Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Island of Dreams Pageant

This week's pageant was the Island of Dreams pageant, a full glitz, tropical themed pageant in Michigan.

The Girls

First up was mom Kelly and 23 month old Natalie. Kelly is addicted to winning pageants. She doesn't know if her daughter likes them, but Kelly certainly does.

At 23 months old, Natalie prepared for her first spray tan. She cried. Later, mom put Natalie's pageant outfit on and again, Natalie cried. I think you're seeing the pattern.

Second was mom Ally and daughter Samara. This was my favorite pair in the pageants. Mom loves heavy metal music, has lots of tattoos and used to sing in a Christian heavy metal band. Samara tends to place either very high or low in pageants because she doesn't have the typical pageant girl look, according to her mom.

Samara goes onstage herself at pageants, which is not the case for many girls in the two year old division. That being said, it doesn't mean mom wasn't nervous about it - Samara either acts great or does her "chookey moves," which is her way of saying weird movements.

Third was Cadence and grandma Debbie. Debbie's daughter and older granddaughter did pageants before Cadence did. Debbie is serious about pageants. She talks very matter-of-factly about them and makes it clear that to win, girls need everything from spray tans to heavy makeup to tons of practice.

The Pageant

Natalie went first in beauty. She did first. Then, she fell forward with her butt towards the audience and started crying. Mom said that judges had already seen Natalie's personality, so the fall shouldn't hurt her score. I'm not sure I agree. Samara was next. She was adorable on stage. She had a genuine smile and showed a lot of personality. However, things went downhill when she started prancing around and doing her chookey moves. Cadence followed, but not without some pressure from grandma Debbie. Grandma's pressure must have worked because Cadence was perfectly poised. Grandma was still critical.

Next we saw Island Wear. As usual, Natalie cried. She had good reason - her costume was uncomfortable - but the crying seemed to become quite a habit with this girl. Fortunately, Natalie pulled it together when she was onstage. Samara, again, was adorable. Cadence kept her smile perfect onstage, but her routine felt a little rushed to me. She moved very quickly.


All girls were crowned at least at the princess level. The pageant tried something different: girls crowned as princesses could still be pulled for a supreme title.

0 - 23 Month Division:
Princesses: Mckenzie, Talia, Natalie
Queen: Jaylie

At this point, mom Kelly got angry and stormed out. She told her husband to leave the crown since she'd rather have no crown than a princess crown. I guess she missed the memo about placing for princess and still having the chance for a higher title. When Kelly was alerted of the titling process, she was appalled and didn't want to go back in.

2 Year Division:
Princesses: Cassie, Savannah, Samara
Queen: Lillian

7 - 8 Year Division:
Princesses: Isabella Jane and Gabby
Queen: Cadence (Grandma was upset that she didn't place higher.)

Supreme Titles:
Novice Supreme: Natalie (Fortunately, dad was still at the pageant with Natalie to bring her onstage.)
Grand Supreme: Samara (YEA Samara!)


Anonymous said...

This may be the only time you hear me say this: editing was not to blame here: I was at that pageant, and natalie's mom really was a nutcase. Though as was evidenced by her later appearance on "our America with Lisa ling", where she renounced pageants and sold off all natalie's pageant clothes, (and by her slighly psychotic facial expression during her "tantrum") I think it was all mostly a play for the cameras.

Bluedog said...

Even if it was a play for the cameras - who would want to look that bad for the whole of America (and Australia where I live). I would be sooooooo embarrassed. What is Natalie going to think of her mother when she watches this programme when she is older. Will she also be wondering why other kids aren't allowed to play at her house. Bad parenting mum - teaching your daughter how NOT to be a gracious loser.

Anonymous said...

Grow up Kelly. Your daughter has more maturity than you do!