Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michelle Betts Reacts To Seeing Her Ex On Tough Love Miami

This week on Tough Love Miami, Steve Ward was all about drama...and apparently, so was Michelle Betts' ex-boyfriend. His behavior put Michelle on the hot seat, despite the fact that she handled herself well in his presence. Below, Michelle reflects on this week's Tough Love Miami episode and how she felt as she saw her ex, George, walk through the door.

What did you feel when you saw your ex-boyfriend walk through the door of the Tough Love house?
This fitness fanatic no longer dates bad boys.
When I found out my ex-boyfriend George was in the house, I was immediately TERRIFIED.  I know how over the top he could be and I was worried. I did go up and give him a big hug because being in boot camp for nine weeks with no communication with my friends and family, it was nice to see a familiar face.  I knew from the second I saw him that I would be "walking on a tight rope" so to speak.  George lives his life with no consequences, he doesn't care what he says or does, and I knew I didn't want to piss him off.....that would have made him go more agro.  
You admitted that you used to get really angry and black out. Has this been better since you've been through Tough Love boot camp? Do you find that you're more in control of your emotions now?
When I was on the hot seat and admitted I would get angry and black out, that was purely only during the time I was in a relationship with George.  George would constantly lie to me and I couldn't comprehend it, and wasn't strong enough to leave the relationship (because of an abusive relationship before him) so I would over-drink and black out.  We have been broken up now for over 5 years (almost 6) and that NEVER happens. Once I got the strength to leave the relationship, I became control of my emotions again.
Your ex, George, made it very clear to your date, Sam, that Sam isn't your type. Do you think that was just to push his buttons, or do you think he was being protective or possessive of you in any way? Is it possible that he still had feelings for you, which caused him to act out in the way that he did?
When my ex George told me and everyone in the party that Sam wasn't my type, well I felt like there were a few reasons for this. First, Sam is the opposite of George: he's this clean cut, gorgeous, blonde stud.....most men would feel intimidated. Second, George is very dramatic in nature, so he was just being he's crazy dramatic self. Third, I believe he was trying to push Sam's buttons and cause a fight.  As far as if George has feelings for me, he's the only one that can answer that.
Steve was really tough on you when you were in the hot seat on this week's episode of Tough Love. Looking back, do you feel that his words to you were justified? Did you feel resentment towards Steve in the days following the event? Do you feel any resentment now?

When I found out I was in the hot seat I didn't think it was fair and that I belonged there. Honestly, I felt that because I had gone through boot camp thus far not being in the hot seat that Steve was looking for a reason to put me there. I was very angry at first because I felt like I should have gotten the best.  I handled that situation with class, tact, and in control....most people couldn't have done that. If I would have gotten angry for the way George was acting he would have blown up and there would have been more drama...this I know for a fact. I wasn't going to play along with George and his crazy drama. As far as Steve saying he didn't know me, all I can say is I was up front and honest with Steve from day one.  As far as resentment, once I saw the great feedback from Sam I didn't care about the hot seat, I was just excited to see Sam again.  Ha ha, isn't that so girly! :)
Have you spoken to your ex since coming back from boot camp? If so, how did he feel about his actions in the Tough Love house?

Immediately when I returned home from boot camp I did see George because I was so angry at the way he conducted himself.  George told me that he feels he has done nothing wrong and would do it again. We are no longer speaking.

I just want to add something - some of my own commentary. Michelle should not have been on the hot seat this week. She shouldn't have gotten in trouble for her ex's behavior. That being said, she was one of three on the hot seat, so I think she was simply on the hot seat for dramatic effect. Not cool, Steve Ward, not cool!


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