Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tough Love Miami: Reunion Special

The Tough Love Miami reunion brought us back to the Tough Love girls eight months after the show was filmed.

Steve started by saying that Chasity had been less than honest and was first to hit the hot seat. He also called her out on her new boob job. We then saw the scene from Tough Love where Chasity said she'd stop go-go dancing. She said she's only danced twice since the show. She said her date from the show wasn't her boyfriend and can't control her, and she still aspires to be in Playboy. After that, Chasity's mom came onstage. Her mom, and Steve, called Chasity out because she wants to be a child psychologist, but she can't achieve that goal if she's been naked on the internet - she'll make herself impossible to hire.

Christine came next. She had a fake tattoo of date Frank's name on her arm. She finally seemed real on the reunion - not a pageant girl at all, but a girl with real feelings and emotions. Joann Ward said she wasn't sure where the relationship would go, and the girls seemed distrusting of Frank due to their rough patches. Frank, when he went onstage, said that once he and Christine got past some hurdles, their relationship became very solid. Christine then gave her promise ring to Frank.

Claudia was third. She's been dating a guy she met through a family member. He was in the audience and came on stage, and both Claudia and her date seemed to truly respect each other - Claudia even told her date she was in love with him and gave him her promise ring.

After being introduced as the girl who was desperate to settle down, Brigette was called to the hot seat. After boot camp, Anthony went to visit Brigette, and she realized it wouldn't work out. Anthony psychoanalyzed everything she did, called Brigette's mom if she didn't answer her phone, etc. While Anthony wasn't live in the studio, he was brought up live on video chat. Anthony tried to defend himself, and Brigette got mad - she said she was glad that Anthony was nowhere near her. She begged Steve to take him off the screen because he always degraded her. Brigette then asked for her promise ring back and Anthony said he'd mail it back. Brigette claimed that Anthony had an alternate personality for the cameras and was awful when offscreen. Brigette also said she has a new boyfriend now and they're taking it slow...and she realizes that things aren't perfect, but they are good.

Liz Richards was next...and if you recall, she wasn't on Tough Love Miami. She was on the second season of Tough Love. After a montage of her Tough Love experience, she came onstage looking completely different. She said she and her Tough Love date didn't last, but that was okay because she realized that her date wasn't what she wanted. She realized that you can put up a lot of criteria for a man, but criteria isn't what matters - it's finding someone who's right for you. She's also now married to a man named Andy and showed everyone that boot camp does work.

Avonte was next, and she said she's been supporting date Eric in his goal to become a singer. That being said, she's been dating, in her words, a few athletes. Eric was brought out next and told Avonte that he has nothing to prove by way of his career and actions. Joann said that Eric's a great guy and she has plenty of women for him. It sounded like Avonte was full of excuses for her actions, saying Eric lived too far away, yet she was non-exclusively dating an athlete in Denver. Arguments started until Joann stepped seems like the girls were upset by Avonte's lack of improvement.

Next was Leilani, who's still with George. The pair does fight, and Joann said their fights seem superficial. George came out and the pair said that they're good for each other even though they fight. George has asked Leilani to move to Miami to be with him, but she says she's not ready.

Michelle went after Leilani. If you recall, she and date Sam did really well on the show, but things didn't seem to be so great when the reunion aired. Michelle got teary-eyed during her talk because while she was thrilled to be with Sam, she found out he had a girlfriend. He flew out to see Michelle, and while she wanted to be angry, she realized she really cared about him and forgave him. She said she still thinks about him all the time. As a surprise, Steve brought Sam out, and Michelle was shocked. Steve asked why Sam was there, and he said he wanted to see Michelle. He apologized and said he wants to spend more time with her. Michelle was really smart at this point - she asked Sam if she should believe him. He said his past relationship was over, and Steve offered to pay for the pair to have dinner. Michelle looked so happy. YEA Michelle!!!

Steve thanked the women for participating in his Tough Love boot camp, and let us know that there will, in fact, be another Tough Love boot camp in the future.