Monday, November 28, 2011

Sister Wives: Well, Of COURSE Some Of The Kids Don't Want a New Baby!

This week on Sister Wives, we learned that Kody and the Brown Sister Wives wanted to open up a gym. But that's not the point of this post - the point is that some of the Brown kids aren't excited about Robyn having a baby...and can you really blame them?

I'm not going to lie - I went into this post thinking that I'd be writing something snarky and sarcastic. Something that would truly agree with the sentiments of the teenagers on this week's Sister Wives. But Robyn's kindness at the end of the episode has gotten to me a bit, so this post will have some sarcasm, but also some sappiness.

First and foremost, not all of the Brown kids were happy that Robyn was having a baby. And honestly, I don't blame them. Robyn did come along fairly recently and change the dynamic of their already established family...and a lot of the turmoil in the family's lives (like the investigation & moving to Las Vegas) happened shortly after Robyn came along. Plus, she didn't come alone - she brought along three kids that aren't fitting in seamlessly with Kody's biological kids. This should not be surprising, honestly. The fact that any of them believed they could go straight to "YEAAA happy family!" with no transition was living in some kind of alternate universe. Really, though, the kids have a right to be less than thrilled. Another child will only stretch the family's income thinner (and I imagine renting four houses already consumes tons of cash), and the older kids will likely end up playing babysitters to Solomon like they do now for the other young kids. With Kody shifting from house to house, each mom is a single parent 3/4ths of the time, so the teens have to step it up to keep things under control. It's not like the kids aren't stressed enough about being in Las Vegas or anything...babysitting your newest mom's kid will clearly make things easier. Wait, no it won't.

Secondly, I'll address the sappy part. We've seen Meri and Mariah struggle because Mariah is Meri's only child, and both Meri and Mariah want more kids in their immediate family. Meri, in a very intelligent decision, turned down Kody's suggestion to get in vitro fertilization in a previous season. Note that her decision was a good one, in my opinion, for financial reasons, as in vitro is super expensive and isn't a guaranteed success. So when Robyn offered to be a surrogate for Meri's baby, that made me drop a lot of the negative feelings I had about her joining the family. Yes, she caused stress. Yes, she caused major problems in Kody's other marriages. And yes, she created a lot of expenses without having a job. But I do believe she's a genuinely good person, and her offer to be a surrogate for Meri was amazing. I mean, she'll have to go through nine months of pregnancy, just to hand off the baby to Meri when it's over. Robyn will be part of the child's life, obviously, but it's still going to be Meri's baby. And that is such a wonderful gift for Meri, who was the first wife, has gone through the most with Kody, and has had such incredible heartbreak as her Sister Wives conceived when she could not.

Now, that being said, I read a blog (a really good one about Sister Wives, actually!) that talks about how fake Robyn's birth scene was (agreed, based on the lack of reaction while giving birth), the fact that she offered to birth Meri's baby immediately after having her own (highly inappropriate timing, and surprising considering the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth) and that Robyn seems to be manipulating the family. I don't think she's doing it intentionally, honestly, although if she is, it seems to be encouraged by Kody. The blog also brought up a good point - Meri's daughter will be out of the house soon, which means Meri's free to leave Kody and the family, and I wouldn't be surprised if she did that. And Robyn probably knows that Meri's on her way out, so the probably TLC-forced (or at least suggested) offer to birth her baby could be a way to ensure the Sister Wives get a fourth season. And the cash flow that they're now accustomed to earning.

One more tidbit before I close out this post: Robyn's ex-husband, David Preston Jessop, is reportedly less than thrilled with her putting their kids on television. I guess Robyn didn't need his consent, given that she has custody of the kids. If I were him, I'd also be concerned about the way Robyn tried to automatically assimilate her kids into their new family as if they'd always been a part of it. Most disturbing to me was that she wanted her kids to call Kody their dad, and the fact that she gave them a polygamist dollhouse when they joined the family. I have no issue with polygamy, but it seemed like a strange move towards getting the kids accustomed to having multiple moms. And it's also irrelevant, now, because in the season finale of Sister Wives, Kody seemed to plan to buy land on which to build four separate houses. This wasn't by choice, it's due to building code, but still.

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