Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tough Love Miami: The Hot Seat Continues and The Cruises Begin

At the beginning of tonight's Tough Love Miami (12/4/11), we heard Christine's ex-husband tell us that the reason their marriage fell apart is because Christine cheated.

Upon hearing the video of Christine's ex Josh's confession, we finally saw some real emotion from Christine. She broke down. She started crying because she felt that Josh pushed her into the arms of another man. Christine said that her cheating was in part her fault, but part of it was Josh's fault for making her feel unwanted. Steve lectured Christine about how she should have ended the relationship with her husband before she cheated (since she was the one who filed for divorce in the end). Christine knew that she should have, but said her relationship moved too fast. She then cried about how she was supposed to be Mrs. Iowa (AKA a perfect beauty queen) and her life was really a mess.

After that confrontation, the mood immediately lightened because Steve told the girls that they'd be going on overnight dates...on a cruise to the Bahamas. Of course, no date is simple, and Steve gave each of the girls a mission for the cruise.

Brigette was told to analyze her thoughts for Anthony and where she wants the relationship to go.
Leilani was told to think about her relationship with George and if it can survive.
Christine was told to be forthcoming with Frank about her needs in a relationship.
Avonte was told to keep her guard down.
Chasity, who was going on the cruise with Al, was told to tell him what kind of relationship she wants.
Michelle was told that she would go on the cruise with Sam, who was not the bad boy she's used to.
Jane was told to try to resolve her feelings for Allen once and for all.

Here's what happened on the cruise:

Al made it clear to Chasity that he wanted to continue to see her, and she wanted the same, but Al wasn't opening up to her. Chasity began to talk to Al about what was bothering her, and he responded positively, strengthening their relationship.

Christine took her opportunity to open up to Frank. She explained what happened in her past relationship and what she needed. Frank was completely open to being the man Christine wanted.

Michelle and Sam went snorkeling and kayaking, and Michelle was committed to making this date better than their first, where her ex was present. And she did! Michelle and Sam shared a kiss, and later in the confessional, Michelle couldn't stop smiling. She told Sam about her past relationship issues, which he accepted, and decided that she wanted to move forward with him.

Avonte opened up and shared her feelings without being aggressive. However, she started to doubt her date because he didn't have a stable life plan. Later, she realized that her date could be a great guy for her, even if he doesn't have everything she originally wanted.

At first, Jane looked genuinely happy and enjoyed her time on the cruise with her date. However, later, Jane focused on the past and spent time dwelling on past problems. She later turned things around and discussed her desires in a healthy way. Jane was honest with herself - she kept an open mind about her relationship - but admitted it may not be what she wants.

Brigette and Anthony had a blast together at first, but then Brigette realized something - she doesn't know all she needs to know about Anthony. They may not be as compatible as she originally thought. She also realized she hadn't gotten to know basic facts about Anthony, and the relationship may have moved too fast. When Anthony talked about moving the relationship forward, Brigette realized she may have to pull back.

That was it for part one of the Tough Love season finale. Next week, the season will close up and we'll learn what happens with the girls' promise rings.

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