Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tough Love Miami: Mommy Issues

On this week's episode, Steve tackled the fact that a person's parents influence their lives, whether it's for the good or the bad. Each girl was told to write a letter to her mom explaining her mom's role in her relationship history.

This was obviously emotional for some of the women. Christine teared up immediately because she's partially estranged from her mom. Jane was advised to tell her mom about her DUI. Michelle addressed the fact that her mom has always favored her sister, and it's hurtful to her. Chasity admitted that her mom's actions made her feel broken. Claudia cried as she addressed the fact that her mom did not act as a mother to her, and she believed that no good would come out of writing this letter.

This action seemed to be therapeutic for many of the girls. Michelle, especially, seemed to have a weight lifted off her shoulders after she let out her feelings in the letter. The letter was therapeutic for Claudia as well, but it took a lot for her to write it. She admitted that she knows that her mom was a good person but she has so much built up resentment. In the end, she wrote a long letter and released the pain she'd been holding inside.

As per usual with Steve Ward, this wasn't the end of the challenge. Steve asked the women to read their letters to the group.

Michelle went first. She opened up by telling her mom that she loved her. She then told her mom that her mom's favoritism towards her sister Renee caused her to feel inferior and look for relationships with the wrong men. She elaborated by saying that her prior dating life was her way of crying out for attention.

Chasity addressed the fact that she and her mom hide things from each other. She questioned how her mom could judge her when she lived her whole life as a lie (only marrying Chasity's father became pregnant). Chasity also admitted that she wants to be a Playboy Bunny but was afraid to tell her mom. She said that the secrets kept within her family have led her to be secretive in her relationships with men.

Christine said that her mom's angry words have scarred her. She feels that she failed at keeping it all together, which her mom wanted. She said she wants to go back to being best friends with her mom.

Leilani admitted that she did what she did for her parents' approval. Jane discussed her shame about her DUI.

Claudia talked about how she questions if her mother truly loves her. She noted that she needed her mom and didn't receive what she needed, but she forgives her mom. Steve Ward and his mom Joanne Ward talked about Claudia after she read her letter and determined that she may need some self healing before she's set up with a match.

The next segment on Tough Love was called "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" During this segment, the girls met up with their dates - and a surprise addition - either the woman's mom or her date's mom.

Michelle was going on her second date with Jonathan and she was feeling good...until she realized that Jonathan's mom was present as well. Jonathan's mom came right out with the tough stuff - she immediately questioned whether or not Michelle was Jewish. (And Jewish mothers can be tough, trust me!) Jonathan's mom came out immediately with the tough stuff - she asked if Michelle would raise her kids Jewish. Michelle completely rocked this. She said she's fascinated by Judaism and would consider converting. (This is like gold to a Jewish mother. Go Michelle!)

Jane and Arthur were next. Jane noted that she was concerned about Arthur's mom being overbearing, but they seemed to get along. Leilani and George followed. Leilani immediately felt insecure about her appearance (short dress and makeup). Leilani was honest about her modeling, but George's mom seemed disapproving. While Leilani is successful, she didn't articulate that well to George's mom.

The tables were turned for Brigette and Anthony. For their date, Brigette's mom was the addition to the date. During this, Brigette noted that her mom plans Brigette's wedding every time she meets a date, which explains

Chasity met Al's mom. Al's mom asked what Chasity wore as a go-go dancer, which seemed to be a test. Chasity completely overshared and gave way too many details about her outfit. She also talked about how her mom only married due to pregnancy and that she's not convinced that she needs to get married.

The group session came next.

Jane was told that she did the best this week, due in part to the fact that she kept her mom's feelings in mind. She also did well meeting her date's mom.

Leilani was asked what she thought of George's mom, and she felt that she was interrogated. We then saw a clip of George's mom talking about Leilani - she thought she was an overconfident, superficial, wannabe model. Leilani seemed devastated.

Chasity was put on the hot seat for what she said to Al's mom, specifically about her dancing outfits and lack of desire to get married. Al's mom was less than thrilled. Chasity was challenged by Steve to talk to her mom about her goal to be in Playboy. He handed her a phone and told her to call. To her credit, she did. And her mom reacted well. She said that she'd love her no matter what. Chasity looked like a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Claudia was then asked if she wanted to stay on or leave Tough Love. She said that although she went on the show to find a man, but instead found herself. Because of that, she decided to leave the show. When she told the women this, she spoke with clarity and peace in a way that we've never before heard from her. It was really wonderful for her.

That's it for this week's episode, but stay tuned...we'll have an interview with Tough Love star Michelle Betts coming up soon!

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