Friday, December 9, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras Season Premiere: Glitzmas!

Toddlers and Tiaras was back this week on TLC. The kids and moms on the show were as ridiculous as ever. For example, one mom compared pageants to dog shows, and a mom that had kids just to put them in pageants took pageant inspiration from drag shows.

This pageant was Southern Celebrity - New Jersey Glitzmas. The contestants had to dress in holiday colors for the Christmas theme, and the pageant was full glitz. According to the pageant director, many kids came from out of state for this New Jersey pageant, which doesn't surprise me.

Bob and Riley

First we met Katie, mom of Bob, 6, and Riley, 5, of Williamstown, NJ. Both participate in pageants. Riley had done over 75 pageants, but this would be her first glitz pageant. Bob also participates in pageants. In fact, Katie was disappointed when she found out she was having a boy because she wanted a pageant queen. Even though her first born was male, son Bob went through a phase where he wore dresses and insisted he was a girl.

Riley said that when she loses a pageant, her heart is very small and black. That's a bit intense for a five year old. Mom also had a strange attitude...she got mad when her husband told Riley to make funny faces because it takes her out of pageant mode.

Bob had a tail on the back of his hair, and mom Katie put beads on it. They plan to keep growing the tail until Bob's done with it, at which point it'll go into Katie's jewelry box. (This tail wasn't well received by the judges.)

The family took cues from drag queens, using learnings from drag shows to create pageant moves. The parents even took the kids to drag shows.

Before Riley went onstage for beauty, mom was clearly nervous because this was their first glitz pageant. However, Riley did great. She stumbled a little, and her moves weren't perfect, but she had a natural charm. Bob didn't seem to have the same natural talent of his sister...he looked a bit terrified and stared at his mom for direction.

Riley's Glitzmaswear was a mess. She looked like she had a great time and the judges smiled, but all she did was run back and forth across the stage. When Bob went on, he looked kind of crazy...and I think he was wearing the same costume as Riley wore.

Riley's talent was to do some hand movements while standing still in a cowboy was hardly a talent. Bob did not do a talent. Alexis performed her talent after Riley to a Ru Paul song, and Katie was mad because her husband talked her into using a mainstream song, not one by an artist like Ru Paul.


Lauren, mom of Laila, 3, from Montebello, NY, was next. Mom said "Laila grew up doing pageants" which kind of ages the 3 year old. Lauren puts a high value on money - she pays for Laila to have the absolute best for her pageant appearances.

When Laila hit the stage for beauty, she had great poise for a three year old. Her moves were perfect and her pacing was great. That being said, her smile was a bit weak.

For Glitzmaswear, Laila dressed up as a Rockette. The outfit was cute, but a little too revealing for a three year old. She did great on stage, though, and looked like she had a fantastic time.

Laila's talent was ballet. She was really good, especially for a girl her age. Laila and mom made up the routine as they went along, and for an ad-hoc routine, it went really well. However, when she got offstage, Laila cried.


Anna-Maria, a 9 year old self-proclaimed drama queen, was next. She and mom Crystal are from Chester, PA. Anna-Maria is a genuinely beautiful girl. She also seems like she genuinely enjoys pageants.

Crystal's husband (Anna Maria's dad) doesn't think Anna Maria should be in pageants, and the pair even separated once because of the disagreement. Fortunately, they reconciled, but pageants still strain their relationship. Despite that, Anna Maria has everything she needs for pageants, even a coach named Ryann.

Anna-Maria faced some tough competition at the pageant: a girl, Maya, who looked very similar to her. They even wore the same color dress (white). Both Maya and Anna Maria did great - they were both very polished, although Anna was a bit sassier. It was noted that Anna may lose points for her dress not being a perfect cupcake style; it was a dress her mom designed.

Maya's Glitzmaswear was intense; she did a lot of gymnastic-type moves. Anna-Maria didn't have as much technical stuff, but her attitude and spirit were great. Unfortunately, she was negatively affected when the person who was supposed to throw snow on the stage didn't, and it made her routine messy.

Anna-Maria hula hooped for her talent. She did some tricks, but the routine didn't seem like it would make her stand out much. Especially against Maya, who did a crazy gymnastics routine.


3 Year Olds:
Celebrity Beauty: Courtney
Celebrity Division Queen: Amara
Contestants to come back for a higher title: Laila

Little Boys:
Celebrity Supreme King: Bob

Petite Miss:
Most Beautiful: Alexis
Talent: Alexis
Supreme Queen: Riley

Junior Miss:
Most Beautiful: Myah
Miss Personality: Anna-Maria
Celebrity Supreme Queen: Emily
Contestants to come back for a higher title: Myah and Anna-Maria

Talent Supreme: Anna-Maria
0-6 Grand Supreme: Laila
Ultimate Grand Supreme: Myah

I think Myah deserved Grand Supreme, although I also think Anna-Maria did great in the pageant.

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