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Tough Love Miami: Meet The Exes

This week on Tough Love, Steve Ward brought in the girls' exes and their new dates as a surprise. What wasn't surprising was that the situation quickly became a hot mess.

The girls were excited as the doorbell rang, but the excitement quickly changed as the girls realized what was happening: their exes were showing up at the door. First to enter was Brigette's ex, Bobby, who remained a close friend of hers. A while later, Brigette's new date Anthony showed up. Brigette did a great job introducing the pair, and she encouraged the two to discuss her and her past. That was very responsible of her, but here's the thing: Brigette's still friendly with her ex. Bobby and Anthony talking was a positive thing for her, unlike it would be for some of the other girls.

While some girls, like Christine, freaked out, Michelle remained calm. She was convinced that none of her exes would show up. Unfortunately, she was wrong - flaky ex-boyfriend George showed up at the Tough Love house. As the day went on, we learned just how flamboyant George was - and why he made a terrible match for Michelle. To balance that out, Steve brought in a new date for Michelle: Sam. This allowed her to see the difference between who she's dated in the past and who she deserves. When Michelle realized what was going on, we finally got to see some of Michelle's raw emotion. In the confessional, she said, "Excuse my language, but what the ****?" The last word was bleeped out, so I'll leave it that way. I can definitely see why she had that reaction - I mean, seriously? Pair a crazy ex with a new date, and you can hardly expect a comfortable outcome! Fortunately, Michelle handled the situation well, and explained the situation upfront to her new date. It's a good thing Michelle gave the upfront explanation, because her ex immediately started telling Michelle's new date what she likes, which seemed to describe him well, but didn't describe Sam at all. However, his words certainly weren't supportive - he was out to break Sam down before Michelle could even begin to like him. Unfortunately, while Michelle was able to spend time with Sam, she didn't have much luck with George: he ran around ranting like a crazy person.

Chasity's ex Thomas was next. Their hug was not one that we'd expect from a pair of exes - Chasity jumped on him like he was her current boyfriend. The pair remained close and cuddly, so when Chasity's date Al showed up, Chasity wasn't even happy. She wanted to spend more time with ex Thomas. Chasity knew the situation would be awkward, but she certainly didn't do anything to help it - she told Al that her makeup got all over Thomas when she hugged him!

Jane's ex Allen was next, and this was a sensitive topic because Jane had never stopped seeing him before she came to the Tough Love house. Jane, in strong contrast to Chasity, looked completely disinterested in seeing Allen. When Jane saw Allen, she looked completely bored and dead inside. Their was an incredible amount of tension, and we didn't see any of Jane's spicy personality. As the pair continued to communicate, emotions ran high, and Jane cried and expressed her feelings to Allen, who remained calm throughout the whole situation.

Leilani's situation was a bit different - Steve Ward decided that instead of bringing her ex into the house, he'd bring her date George's ex-girlfriend, Sara. Sara is still a part of George's life - she's his ex-wife. Leilani had an even bigger surprise after that - George showed up and the three had to share a conversation.

Christine continued to panic about seeing her ex, and seemed convince herself that a different ex (an ex-boyfriend, not ex-husband) would show up. Unfortunately, she was wrong, and her ex-husband Josh was next to walk through the door. It turns out that her ex made the last minute decision to come to the show and left their daughter Delaney with his mom. The pair was incredibly awkward...they hugged but the tension was incredibly evident. The pair started to talk, and Christine told Josh that the girls said she was living in fairytale land. Christine asked her ex if he agreed, and he did. I'm with Josh on this one. Christine's clearly blocking out the things she doesn't want to face, and it's affecting her ability to live a life where she can move on and let someone see her real personality. While she was horrified to see her ex, Christine was thrilled when her date Frank showed up at the house. Christine introduced the pair, and after the initial conversation, Christine walked away from Josh with Frank and left Josh on his own. This seemed like her way of avoiding him and pushing him away from her life, even though he was in the Tough Love house. Later, Christine pulled Frank aside for a make-out session. She thought no one could see her, but even her ex, who was standing around awkwardly, could see her every move. When Frank said they should stop and head back to the others, Christine justified her actions by saying that she always tries to please everyone but herself so she deserves this. Ultimately, Josh left the house, and Christine didn't even notice. Instead of concern when Michelle told her about that, she was simply relieved that her ex was gone.

Avonte's ex didn't come because he's married, just like he was when Avonte dated him. However, Steve brought in a new date for Avonte, Eric. Like Avonte, Eric tells it like it is, so he could make a good match for her. The pair hit it off really well, probably because Eric challenges her and matches her outgoing personality.

The group session came next, and one of the girls found herself in the hot seat.

Brigette was told that she did the best this week because she handled the situation with her ex and her current date very well. Brigette also shared that she and Anthony are now calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Steve talked to Chasity next. She was clearly confused because she has feelings for her ex, Thomas, even though she knows that she shouldn't. Steve asked her whether she thought there could be a future for her and Thomas and she said she didn't know. After that, we saw Thomas' feedback - he said he wouldn't get back with Chasity, but that's because they'd be in a long distance relationship. He added onto that by saying that he didn't have feelings for Chasity in the way that she did for him. She and Steve discussed her current date, Al, and how Chasity needed to explain her feelings to him.

The hot seat went to somebody I never would have expected: Michelle. If you've been watching the whole season, you've noticed that we haven't seen as much of Michelle as we have the other girls. Why? Because she's the most low key, down to earth person in the house. While the other girls fight, she keeps her composure. She's really got her life together, aside from the whole dating situation. So when I heard her name called for the hot seat, I was seriously surprised. As soon as she sat in the hot seat, Michelle started to apologize for her ex's behavior. However, Steve stopped her soon after she began her conversation. He told her that she's in the hot seat because he doesn't know anything about her. Michelle seemed genuinely confused and asked Steve how he could say that. Steve said that he learned more from one night with George than he did from his whole session with Michelle. During his feedback video, George talked about how Michelle liked when George acted like an egomaniac and stand up for himself. Michelle admitted to Steve that she used to get angry and black out, which to me, explained why she had relationships with guys like George. Steve pressed her further, asking why she hadn't admitted this and other things earlier like the other girls had. That's when Michelle got mad. Steve still pressed on, telling Michelle that she needs to admit that she likes to push people's buttons and still likes the bad boys. Michelle was offended, and rightfully so, as she's clearly been working through her issues and Steve, at that moment, seemed to push her back to square one. After that, Steve showed Michelle Steve's feedback. When asked if he knew what was happening with Michelle's ex, Steve said he could hear the smack talk behind his back. However, he still liked Michelle and wanted to see her again.

Just when the worst seemed to be over, Steve called Jane up as the second person to be in the hot seat. She was in the hot seat because of how she talked to her ex, Allen. Steve got her admit that she causes conflict, which was evident from the way Jane spoke to her ex. When Steve asked Jane's ex if Jane had talked about how she's changed in the house, he said that she did. He followed that up by saying the pair could be together again in the future, but they both still have a lot of changes to make. Steve asked Jane if there was hope for her and Allen, and she said yes. Yet when Steve brought Allen into the room, Jane started to cry and broke down. Allen told Jane that he wants to work with her on their relationship, and Jane said she'd like to try as well. That's when we saw some of the real Jane - she felt much better when Steve gave her the go ahead to work on things with her ex.

There was yet another hot seat for this session, and it belonged to Christine. After confronting the issue of Christine's make-out session with her date in front of her ex, Steve asked Christine again why her marriage ended. She, like usual, said it was because her ex didn't have passion for her. However, her ex told another story: he said Christine's infidelity ended the marriage!

Next week, the girls will go on cruises with their dates, and the future of their relationships will be discussed. We'll also get to see more of Christine's reaction to the cheating allegations, and it looks like she'll be quite defensive.

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