Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guest Post: A Live Toddlers & Tiaras Experience

This is a very special post for Less Than Reality. It's written by guest blogger Oceane, who writes the Toddlers and Tiaras blog, and runs the online photo contest Child Beauty Queenz. Check out her sites and give this a read.

For anyone familiar with child beauty pageants, the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant may ring a bell. It has been featured multiple times on Toddlers & Tiaras, and has had the 2 biggest child beauty queen competitors; Eden Wood and Makenzie Myers. Being an avid watcher of Toddlers & Tiaras and owner of the Tiara Toddlers blog, I couldn’t resist watching the pageant myself. It was the National pageant and not far from my house, so I went with a couple of friends and observed.
Annette Hill, the director of Universal Royalty Pageant was very strict on the rules. It was being filmed for Toddlers & Tiaras and she wanted a good reputation, so she made sure everyone attending (including parents and siblings) were dressed formally, and there were no over-the-top (think Mia as Madonna , Maddy as Dolly Parton or Paisley as a prostitute) inappropriate outfits. There were a few families being filmed, one of them being Mia Spargo. I recognized a lot of girls from Toddlers & Tiaras such as Meaghan Jones, Kailia Deliz, Kayla Hatton, Brooke McClung, Chloe Stacy and Zanna Brewer. The three categories were beauty, celebrity wear and talent.

Kayla was fabulous. Age appropriate? Not quite. Zanna’s outfit was a bit iffy as well but you could tell she loved pageants. In fact, just by looking at the girl’s performances you can tell you likes the pageants and who don’t. The question is; are pageants really like the ones we see on Toddlers & Tiaras? Decide for yourself, but here are a few things I saw.

Aishlynn‘s (another girl who was featured on T&T) mom was bad mouthing a lot of other contestants. I couldn’t quite make out everything she was saying but there was a lot of gossiping going on between her and some other moms. In the adult division, one woman seemed to be more of a beginner. All around me I could hear people making fun of her. One girl who looked about the age of 8 had just finished her routine and went to find her mom. Her mom scolded her and told her she’d messed up, leaving the little girl in tears. Her father picked her up and told her she did a good job.

I saw almost all of the performances, but I was very surprised with the outcome. My pick for the ultimate would have been Zanna though she did not even receive a supreme title. The winner, once again was Meaghan. Funny how this is the third time she won the ultimate at Universal Royalty isn’t it? Meaghan was good, but she wasn’t the best. In my opinion (and many others) the pageant was rigged. Chloe only got cover model though she deserved another title. Kayla, who was fabulous for her age didn’t supreme either. 

Mia Spargo’s parents were also unhappy with the outcome. Mia had once again won novice supreme but she only received a sash and money; no trophy, no crown and no teddy bear, which was guaranteed to come with her title. It seems a little sketchy that Meaghan always wins the ultimate at this pageant. What do I think? I think Annette Hill is brainwashing these moms. Annette has two daughters of her own who have never competed in pageants. Weird, isn’t it? Annette makes tons of money off these moms with her pageant, and is well aware that pageants are a waste of money.

On top of this sketchy incident, last season showed Eden vs Makenzie. Both were nearly as good as each other. One judge preferred Eden, the other preferred Makenzie and the third liked both. Yet Eden won Grand Supreme and Makenzie got the lowest title. A bit strange, isn’t it.

I can’t speak for all pageants, but as far as Universal Royalty goes, I think it’s rigged. The same girl can’t win every time, especially when she isn’t the best. This pageant will air on Toddlers & Tiaras in January or February, so be sure to watch it!


Anonymous said...

I know Annette from way back and I assure you she is in it for the money. Props to her though for making a living of this and getting so much money from what I consider "wanna be moms". She plays to the filming always. Yea I think it's rigged , both 10K prizes went to older more experienced contestants that I thought odd. You can't really have a fair comp with a 5yo against an 18yo. I just saw the Russian mom episode and was appalled. If they wonder why pageants get a bad name it's showing awful stuff like that. Her kids should be taken away from her. On the up side I also saw the episode with Paisley where they showed her eating her bugers ..was rolling on the floor. Now that is REAL life, haha

Less Than Reality said...

I always wondered how a five year old could truly be judged against an 18 year old. Clearly, the 18 year old will win!

That's also why I'm confused when a baby wins. How can a drooling baby win a pageant?

Anonymous said...

I have never been to a UR pageant, and have no desire to, but how can a baby win? Easy. Each agegroup is judged against what is expected for that age. For babies, that means being pretty, smiling, happy, and well-presented. A small baby with a pretty face, Well-groomed wearing an appropriate dress, being held properly by their parent, and smiling if she is old enough to do so, will score well. The 18 yr old isn't scored against the 5 yr old, and the 3 yr old isn't scored against the 12 yr old.

Anonymous said...

The Russian mom made me sick!! It was disgusting the way she basically threw a temper tantrum and would not even join her family especially her daughter for the crowning ceremony. It seemed as if her entire family were trying to cater to this grown woman. Very sad!

Anonymous said...

First off the ultimate grand Megan was only 11 years old, she's not even a teen yet. I've judged for Annette multiple times, and the fact is every parent is going to think there own child is the best of the best regardless of the child's performance on stage and will always have something negative to say when their child doesn't place or places but not as high of a title. And its not just Annette's pageant, it seems I hear the word rigged at every pageant, cheer compition, baseball games, etc where a person or team didn't win. The way I see it is, its easier to place blame on others so that the image of your child being perfect isn't ruiend by your own mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interview with Meaghan Jones from Toddlers & Tiaras

Anonymous said...

Hi there, ok I just wanted to add that by far UR pagents seem like the best, especially with the 10k prize money, however I feel that Meaghen Jones always win, even a few years ago she was late to arrive at the pageant and anet he'll the pagent up for and and guess what?? She won Ultimate grand supreme even though she was riduculously late 4 her dance routine! And then I started noticing that she wins Ultimate all the tym, but what disturbed me the most was that recently on season 5 e 20, Meghan Jones mum is now a judge?! That's weird as it is clear that Ms Anet has a relationship with her contestants parents and that is unacceptable, I'm my opinion Meghan is beautiful and talented but I think he constantly wining ultimate is rigged completely as I have seen girls better then her like Kailia and Kayla and even lil Mia!