Friday, December 23, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: America's Ultimate Beauty Pageant

This week on Toddlers and Tiaras, we met AnnaBella, a girl with a sassy attitude. We also met Alexes, a blonde who's appalled by the idea of practicing for pageants. Additionally we were reunited with SamiJo, whose mom has since gotten a boob reduction so she too could compete in pageants and wants to be in a lingerie football league.

Before we met the pageant girls, we met Tonya Bailey, the pageant director of America's Ultimate Beauties in Texas. She brought up the idea that people criticize pageants for being abusive, but she said that the same can be said for girls in gymnastics...and those girls don't eat. She followed that with, "At least these girls get a Pixi Stick!" A flawed argument, for sure, but at least she was funny.

SamiJo's mom, Tricia, said she wanted a daughter so she could put her in pageants. She also wanted to name her America so she could be called Miss America. I'm not a huge fan of the name SamiJo, but the whole Miss America thing was a bit of a stretch, so I suppose the girl got lucky. I hate to say it (sort of), but I just don't see SamiJo as a pageant girl.

AnnaBella, despite the ridiculous capital letter in the middle of her name, was a cool kid. She was fun, spunky and seemed to actually want to be in pageants. Plus, despite her spunky personality, AnnaBella seemed to maintain a humble, normal personality. When describing her closet, she said she has a fab side (pageant wear) and a drab side (everything else). And, the girl actually likes wearing a flipper!

Alexes is a beautiful child, but she too fell victim to a badly spelled name. Her name, which seems to be pronounced like Alexis, looks like it's supposed to be pronounced in the way that I'd say more than one Alex...Alexes. Like, the es in the word trances or something. The girl was clearly in the running to be one of the 'I throw the most temper tantrums!' winners in all of Toddlers and Tiaras. The girl is smart, though - when mom tried to tell her that pageants are fun, she straight up told her no, they aren't.

The pageant

The beauty competition was first. We were told that the judges were looking for a 'facially gifted' child - AKA a pretty girl. One of the judges told us that she was looking for a girl who she'd want to take home and put on a shelf.

Not to be without drama, SamiJo had a dress emergency. One of the sleeves on her dress wasn't properly attached and had to be removed. This, of course, was made into a big dramatic scene. SamiJo went first of the featured girls. I will admit - she had an adorable onstage personality. She jumped around but it was cute. Still, I don't think her facial beauty can measure up to some of the pageant girls.

Alexes was next. Her look and outfit were fantastic, but her onstage performance was atrocious. She did so mething that looked like a mini-hoedown with no personality on her face. Annabella followed and did perfect. She is poised, beautiful and has a flawless pageant personality. In my opinion, she'd be tough to beat in beauty.

American Wear was the next competition. SamiJo wore a dress that was not terribly flattering, in my opinion, and was too long. The length of the dress and her lack of focus (she's young - who can blame her?) caused her to fall onstage. She then fell again...and again. It was a mess. I do give mom Tricia credit - she was great to SamiJo afterwards and didn't blame her at all for the wardrobe malfunction. Alexes was dressed as Sandy from Grease. Her routine was adorable at first, although a three year old wearing red heels and a tight outfit was a bit disturbing. Unfortunately, Alexes got distracted by the spinning wheel on the side of her Shake Shack prop and spun it repeatedly. On a good note, her parents were also good about her less than stellar performance. AnnaBella, again, was awesome. She was Elvis and her performance was perfect.


2 - 3 Year Old Division:
Divisional Queen: Brooke

6 - 8 Year Old Division:
Division Queen: Alyssa

Overall Titles:
American Wear: Alexes
Novice Supreme: Kiersten
Beauty Photo Supreme: SamiJo
Grand Supreme: Aishlynn
Ultimate Grand Supreme: AnnaBella - and she TOTALLY deserved it.


Anonymous said...

Ah, once again, the power of post-production! What you saw as "the most temper tantrums" was one tantrum, which may or may not have been suggested by the crew, but which was certainly not helped by 15 hours of filming without a nap! Sandy was her ooc, not her American wear (watch when they buy the puppy-- you see her real American wear outfit briefly), and even that was edited to imply she didn't do her whole routine-- they just showed the very end.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I personally feel bad for SamiJo. Her mom wants to live her dream through her child, and that personally is sickening for me. I don't know about anyone else, but I believed AnnaBella was a bit of a spoilt brat with a VERY sassy attitude. If I EVER had talked like that as a little kid, my mom would've slapped me across the face. Her mom should discipline her a bit more instead of laughing it off. She won't be laughing it off later when the girl becomes a teenager. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

But AnnaBella was superb on stage, I'll definetely give her credit for that.

Anonymous said...

Sandy for America Wear! Wow! obviously they have never even seen grease otherwise they would know that the character is from Australia. Wow! People are so dumb!