Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tough Love Miami: You Can't Handle The Truth!

This week on Tough Love Miami, Steve Ward taught the women how to handle the truth. To do this, he took them to a surprise place, about which he said 'life is just a game.' The secret place was a game show to confront the lies the women had told in their past.

Brigette was up first. She had to roll the die and move six steps. She landed on the spot labeled sex. Steve asked her if dating more than one guy at a time and not telling them was a white lie (small lie) or red lie (big lie). She said it was a white lie, and Steve and Joanne Ward were appalled.

Christine was next. She was asked if telling a guy he was the first to give her an orgasm was a white or red lie. She said it was a red lie. She was right.

Leilani landed on Steve's Choice. He asked her what the biggest lie she ever told a guy was, and she said telling him she wasn't ready for a relationship because he had a small penis.

Other questions ranged from whether it's okay to pretend you're sick to avoid seeing your boyfriend's parents, to lie about your age and if it's okay to lie when an ex calls and say it's a wrong number. This ended Round 1.

Avonte was up first in Round 2. Avonte was confronted on the fact that she's lied about what she makes so a boyfriend will cover her expenses. She said it was a white lie. Steve disagreed - he sees it as a manipulation.

Jane was asked what the worst guy she ever told a guy was. She completely froze. She said she lied to her ex about wanting him just because she was lonely. (She'd been sleeping with her ex before boot camp began and had a hard time admitting it.) After she said that, Michelle felt like everything she knew about Jane was a lie, and other girls were happy to see Jane called out on her antics.

After the game, Steve told the women that he's surprised at the lies they tell, especially when they know they shouldn't be lying.

During the ride back to the Tough Love house, Jane was called out on her lies. The confrontation went down because Jane seemed to still be into her ex, which the girls said is why she can't be into her date Arthur the way he's into her. Avonte, the ringleader of the fight, really set Jane off. She turned red, started screaming and freaked out, calling Avonte a mean girl. The fight became a major screaming match filled with crazy amounts of anger.

The girls were brought together to discuss lies that their exes told them.

Michelle said a guy planned out a proposal for her, but he was legally married. Christine was told that her partner physically loved her when he didn't. Leilani had a guy who said he was constantly busy seeing family, but was seeing an ex. Chasity was told her boyfriend was loyal to her while away at school, but he was seeing someone else. Brigette was told by someone that he wasn't ready for a relationship, but he was dating another woman shortly afterwards. Jane had given an ex money for a reason she deemed acceptable but he used it for something else. Avonte said she was told that her relationship with her guy was spiritual, but he was married to someone else.

The girls were given the task to tell their date about the situation noted above, but not get emotional about it. They were asked to present the situation with emotional maturity and show that a past relationship doesn't equate to current damage.

Leilani's approach to her discussion was asking George what the biggest lie he's ever been told and hope that George would ask her back. He did, and Leilani was able to tell the story free of negative emotion. Chasity was also able to share her story.

Avonte struggled a bit, but when she let her story out, her date was happy to get to know the real Avonte. That being said, things didn't stay so positive - her date was taken back by her story about being in a religion where her 'spiritual husband' dated multiple women at once. She said she'd never sleep with someone while in a relationship with someone else (and she hasn't) but said she's gone on vacations with other men while in relationships. She claimed this is omission - not lying - and at that point, her date became appalled.

Christine did great - she shared the story about her past relationship but rolled it seamlessly into conversation. Later at the house, Christine and her date shared a very passionate kiss.

Jane had the toughest time telling Arthur about her past. She said that she was giving her man money that he ended up using to bail his cousin out of jail. She also noted that it ended in a bad breakup. When asked if she was told to inform her date about this, she said no, and she wanted to share it because she wanted to be truthful. Back at the house, the conversation continued and Jane had to admit that she was still sleeping with her ex before coming to the house and he's still on her mind.

Leilani and George still hadn't kissed at this point, and Steve set the pair up on a date to create some passion. The pair finally shared a passionate kiss and both looked very happy.

The girls seemed to worry before going into the group session.

Leilani did the best this week, specifically for how she handled the lie she had to discuss with George. George responded well - he said their discussions built their bond even stronger.

Christine's date didn't seem to buy the fact that the lack of passion was their only reason for their split. Her date wasn't the only one to not believe her - the girls didn't seem convinced either. When Steve asked if Christine's ex felt the same way she did about the marriage ending, she said her ex never gave her a clear answer.

The tables turned quickly to Avonte from Christine when Avonte called BS on Christine. Steve turned to Avonte and said she's so quick to call everyone else out, but she's full of it herself. Her date felt like she was deceptive, and wasn't sure if he would want to continue dating her.

Still, Jane was put in the hot seat for being worse of all. She finally stepped up and told Steve the truth about her ex. She also said she's done with her ex now, but Steve didn't seem to believe it. Arthur was concerned after hearing Jane talk about her ex and questioned what was going on with them. Jane finally admitted she didn't know whether she wanted to be with her ex or not. She eventually broke down in tears. Steve told Jane that they'd start over with a clean slate from then forward. All she had to do was stop the BS and tell the truth. She agreed to do that and went back to her seat.

Next week, the girls will have to confront their exes...and it seems that it will not go smoothly.

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