Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crystal Harris Wants Her Dog With Hugh Hefner Back!

When their impending marriage dissolved, Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner made a deal: Crystal keeps the ring and the car, and Hef takes the dog. Now, Crystal (who I believe has talked about auctioning off her ring) is after the dog, too.

If you recall, Crystal Harris walked out on Hugh Hefner shortly before their wedding. A TV special was being taped for Lifetime, tons of people were invited and a bunch of money was spent. Despite the fact that Crystal embarrassed Hef by walking out before their wedding, then trashing their sex life (or lack of) to Howard Stern, Hef let Crystal keep her engagement ring and the Bentley he'd given her. She also stepped out publicly with a new boyfriend shortly after their split, raising questions about how long she'd been, um, disinterested in her relationship with Hef.

Okay, so she screwed up. But she took it one step too far for Hef when she told him that she wants their dog, Charlie, for herself. Hef took to Twitter to share this with the world, and his ex-girlfriends were less than pleased. Both Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson tweeted in response, slamming Crystal for her selfishness. And frankly, I don't blame them. Hef and Crystal broke up several months ago, so what kind of dog-mother is Crystal to let her dog go for several months before deciding that she should be allowed to take him back? How entitled does she feel, when the only reason she's famous is because Hef put her on TV and almost married her...and even that is because he thought that was the way to keep her in his life! (Or at least that's the way I remember it.)

Crystal needs a reality check. She made a decision: keep the ring and the car (both of which were related to the failed marriage) but leave the dog (which was their shared pet regardless). She chose the bling. Now it's too late to go back, unless she's got proof that Hef's mistreating the dog, and I can bet that with all of the butlers and servers in the house, the dog's being treated better than Crystal is right now.

I understand that Crystal misses her dog, because that's a very respectable, human reaction. But to go back to Hef and demand her pet back when she's the one who screwed him over? Not so much. Who knows, though. Maybe this is just a publicity stunt on Crystal's part to remind people of her song Club Queen so she can make some cash.