Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crystal Harris Wants Her Dog With Hugh Hefner Back!

When their impending marriage dissolved, Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner made a deal: Crystal keeps the ring and the car, and Hef takes the dog. Now, Crystal (who I believe has talked about auctioning off her ring) is after the dog, too.

If you recall, Crystal Harris walked out on Hugh Hefner shortly before their wedding. A TV special was being taped for Lifetime, tons of people were invited and a bunch of money was spent. Despite the fact that Crystal embarrassed Hef by walking out before their wedding, then trashing their sex life (or lack of) to Howard Stern, Hef let Crystal keep her engagement ring and the Bentley he'd given her. She also stepped out publicly with a new boyfriend shortly after their split, raising questions about how long she'd been, um, disinterested in her relationship with Hef.

Okay, so she screwed up. But she took it one step too far for Hef when she told him that she wants their dog, Charlie, for herself. Hef took to Twitter to share this with the world, and his ex-girlfriends were less than pleased. Both Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson tweeted in response, slamming Crystal for her selfishness. And frankly, I don't blame them. Hef and Crystal broke up several months ago, so what kind of dog-mother is Crystal to let her dog go for several months before deciding that she should be allowed to take him back? How entitled does she feel, when the only reason she's famous is because Hef put her on TV and almost married her...and even that is because he thought that was the way to keep her in his life! (Or at least that's the way I remember it.)

Crystal needs a reality check. She made a decision: keep the ring and the car (both of which were related to the failed marriage) but leave the dog (which was their shared pet regardless). She chose the bling. Now it's too late to go back, unless she's got proof that Hef's mistreating the dog, and I can bet that with all of the butlers and servers in the house, the dog's being treated better than Crystal is right now.

I understand that Crystal misses her dog, because that's a very respectable, human reaction. But to go back to Hef and demand her pet back when she's the one who screwed him over? Not so much. Who knows, though. Maybe this is just a publicity stunt on Crystal's part to remind people of her song Club Queen so she can make some cash.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Scott Disick Reportedly Wants to Leave Kourtney Kardashian

Scott Disick reportedly wants out of Kardashian-land. Rumor has it that he wants to move across the country and away from girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, son Mason Disick and his and Kourtney's unborn child.

While Scott and Kourtney's tumultuous relationship may seem to be the reason for the split, I have another theory: Scott wants out of Kardashian-land now that the family is the subject of public ridicule and their popularity is sinking.

Between Kim's 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, the accusations that the failing Kardashian Kollection from Sears is comprised of copy-cat fashion, the allegations that the Kardashians' companies use sweatshop labor and the ridiculous nail polish names in their new collection (Kim-pletely in Love, Listen to your Momager!), Scott probably wants out...and who can blame him?

I don't think there's any denying that Scott enjoyed the fame he got by being associated with the Kardashians. And he probably stayed with Kourtney as long as he did because of it. After all, he rakes in cash from the Kardashian TV shows, and I'm sure he makes loads of cash from other venues that wouldn't be available if not for the fame-whoring family. That being said, the Kardashian fame-meter is heading south, and Scott probably realizes that it's time to jump ship.

I think Scott can probably continue his television / media based work if he breaks away from the Kardashians now. He can probably host a daytime TV show or something. Eventually, if it works, he'll have his own identity aside from being a Kardashian groupie and will gain fame in his own right.

Scott seems to really care about his son and Kourtney, but the fact that his whole life is a reality TV show, and likely a soon to be failing one, can put a lot of pressure on him. I would never want to see a family break apart, but I can certainly understand Scott's concerns about remaining associated with one of America's most fame-whoring families.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: America's Ultimate Beauty Pageant

This week on Toddlers and Tiaras, we met AnnaBella, a girl with a sassy attitude. We also met Alexes, a blonde who's appalled by the idea of practicing for pageants. Additionally we were reunited with SamiJo, whose mom has since gotten a boob reduction so she too could compete in pageants and wants to be in a lingerie football league.

Before we met the pageant girls, we met Tonya Bailey, the pageant director of America's Ultimate Beauties in Texas. She brought up the idea that people criticize pageants for being abusive, but she said that the same can be said for girls in gymnastics...and those girls don't eat. She followed that with, "At least these girls get a Pixi Stick!" A flawed argument, for sure, but at least she was funny.

SamiJo's mom, Tricia, said she wanted a daughter so she could put her in pageants. She also wanted to name her America so she could be called Miss America. I'm not a huge fan of the name SamiJo, but the whole Miss America thing was a bit of a stretch, so I suppose the girl got lucky. I hate to say it (sort of), but I just don't see SamiJo as a pageant girl.

AnnaBella, despite the ridiculous capital letter in the middle of her name, was a cool kid. She was fun, spunky and seemed to actually want to be in pageants. Plus, despite her spunky personality, AnnaBella seemed to maintain a humble, normal personality. When describing her closet, she said she has a fab side (pageant wear) and a drab side (everything else). And, the girl actually likes wearing a flipper!

Alexes is a beautiful child, but she too fell victim to a badly spelled name. Her name, which seems to be pronounced like Alexis, looks like it's supposed to be pronounced in the way that I'd say more than one Alex...Alexes. Like, the es in the word trances or something. The girl was clearly in the running to be one of the 'I throw the most temper tantrums!' winners in all of Toddlers and Tiaras. The girl is smart, though - when mom tried to tell her that pageants are fun, she straight up told her no, they aren't.

The pageant

The beauty competition was first. We were told that the judges were looking for a 'facially gifted' child - AKA a pretty girl. One of the judges told us that she was looking for a girl who she'd want to take home and put on a shelf.

Not to be without drama, SamiJo had a dress emergency. One of the sleeves on her dress wasn't properly attached and had to be removed. This, of course, was made into a big dramatic scene. SamiJo went first of the featured girls. I will admit - she had an adorable onstage personality. She jumped around but it was cute. Still, I don't think her facial beauty can measure up to some of the pageant girls.

Alexes was next. Her look and outfit were fantastic, but her onstage performance was atrocious. She did so mething that looked like a mini-hoedown with no personality on her face. Annabella followed and did perfect. She is poised, beautiful and has a flawless pageant personality. In my opinion, she'd be tough to beat in beauty.

American Wear was the next competition. SamiJo wore a dress that was not terribly flattering, in my opinion, and was too long. The length of the dress and her lack of focus (she's young - who can blame her?) caused her to fall onstage. She then fell again...and again. It was a mess. I do give mom Tricia credit - she was great to SamiJo afterwards and didn't blame her at all for the wardrobe malfunction. Alexes was dressed as Sandy from Grease. Her routine was adorable at first, although a three year old wearing red heels and a tight outfit was a bit disturbing. Unfortunately, Alexes got distracted by the spinning wheel on the side of her Shake Shack prop and spun it repeatedly. On a good note, her parents were also good about her less than stellar performance. AnnaBella, again, was awesome. She was Elvis and her performance was perfect.


2 - 3 Year Old Division:
Divisional Queen: Brooke

6 - 8 Year Old Division:
Division Queen: Alyssa

Overall Titles:
American Wear: Alexes
Novice Supreme: Kiersten
Beauty Photo Supreme: SamiJo
Grand Supreme: Aishlynn
Ultimate Grand Supreme: AnnaBella - and she TOTALLY deserved it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tough Love Miami: Reunion Special

The Tough Love Miami reunion brought us back to the Tough Love girls eight months after the show was filmed.

Steve started by saying that Chasity had been less than honest and was first to hit the hot seat. He also called her out on her new boob job. We then saw the scene from Tough Love where Chasity said she'd stop go-go dancing. She said she's only danced twice since the show. She said her date from the show wasn't her boyfriend and can't control her, and she still aspires to be in Playboy. After that, Chasity's mom came onstage. Her mom, and Steve, called Chasity out because she wants to be a child psychologist, but she can't achieve that goal if she's been naked on the internet - she'll make herself impossible to hire.

Christine came next. She had a fake tattoo of date Frank's name on her arm. She finally seemed real on the reunion - not a pageant girl at all, but a girl with real feelings and emotions. Joann Ward said she wasn't sure where the relationship would go, and the girls seemed distrusting of Frank due to their rough patches. Frank, when he went onstage, said that once he and Christine got past some hurdles, their relationship became very solid. Christine then gave her promise ring to Frank.

Claudia was third. She's been dating a guy she met through a family member. He was in the audience and came on stage, and both Claudia and her date seemed to truly respect each other - Claudia even told her date she was in love with him and gave him her promise ring.

After being introduced as the girl who was desperate to settle down, Brigette was called to the hot seat. After boot camp, Anthony went to visit Brigette, and she realized it wouldn't work out. Anthony psychoanalyzed everything she did, called Brigette's mom if she didn't answer her phone, etc. While Anthony wasn't live in the studio, he was brought up live on video chat. Anthony tried to defend himself, and Brigette got mad - she said she was glad that Anthony was nowhere near her. She begged Steve to take him off the screen because he always degraded her. Brigette then asked for her promise ring back and Anthony said he'd mail it back. Brigette claimed that Anthony had an alternate personality for the cameras and was awful when offscreen. Brigette also said she has a new boyfriend now and they're taking it slow...and she realizes that things aren't perfect, but they are good.

Liz Richards was next...and if you recall, she wasn't on Tough Love Miami. She was on the second season of Tough Love. After a montage of her Tough Love experience, she came onstage looking completely different. She said she and her Tough Love date didn't last, but that was okay because she realized that her date wasn't what she wanted. She realized that you can put up a lot of criteria for a man, but criteria isn't what matters - it's finding someone who's right for you. She's also now married to a man named Andy and showed everyone that boot camp does work.

Avonte was next, and she said she's been supporting date Eric in his goal to become a singer. That being said, she's been dating, in her words, a few athletes. Eric was brought out next and told Avonte that he has nothing to prove by way of his career and actions. Joann said that Eric's a great guy and she has plenty of women for him. It sounded like Avonte was full of excuses for her actions, saying Eric lived too far away, yet she was non-exclusively dating an athlete in Denver. Arguments started until Joann stepped seems like the girls were upset by Avonte's lack of improvement.

Next was Leilani, who's still with George. The pair does fight, and Joann said their fights seem superficial. George came out and the pair said that they're good for each other even though they fight. George has asked Leilani to move to Miami to be with him, but she says she's not ready.

Michelle went after Leilani. If you recall, she and date Sam did really well on the show, but things didn't seem to be so great when the reunion aired. Michelle got teary-eyed during her talk because while she was thrilled to be with Sam, she found out he had a girlfriend. He flew out to see Michelle, and while she wanted to be angry, she realized she really cared about him and forgave him. She said she still thinks about him all the time. As a surprise, Steve brought Sam out, and Michelle was shocked. Steve asked why Sam was there, and he said he wanted to see Michelle. He apologized and said he wants to spend more time with her. Michelle was really smart at this point - she asked Sam if she should believe him. He said his past relationship was over, and Steve offered to pay for the pair to have dinner. Michelle looked so happy. YEA Michelle!!!

Steve thanked the women for participating in his Tough Love boot camp, and let us know that there will, in fact, be another Tough Love boot camp in the future.

Guest Post: A Live Toddlers & Tiaras Experience

This is a very special post for Less Than Reality. It's written by guest blogger Oceane, who writes the Toddlers and Tiaras blog, and runs the online photo contest Child Beauty Queenz. Check out her sites and give this a read.

For anyone familiar with child beauty pageants, the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant may ring a bell. It has been featured multiple times on Toddlers & Tiaras, and has had the 2 biggest child beauty queen competitors; Eden Wood and Makenzie Myers. Being an avid watcher of Toddlers & Tiaras and owner of the Tiara Toddlers blog, I couldn’t resist watching the pageant myself. It was the National pageant and not far from my house, so I went with a couple of friends and observed.
Annette Hill, the director of Universal Royalty Pageant was very strict on the rules. It was being filmed for Toddlers & Tiaras and she wanted a good reputation, so she made sure everyone attending (including parents and siblings) were dressed formally, and there were no over-the-top (think Mia as Madonna , Maddy as Dolly Parton or Paisley as a prostitute) inappropriate outfits. There were a few families being filmed, one of them being Mia Spargo. I recognized a lot of girls from Toddlers & Tiaras such as Meaghan Jones, Kailia Deliz, Kayla Hatton, Brooke McClung, Chloe Stacy and Zanna Brewer. The three categories were beauty, celebrity wear and talent.

Kayla was fabulous. Age appropriate? Not quite. Zanna’s outfit was a bit iffy as well but you could tell she loved pageants. In fact, just by looking at the girl’s performances you can tell you likes the pageants and who don’t. The question is; are pageants really like the ones we see on Toddlers & Tiaras? Decide for yourself, but here are a few things I saw.

Aishlynn‘s (another girl who was featured on T&T) mom was bad mouthing a lot of other contestants. I couldn’t quite make out everything she was saying but there was a lot of gossiping going on between her and some other moms. In the adult division, one woman seemed to be more of a beginner. All around me I could hear people making fun of her. One girl who looked about the age of 8 had just finished her routine and went to find her mom. Her mom scolded her and told her she’d messed up, leaving the little girl in tears. Her father picked her up and told her she did a good job.

I saw almost all of the performances, but I was very surprised with the outcome. My pick for the ultimate would have been Zanna though she did not even receive a supreme title. The winner, once again was Meaghan. Funny how this is the third time she won the ultimate at Universal Royalty isn’t it? Meaghan was good, but she wasn’t the best. In my opinion (and many others) the pageant was rigged. Chloe only got cover model though she deserved another title. Kayla, who was fabulous for her age didn’t supreme either. 

Mia Spargo’s parents were also unhappy with the outcome. Mia had once again won novice supreme but she only received a sash and money; no trophy, no crown and no teddy bear, which was guaranteed to come with her title. It seems a little sketchy that Meaghan always wins the ultimate at this pageant. What do I think? I think Annette Hill is brainwashing these moms. Annette has two daughters of her own who have never competed in pageants. Weird, isn’t it? Annette makes tons of money off these moms with her pageant, and is well aware that pageants are a waste of money.

On top of this sketchy incident, last season showed Eden vs Makenzie. Both were nearly as good as each other. One judge preferred Eden, the other preferred Makenzie and the third liked both. Yet Eden won Grand Supreme and Makenzie got the lowest title. A bit strange, isn’t it.

I can’t speak for all pageants, but as far as Universal Royalty goes, I think it’s rigged. The same girl can’t win every time, especially when she isn’t the best. This pageant will air on Toddlers & Tiaras in January or February, so be sure to watch it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Island of Dreams Pageant

This week's pageant was the Island of Dreams pageant, a full glitz, tropical themed pageant in Michigan.

The Girls

First up was mom Kelly and 23 month old Natalie. Kelly is addicted to winning pageants. She doesn't know if her daughter likes them, but Kelly certainly does.

At 23 months old, Natalie prepared for her first spray tan. She cried. Later, mom put Natalie's pageant outfit on and again, Natalie cried. I think you're seeing the pattern.

Second was mom Ally and daughter Samara. This was my favorite pair in the pageants. Mom loves heavy metal music, has lots of tattoos and used to sing in a Christian heavy metal band. Samara tends to place either very high or low in pageants because she doesn't have the typical pageant girl look, according to her mom.

Samara goes onstage herself at pageants, which is not the case for many girls in the two year old division. That being said, it doesn't mean mom wasn't nervous about it - Samara either acts great or does her "chookey moves," which is her way of saying weird movements.

Third was Cadence and grandma Debbie. Debbie's daughter and older granddaughter did pageants before Cadence did. Debbie is serious about pageants. She talks very matter-of-factly about them and makes it clear that to win, girls need everything from spray tans to heavy makeup to tons of practice.

The Pageant

Natalie went first in beauty. She did first. Then, she fell forward with her butt towards the audience and started crying. Mom said that judges had already seen Natalie's personality, so the fall shouldn't hurt her score. I'm not sure I agree. Samara was next. She was adorable on stage. She had a genuine smile and showed a lot of personality. However, things went downhill when she started prancing around and doing her chookey moves. Cadence followed, but not without some pressure from grandma Debbie. Grandma's pressure must have worked because Cadence was perfectly poised. Grandma was still critical.

Next we saw Island Wear. As usual, Natalie cried. She had good reason - her costume was uncomfortable - but the crying seemed to become quite a habit with this girl. Fortunately, Natalie pulled it together when she was onstage. Samara, again, was adorable. Cadence kept her smile perfect onstage, but her routine felt a little rushed to me. She moved very quickly.


All girls were crowned at least at the princess level. The pageant tried something different: girls crowned as princesses could still be pulled for a supreme title.

0 - 23 Month Division:
Princesses: Mckenzie, Talia, Natalie
Queen: Jaylie

At this point, mom Kelly got angry and stormed out. She told her husband to leave the crown since she'd rather have no crown than a princess crown. I guess she missed the memo about placing for princess and still having the chance for a higher title. When Kelly was alerted of the titling process, she was appalled and didn't want to go back in.

2 Year Division:
Princesses: Cassie, Savannah, Samara
Queen: Lillian

7 - 8 Year Division:
Princesses: Isabella Jane and Gabby
Queen: Cadence (Grandma was upset that she didn't place higher.)

Supreme Titles:
Novice Supreme: Natalie (Fortunately, dad was still at the pageant with Natalie to bring her onstage.)
Grand Supreme: Samara (YEA Samara!)

Lowe's Pulls Ads from All American Muslim: My Reaction

If you go to Lowe's website, the slogan at the top is "never stop improving." Lowe's should take a cue from their own slogan and improve their attitude towards diversity.

Lowe's recently pulled their ads from the TLC show All American Muslim. However, the company claims to be committed to diversity and inclusion. This hardly matches up. Lowe's claims their decision to pull ads from All American Muslim was based on feedback from various groups. That being said, did they think their decision wouldn't cause more negative feedback?

I think Lowe's acted in a cowardly manner by pulling their ads from All American Muslim. Why? Because they were perfectly happy advertising on the show until people protested. Then, they were more than willing to pull their ads away from a show that portrays happy, normal American people. All American Muslim is a positive show. It's goal is to portray people who are living the American dream that happen to be Muslim. There's no doubt that there's still sensitivity from 9-11, but this show lets us know that many people of the Muslim faith are great people with strong moral values.

I'm not going to say I've watched much of the show, but I have watched some, and I enjoyed it. Plus, it's much more friendly than shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. Pulling ads from All American Muslim sends the completely wrong message to society when advertisers are clamoring for space on shows that are much more damaging to society.

I am 100% for All American Muslim being on TV, and I think Lowe's made a huge mistake by pulling their ads from the show.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tough Love Miami Season Finale

On the season finale of Tough Love Miami, the girls had to decide what to do with their promise rings.

Needless to say, nerves were running high. Avonte wasn't sure what to do. Christine talked about what a big deal it is to give someone a ring. Brigette actually spoke rationally about relationships, showing what a long way she's come since the beginning of Tough Love boot camp.

Michelle, a fitness fanatic who used to be into bad boys, went first. Michelle told her date Sam that he's shown her what she really values from a relationship and thinks that he's incredible. She handed Sam her promise ring. Sam said it means a lot, then said the word "unfortunately," which made tensions run high. However, he followed it up by saying that it was unfortunate that he met Michelle so late in the competition and would love to see her again. (Go, Michelle!) Steve asked Michelle if she's ready for love, and she said that she is.

Chasity was second. She spoke to her date Al. First, though, she talked to Steve about who she is - which is more than just the dancer that she originally thought she was. Chasity made a great choice - she told Al that she wants to keep seeing him, but she's keeping her promise ring to remind herself of the changes she's made for herself, not for a man.

Leilani was third. She and her date George caught up and discussed the promise ring. Leilani gave George the promise ring and said it stands for real promises - she promised to make time to go and see George after boot camp. George was happy to accept the ring.

Next, a special guest was brought in: Claudia, who left boot camp early to address her past. She looked happy and let the girls know she was doing well.

Jane came up after Claudia. She admitted that boot camp meant a lot to her. She read a letter to the girls telling them that they are beautiful and how much they mean to her. After that, her date Allen came out. Remember, this was her boyfriend / hookup before she went to boot camp. Jane said she realized how much Allen wants to be with her, but kept the promise ring for herself. Still, she promised Allen that she wants to work on their relationship.

After Jane came Brigette. She was very torn on what to do with her promise ring: give it to date Anthony or keep it for herself. She noted that as soon as her turn to present the ring came, she knew what she had to do. Brigette began by thanking Anthony for sharing the journey with her, but said that she doesn't want to rush anything. She did give Anthony the ring, but with the promise of taking the relationship slowly.

Avonte followed, and Donald, the man who helped her grow as a person, came out of the limo to see her. She thanked him for allowing her to have an amazing journey at boot camp. Next, Eric came out as the person that Avonte connected with. She said that she's happy to have met Eric because he's a great match, and she's going to give Eric her promise ring because she believes in them.

Christine and date Frank were next. Christine complimented their connection and said that she initially didn't want to give Frank her ring. However, she did say that she could eventually see the pair giving each other real rings. She said she was going to keep her promise ring for her daughter. She showed Frank the book she's been keeping in which she wrote about their dates, and Frank said they'd need a lot more books for their future.

This was a great end to a great season of Tough Love Miami. Steve told the women that he was so pleased with all of them. He then thanked his mom, and Joanne also spoke to the women, telling them that they are special. And with that, Tough Love Miami concluded.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras Season Premiere: Glitzmas!

Toddlers and Tiaras was back this week on TLC. The kids and moms on the show were as ridiculous as ever. For example, one mom compared pageants to dog shows, and a mom that had kids just to put them in pageants took pageant inspiration from drag shows.

This pageant was Southern Celebrity - New Jersey Glitzmas. The contestants had to dress in holiday colors for the Christmas theme, and the pageant was full glitz. According to the pageant director, many kids came from out of state for this New Jersey pageant, which doesn't surprise me.

Bob and Riley

First we met Katie, mom of Bob, 6, and Riley, 5, of Williamstown, NJ. Both participate in pageants. Riley had done over 75 pageants, but this would be her first glitz pageant. Bob also participates in pageants. In fact, Katie was disappointed when she found out she was having a boy because she wanted a pageant queen. Even though her first born was male, son Bob went through a phase where he wore dresses and insisted he was a girl.

Riley said that when she loses a pageant, her heart is very small and black. That's a bit intense for a five year old. Mom also had a strange attitude...she got mad when her husband told Riley to make funny faces because it takes her out of pageant mode.

Bob had a tail on the back of his hair, and mom Katie put beads on it. They plan to keep growing the tail until Bob's done with it, at which point it'll go into Katie's jewelry box. (This tail wasn't well received by the judges.)

The family took cues from drag queens, using learnings from drag shows to create pageant moves. The parents even took the kids to drag shows.

Before Riley went onstage for beauty, mom was clearly nervous because this was their first glitz pageant. However, Riley did great. She stumbled a little, and her moves weren't perfect, but she had a natural charm. Bob didn't seem to have the same natural talent of his sister...he looked a bit terrified and stared at his mom for direction.

Riley's Glitzmaswear was a mess. She looked like she had a great time and the judges smiled, but all she did was run back and forth across the stage. When Bob went on, he looked kind of crazy...and I think he was wearing the same costume as Riley wore.

Riley's talent was to do some hand movements while standing still in a cowboy was hardly a talent. Bob did not do a talent. Alexis performed her talent after Riley to a Ru Paul song, and Katie was mad because her husband talked her into using a mainstream song, not one by an artist like Ru Paul.


Lauren, mom of Laila, 3, from Montebello, NY, was next. Mom said "Laila grew up doing pageants" which kind of ages the 3 year old. Lauren puts a high value on money - she pays for Laila to have the absolute best for her pageant appearances.

When Laila hit the stage for beauty, she had great poise for a three year old. Her moves were perfect and her pacing was great. That being said, her smile was a bit weak.

For Glitzmaswear, Laila dressed up as a Rockette. The outfit was cute, but a little too revealing for a three year old. She did great on stage, though, and looked like she had a fantastic time.

Laila's talent was ballet. She was really good, especially for a girl her age. Laila and mom made up the routine as they went along, and for an ad-hoc routine, it went really well. However, when she got offstage, Laila cried.


Anna-Maria, a 9 year old self-proclaimed drama queen, was next. She and mom Crystal are from Chester, PA. Anna-Maria is a genuinely beautiful girl. She also seems like she genuinely enjoys pageants.

Crystal's husband (Anna Maria's dad) doesn't think Anna Maria should be in pageants, and the pair even separated once because of the disagreement. Fortunately, they reconciled, but pageants still strain their relationship. Despite that, Anna Maria has everything she needs for pageants, even a coach named Ryann.

Anna-Maria faced some tough competition at the pageant: a girl, Maya, who looked very similar to her. They even wore the same color dress (white). Both Maya and Anna Maria did great - they were both very polished, although Anna was a bit sassier. It was noted that Anna may lose points for her dress not being a perfect cupcake style; it was a dress her mom designed.

Maya's Glitzmaswear was intense; she did a lot of gymnastic-type moves. Anna-Maria didn't have as much technical stuff, but her attitude and spirit were great. Unfortunately, she was negatively affected when the person who was supposed to throw snow on the stage didn't, and it made her routine messy.

Anna-Maria hula hooped for her talent. She did some tricks, but the routine didn't seem like it would make her stand out much. Especially against Maya, who did a crazy gymnastics routine.


3 Year Olds:
Celebrity Beauty: Courtney
Celebrity Division Queen: Amara
Contestants to come back for a higher title: Laila

Little Boys:
Celebrity Supreme King: Bob

Petite Miss:
Most Beautiful: Alexis
Talent: Alexis
Supreme Queen: Riley

Junior Miss:
Most Beautiful: Myah
Miss Personality: Anna-Maria
Celebrity Supreme Queen: Emily
Contestants to come back for a higher title: Myah and Anna-Maria

Talent Supreme: Anna-Maria
0-6 Grand Supreme: Laila
Ultimate Grand Supreme: Myah

I think Myah deserved Grand Supreme, although I also think Anna-Maria did great in the pageant.

The Week in Review: Michelle Duggar, Teen Mom 2 and Supernanny

Despite the fact that I was in the 'Michelle Duggar should stop having kids' camp, my sympathies go out to the Duggar family after Michelle's recent miscarriage. That being said, I hope Josie's premature birth and this occasion help Michelle and Jim Bob realize that 19 kids are enough. It's understandable to want a large family, but once your kids start having kids, it may be time to take a step back, enjoy the kids you have, and enjoy being a grandmother. Besides, the older kids are already raising the younger least give them a break. If the Duggars still don't believe in birth control, perhaps abstinence would be a good idea at this time.

Teen Mom 2 is back on MTV, and it's the same old stuff as last season. Kailyn dates Jordan, Leah and Corey are tumultuous, Jenelle dates Keiffer again and learns nothing, and Chelsea falls for Adam yet again. I'm sure the show will be on the air for many more seasons because people (myself included) keep watching, but it's so played out. I can't keep watching Jenelle fall for Keiffer and Chelsea fall for Adam.

I watched America's Supernanny, and it's hardly riveting...but I do like the supernanny that the show chose. Her name is Deborah Tillman, and she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to childcare. I like that she's got more attitude than the previous television nannies - she tells it like it is. That being said, the concept is so played out, and despite the fact that Lifetime tried to be edgy by featuring a lesbian family, a nanny show is still a nanny show, and it's hardly exciting.

Khloe Kardashian was sued for shoving a transgendered woman a few years ago. This isn't surprising, considering the Kardashians are hardly known for making great decisions, but Khloe's supposed to be the most rational, or so I thought. On another Kardashian note, I tried to see if I could look past the Kardashian name and like the Kardashian Kollection at Sears...and I can't. Super tacky, much like the Kardashians themselves. And, aside from that, they were accused of copying designs from actual designers, which only makes everything worse. Not kool, Kardashians.

Update: Khloe is now getting fertility treatments to have a baby. Good luck, Khloe!

Hulk Hogan and ex-wife Linda Bollea are still at war. Linda was given 70% of Hulk Hogan's assets in their divorce, per Perez Hilton, and claims that Hulk had frequent affairs with men. Hulk, of course, is mad about this and is trying to get Linda to shut up by way of a lawsuit. Classy, classy family.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tough Love Miami: The Hot Seat Continues and The Cruises Begin

At the beginning of tonight's Tough Love Miami (12/4/11), we heard Christine's ex-husband tell us that the reason their marriage fell apart is because Christine cheated.

Upon hearing the video of Christine's ex Josh's confession, we finally saw some real emotion from Christine. She broke down. She started crying because she felt that Josh pushed her into the arms of another man. Christine said that her cheating was in part her fault, but part of it was Josh's fault for making her feel unwanted. Steve lectured Christine about how she should have ended the relationship with her husband before she cheated (since she was the one who filed for divorce in the end). Christine knew that she should have, but said her relationship moved too fast. She then cried about how she was supposed to be Mrs. Iowa (AKA a perfect beauty queen) and her life was really a mess.

After that confrontation, the mood immediately lightened because Steve told the girls that they'd be going on overnight dates...on a cruise to the Bahamas. Of course, no date is simple, and Steve gave each of the girls a mission for the cruise.

Brigette was told to analyze her thoughts for Anthony and where she wants the relationship to go.
Leilani was told to think about her relationship with George and if it can survive.
Christine was told to be forthcoming with Frank about her needs in a relationship.
Avonte was told to keep her guard down.
Chasity, who was going on the cruise with Al, was told to tell him what kind of relationship she wants.
Michelle was told that she would go on the cruise with Sam, who was not the bad boy she's used to.
Jane was told to try to resolve her feelings for Allen once and for all.

Here's what happened on the cruise:

Al made it clear to Chasity that he wanted to continue to see her, and she wanted the same, but Al wasn't opening up to her. Chasity began to talk to Al about what was bothering her, and he responded positively, strengthening their relationship.

Christine took her opportunity to open up to Frank. She explained what happened in her past relationship and what she needed. Frank was completely open to being the man Christine wanted.

Michelle and Sam went snorkeling and kayaking, and Michelle was committed to making this date better than their first, where her ex was present. And she did! Michelle and Sam shared a kiss, and later in the confessional, Michelle couldn't stop smiling. She told Sam about her past relationship issues, which he accepted, and decided that she wanted to move forward with him.

Avonte opened up and shared her feelings without being aggressive. However, she started to doubt her date because he didn't have a stable life plan. Later, she realized that her date could be a great guy for her, even if he doesn't have everything she originally wanted.

At first, Jane looked genuinely happy and enjoyed her time on the cruise with her date. However, later, Jane focused on the past and spent time dwelling on past problems. She later turned things around and discussed her desires in a healthy way. Jane was honest with herself - she kept an open mind about her relationship - but admitted it may not be what she wants.

Brigette and Anthony had a blast together at first, but then Brigette realized something - she doesn't know all she needs to know about Anthony. They may not be as compatible as she originally thought. She also realized she hadn't gotten to know basic facts about Anthony, and the relationship may have moved too fast. When Anthony talked about moving the relationship forward, Brigette realized she may have to pull back.

That was it for part one of the Tough Love season finale. Next week, the season will close up and we'll learn what happens with the girls' promise rings.

Hanson Is Coming Out With a Beer - MMMHop!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, now several years away from their smash hit MMMBop and their childhood in the spotlight, are entering a new market...and this one's alcoholic.

The Hanson brothers, formerly known for their bubblegum pop music and being mistaken for girls, have decided to create an IPA beer for their now over-21 fans. The IPA, which will hit the market in 2012, will be called MMMHop. If you were a pre-teen or something like it in the 90's, you get the reference.

The fact that Hanson's coming out with a beer is surprising, and also surprising is the fact that they're willing to reference their first hit single in the name. I feel like they've come such a long way from being the MMMBop band. Now they are involved with charitable work, have toured with their much more grown-up music and have even branched out into non-Hanson-family ventures, like Taylor Hanson being a part of Tinted Windows. To be fair, though, calling the beer MMMHop will garner lots of media attention that it wouldn't get if it wasn't equated with Hanson. And, the guys say that it's all part of their Hanson brand building.

I wonder if the fact the beer is Hanson branded will help or hurt its sales. I'm sure Hanson fans will buy it because it's a Hanson beer, but will those who were appalled by MMMBop and I'll Be With You In Your Dreams be willing to take the plunge into a Hanson-branded product? Will grown men be embarrassed to drink the brew even if it's good? I guess only time will tell. I can tell you this - I can't stand beer and I'll definitely be giving MMMHop a try.

Check out Amazon for some Hanson memories:

Just a note in case any Hanson PR people read this: I'm a Hanson fan! I'd love to try the new beer and review it for the blog. I'll also have people who really like beer try it so we can all offer opinions. :) Email