allen wants to be with her, but kept the promise ring for herself. Still, she promised Allen that she wants to work on their relationship.

After Jane came Brigette. She was very torn on what to do with her promise ring: give it to date Anthony or keep it for herself. She noted that as soon as her turn to present the ring came, she knew what she had to do. Brigette began by thanking Anthony for sharing the journey with her, but said that she doesn't want to rush anything. She did give Anthony the ring, but with the promise of taking the relationship slowly.

Avonte followed, and Donald, the man who helped her grow as a person, came out of the limo to see her. She thanked him for allowing her to have an amazing journey at boot camp. Next, Eric came out as the person that Avonte connected with. She said that she's happy to have met Eric because he's a great match, and she's going to give Eric her promise ring because she believes in them.

Christine and date Frank were next. Christine complimented their connection and said that she initially didn't want to give Frank her ring. However, she did say that she could eventually see the pair giving each other real rings. She said she was going to keep her promise ring for her daughter. She showed Frank the book she's been keeping in which she wrote about their dates, and Frank said they'd need a lot more books for their future.

This was a great end to a great season of Tough Love Miami. Steve told the women that he was so pleased with all of them. He then thanked his mom, and Joanne also spoke to the women, telling them that they are special. And with that, Tough Love Miami concluded.

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