Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lowe's Pulls Ads from All American Muslim: My Reaction

If you go to Lowe's website, the slogan at the top is "never stop improving." Lowe's should take a cue from their own slogan and improve their attitude towards diversity.

Lowe's recently pulled their ads from the TLC show All American Muslim. However, the company claims to be committed to diversity and inclusion. This hardly matches up. Lowe's claims their decision to pull ads from All American Muslim was based on feedback from various groups. That being said, did they think their decision wouldn't cause more negative feedback?

I think Lowe's acted in a cowardly manner by pulling their ads from All American Muslim. Why? Because they were perfectly happy advertising on the show until people protested. Then, they were more than willing to pull their ads away from a show that portrays happy, normal American people. All American Muslim is a positive show. It's goal is to portray people who are living the American dream that happen to be Muslim. There's no doubt that there's still sensitivity from 9-11, but this show lets us know that many people of the Muslim faith are great people with strong moral values.

I'm not going to say I've watched much of the show, but I have watched some, and I enjoyed it. Plus, it's much more friendly than shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. Pulling ads from All American Muslim sends the completely wrong message to society when advertisers are clamoring for space on shows that are much more damaging to society.

I am 100% for All American Muslim being on TV, and I think Lowe's made a huge mistake by pulling their ads from the show.

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