Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michelle Betts Reacts To Seeing Her Ex On Tough Love Miami

This week on Tough Love Miami, Steve Ward was all about drama...and apparently, so was Michelle Betts' ex-boyfriend. His behavior put Michelle on the hot seat, despite the fact that she handled herself well in his presence. Below, Michelle reflects on this week's Tough Love Miami episode and how she felt as she saw her ex, George, walk through the door.

What did you feel when you saw your ex-boyfriend walk through the door of the Tough Love house?
This fitness fanatic no longer dates bad boys.
When I found out my ex-boyfriend George was in the house, I was immediately TERRIFIED.  I know how over the top he could be and I was worried. I did go up and give him a big hug because being in boot camp for nine weeks with no communication with my friends and family, it was nice to see a familiar face.  I knew from the second I saw him that I would be "walking on a tight rope" so to speak.  George lives his life with no consequences, he doesn't care what he says or does, and I knew I didn't want to piss him off.....that would have made him go more agro.  
You admitted that you used to get really angry and black out. Has this been better since you've been through Tough Love boot camp? Do you find that you're more in control of your emotions now?
When I was on the hot seat and admitted I would get angry and black out, that was purely only during the time I was in a relationship with George.  George would constantly lie to me and I couldn't comprehend it, and wasn't strong enough to leave the relationship (because of an abusive relationship before him) so I would over-drink and black out.  We have been broken up now for over 5 years (almost 6) and that NEVER happens. Once I got the strength to leave the relationship, I became control of my emotions again.
Your ex, George, made it very clear to your date, Sam, that Sam isn't your type. Do you think that was just to push his buttons, or do you think he was being protective or possessive of you in any way? Is it possible that he still had feelings for you, which caused him to act out in the way that he did?
When my ex George told me and everyone in the party that Sam wasn't my type, well I felt like there were a few reasons for this. First, Sam is the opposite of George: he's this clean cut, gorgeous, blonde stud.....most men would feel intimidated. Second, George is very dramatic in nature, so he was just being he's crazy dramatic self. Third, I believe he was trying to push Sam's buttons and cause a fight.  As far as if George has feelings for me, he's the only one that can answer that.
Steve was really tough on you when you were in the hot seat on this week's episode of Tough Love. Looking back, do you feel that his words to you were justified? Did you feel resentment towards Steve in the days following the event? Do you feel any resentment now?

When I found out I was in the hot seat I didn't think it was fair and that I belonged there. Honestly, I felt that because I had gone through boot camp thus far not being in the hot seat that Steve was looking for a reason to put me there. I was very angry at first because I felt like I should have gotten the best.  I handled that situation with class, tact, and in control....most people couldn't have done that. If I would have gotten angry for the way George was acting he would have blown up and there would have been more drama...this I know for a fact. I wasn't going to play along with George and his crazy drama. As far as Steve saying he didn't know me, all I can say is I was up front and honest with Steve from day one.  As far as resentment, once I saw the great feedback from Sam I didn't care about the hot seat, I was just excited to see Sam again.  Ha ha, isn't that so girly! :)
Have you spoken to your ex since coming back from boot camp? If so, how did he feel about his actions in the Tough Love house?

Immediately when I returned home from boot camp I did see George because I was so angry at the way he conducted himself.  George told me that he feels he has done nothing wrong and would do it again. We are no longer speaking.

I just want to add something - some of my own commentary. Michelle should not have been on the hot seat this week. She shouldn't have gotten in trouble for her ex's behavior. That being said, she was one of three on the hot seat, so I think she was simply on the hot seat for dramatic effect. Not cool, Steve Ward, not cool!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sister Wives: Well, Of COURSE Some Of The Kids Don't Want a New Baby!

This week on Sister Wives, we learned that Kody and the Brown Sister Wives wanted to open up a gym. But that's not the point of this post - the point is that some of the Brown kids aren't excited about Robyn having a baby...and can you really blame them?

I'm not going to lie - I went into this post thinking that I'd be writing something snarky and sarcastic. Something that would truly agree with the sentiments of the teenagers on this week's Sister Wives. But Robyn's kindness at the end of the episode has gotten to me a bit, so this post will have some sarcasm, but also some sappiness.

First and foremost, not all of the Brown kids were happy that Robyn was having a baby. And honestly, I don't blame them. Robyn did come along fairly recently and change the dynamic of their already established family...and a lot of the turmoil in the family's lives (like the investigation & moving to Las Vegas) happened shortly after Robyn came along. Plus, she didn't come alone - she brought along three kids that aren't fitting in seamlessly with Kody's biological kids. This should not be surprising, honestly. The fact that any of them believed they could go straight to "YEAAA happy family!" with no transition was living in some kind of alternate universe. Really, though, the kids have a right to be less than thrilled. Another child will only stretch the family's income thinner (and I imagine renting four houses already consumes tons of cash), and the older kids will likely end up playing babysitters to Solomon like they do now for the other young kids. With Kody shifting from house to house, each mom is a single parent 3/4ths of the time, so the teens have to step it up to keep things under control. It's not like the kids aren't stressed enough about being in Las Vegas or anything...babysitting your newest mom's kid will clearly make things easier. Wait, no it won't.

Secondly, I'll address the sappy part. We've seen Meri and Mariah struggle because Mariah is Meri's only child, and both Meri and Mariah want more kids in their immediate family. Meri, in a very intelligent decision, turned down Kody's suggestion to get in vitro fertilization in a previous season. Note that her decision was a good one, in my opinion, for financial reasons, as in vitro is super expensive and isn't a guaranteed success. So when Robyn offered to be a surrogate for Meri's baby, that made me drop a lot of the negative feelings I had about her joining the family. Yes, she caused stress. Yes, she caused major problems in Kody's other marriages. And yes, she created a lot of expenses without having a job. But I do believe she's a genuinely good person, and her offer to be a surrogate for Meri was amazing. I mean, she'll have to go through nine months of pregnancy, just to hand off the baby to Meri when it's over. Robyn will be part of the child's life, obviously, but it's still going to be Meri's baby. And that is such a wonderful gift for Meri, who was the first wife, has gone through the most with Kody, and has had such incredible heartbreak as her Sister Wives conceived when she could not.

Now, that being said, I read a blog (a really good one about Sister Wives, actually!) that talks about how fake Robyn's birth scene was (agreed, based on the lack of reaction while giving birth), the fact that she offered to birth Meri's baby immediately after having her own (highly inappropriate timing, and surprising considering the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth) and that Robyn seems to be manipulating the family. I don't think she's doing it intentionally, honestly, although if she is, it seems to be encouraged by Kody. The blog also brought up a good point - Meri's daughter will be out of the house soon, which means Meri's free to leave Kody and the family, and I wouldn't be surprised if she did that. And Robyn probably knows that Meri's on her way out, so the probably TLC-forced (or at least suggested) offer to birth her baby could be a way to ensure the Sister Wives get a fourth season. And the cash flow that they're now accustomed to earning.

One more tidbit before I close out this post: Robyn's ex-husband, David Preston Jessop, is reportedly less than thrilled with her putting their kids on television. I guess Robyn didn't need his consent, given that she has custody of the kids. If I were him, I'd also be concerned about the way Robyn tried to automatically assimilate her kids into their new family as if they'd always been a part of it. Most disturbing to me was that she wanted her kids to call Kody their dad, and the fact that she gave them a polygamist dollhouse when they joined the family. I have no issue with polygamy, but it seemed like a strange move towards getting the kids accustomed to having multiple moms. And it's also irrelevant, now, because in the season finale of Sister Wives, Kody seemed to plan to buy land on which to build four separate houses. This wasn't by choice, it's due to building code, but still.

VH1 Starts The New Year With Mama Drama

You know the type: the mother who just can't accept her age. She flaunts around in miniskirts less conservative than her 20-something daughter's. She looks good (or at least she thinks so) and she wants everyone to know it.

We all know this MILF-type woman exists, but now VH1 is making it public in a new show called Mama Drama. The show, which is set to premiere on January 1st, 2012, places five mother-daughter pairs in a house together. During their stay, the moms have to party with their daughters, and essentially, act the age that they want people to believe they are.

While there might actually be a good lesson in this show (that it's not really a great idea to pretend you're twenty one when you're fifty five), the show isn't about that - it's about the drama. You know the VH1 drama I'm talking about - the hardcore fights were people launch verbal attacks so brutal that even impartial viewers are taken aback. According to executive producer SallyAnn Salsano (who also produced Jersey Shore), the fights are personal, and when people attack each other, it becomes very intense and personal.

The show, which is being called a social experiment of sorts, is sure to be a hot mess. Why would I say that? Well, for starters, VH1's blog markets the show as a 10-episode series packed with drama, conflict, and unpleasant realizations, all without the help of a therapist or guide.

Some critics, like Megan Angelo of BusinessInsider.com, think the show will be even more depraved than Jersey Shore, and others think Mama Drama won't be able to compete with the lighthearted fun that we see between Snooki and the others in Seaside Heights. While critics seem to be skeptical of this show, VH1 is starting their marketing early, so it's sure to capture a large, highly intrigued audience. (It pretty much has to do better than Famous Food, at least!) Plus, with its prime time slot - the night after the New Year's parties when people are hung over and don't want to roll off the couch - the show is sure to at least garner attention for its freshman episode.

My opinion on this show is that it's going to be a hit. VH1 viewers thrive on the whole "how can they live like that?!?" brand of horror and fascination, so this show is sure to please. I can't speak for anyone else, but I've been missing the ridiculous antics that we came to know and love on VH1, like what we saw on Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and The Surreal Life. And while this show is sure to make me hate the world at least a little bit more than I already do, I'll be tuned in. I mean, how can you resist a wannabe MILF being yelled at by a daughter who just wants a mom, not a 30-years-older clone of herself?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tough Love Miami: Meet The Exes

This week on Tough Love, Steve Ward brought in the girls' exes and their new dates as a surprise. What wasn't surprising was that the situation quickly became a hot mess.

The girls were excited as the doorbell rang, but the excitement quickly changed as the girls realized what was happening: their exes were showing up at the door. First to enter was Brigette's ex, Bobby, who remained a close friend of hers. A while later, Brigette's new date Anthony showed up. Brigette did a great job introducing the pair, and she encouraged the two to discuss her and her past. That was very responsible of her, but here's the thing: Brigette's still friendly with her ex. Bobby and Anthony talking was a positive thing for her, unlike it would be for some of the other girls.

While some girls, like Christine, freaked out, Michelle remained calm. She was convinced that none of her exes would show up. Unfortunately, she was wrong - flaky ex-boyfriend George showed up at the Tough Love house. As the day went on, we learned just how flamboyant George was - and why he made a terrible match for Michelle. To balance that out, Steve brought in a new date for Michelle: Sam. This allowed her to see the difference between who she's dated in the past and who she deserves. When Michelle realized what was going on, we finally got to see some of Michelle's raw emotion. In the confessional, she said, "Excuse my language, but what the ****?" The last word was bleeped out, so I'll leave it that way. I can definitely see why she had that reaction - I mean, seriously? Pair a crazy ex with a new date, and you can hardly expect a comfortable outcome! Fortunately, Michelle handled the situation well, and explained the situation upfront to her new date. It's a good thing Michelle gave the upfront explanation, because her ex immediately started telling Michelle's new date what she likes, which seemed to describe him well, but didn't describe Sam at all. However, his words certainly weren't supportive - he was out to break Sam down before Michelle could even begin to like him. Unfortunately, while Michelle was able to spend time with Sam, she didn't have much luck with George: he ran around ranting like a crazy person.

Chasity's ex Thomas was next. Their hug was not one that we'd expect from a pair of exes - Chasity jumped on him like he was her current boyfriend. The pair remained close and cuddly, so when Chasity's date Al showed up, Chasity wasn't even happy. She wanted to spend more time with ex Thomas. Chasity knew the situation would be awkward, but she certainly didn't do anything to help it - she told Al that her makeup got all over Thomas when she hugged him!

Jane's ex Allen was next, and this was a sensitive topic because Jane had never stopped seeing him before she came to the Tough Love house. Jane, in strong contrast to Chasity, looked completely disinterested in seeing Allen. When Jane saw Allen, she looked completely bored and dead inside. Their was an incredible amount of tension, and we didn't see any of Jane's spicy personality. As the pair continued to communicate, emotions ran high, and Jane cried and expressed her feelings to Allen, who remained calm throughout the whole situation.

Leilani's situation was a bit different - Steve Ward decided that instead of bringing her ex into the house, he'd bring her date George's ex-girlfriend, Sara. Sara is still a part of George's life - she's his ex-wife. Leilani had an even bigger surprise after that - George showed up and the three had to share a conversation.

Christine continued to panic about seeing her ex, and seemed convince herself that a different ex (an ex-boyfriend, not ex-husband) would show up. Unfortunately, she was wrong, and her ex-husband Josh was next to walk through the door. It turns out that her ex made the last minute decision to come to the show and left their daughter Delaney with his mom. The pair was incredibly awkward...they hugged but the tension was incredibly evident. The pair started to talk, and Christine told Josh that the girls said she was living in fairytale land. Christine asked her ex if he agreed, and he did. I'm with Josh on this one. Christine's clearly blocking out the things she doesn't want to face, and it's affecting her ability to live a life where she can move on and let someone see her real personality. While she was horrified to see her ex, Christine was thrilled when her date Frank showed up at the house. Christine introduced the pair, and after the initial conversation, Christine walked away from Josh with Frank and left Josh on his own. This seemed like her way of avoiding him and pushing him away from her life, even though he was in the Tough Love house. Later, Christine pulled Frank aside for a make-out session. She thought no one could see her, but even her ex, who was standing around awkwardly, could see her every move. When Frank said they should stop and head back to the others, Christine justified her actions by saying that she always tries to please everyone but herself so she deserves this. Ultimately, Josh left the house, and Christine didn't even notice. Instead of concern when Michelle told her about that, she was simply relieved that her ex was gone.

Avonte's ex didn't come because he's married, just like he was when Avonte dated him. However, Steve brought in a new date for Avonte, Eric. Like Avonte, Eric tells it like it is, so he could make a good match for her. The pair hit it off really well, probably because Eric challenges her and matches her outgoing personality.

The group session came next, and one of the girls found herself in the hot seat.

Brigette was told that she did the best this week because she handled the situation with her ex and her current date very well. Brigette also shared that she and Anthony are now calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Steve talked to Chasity next. She was clearly confused because she has feelings for her ex, Thomas, even though she knows that she shouldn't. Steve asked her whether she thought there could be a future for her and Thomas and she said she didn't know. After that, we saw Thomas' feedback - he said he wouldn't get back with Chasity, but that's because they'd be in a long distance relationship. He added onto that by saying that he didn't have feelings for Chasity in the way that she did for him. She and Steve discussed her current date, Al, and how Chasity needed to explain her feelings to him.

The hot seat went to somebody I never would have expected: Michelle. If you've been watching the whole season, you've noticed that we haven't seen as much of Michelle as we have the other girls. Why? Because she's the most low key, down to earth person in the house. While the other girls fight, she keeps her composure. She's really got her life together, aside from the whole dating situation. So when I heard her name called for the hot seat, I was seriously surprised. As soon as she sat in the hot seat, Michelle started to apologize for her ex's behavior. However, Steve stopped her soon after she began her conversation. He told her that she's in the hot seat because he doesn't know anything about her. Michelle seemed genuinely confused and asked Steve how he could say that. Steve said that he learned more from one night with George than he did from his whole session with Michelle. During his feedback video, George talked about how Michelle liked when George acted like an egomaniac and stand up for himself. Michelle admitted to Steve that she used to get angry and black out, which to me, explained why she had relationships with guys like George. Steve pressed her further, asking why she hadn't admitted this and other things earlier like the other girls had. That's when Michelle got mad. Steve still pressed on, telling Michelle that she needs to admit that she likes to push people's buttons and still likes the bad boys. Michelle was offended, and rightfully so, as she's clearly been working through her issues and Steve, at that moment, seemed to push her back to square one. After that, Steve showed Michelle Steve's feedback. When asked if he knew what was happening with Michelle's ex, Steve said he could hear the smack talk behind his back. However, he still liked Michelle and wanted to see her again.

Just when the worst seemed to be over, Steve called Jane up as the second person to be in the hot seat. She was in the hot seat because of how she talked to her ex, Allen. Steve got her admit that she causes conflict, which was evident from the way Jane spoke to her ex. When Steve asked Jane's ex if Jane had talked about how she's changed in the house, he said that she did. He followed that up by saying the pair could be together again in the future, but they both still have a lot of changes to make. Steve asked Jane if there was hope for her and Allen, and she said yes. Yet when Steve brought Allen into the room, Jane started to cry and broke down. Allen told Jane that he wants to work with her on their relationship, and Jane said she'd like to try as well. That's when we saw some of the real Jane - she felt much better when Steve gave her the go ahead to work on things with her ex.

There was yet another hot seat for this session, and it belonged to Christine. After confronting the issue of Christine's make-out session with her date in front of her ex, Steve asked Christine again why her marriage ended. She, like usual, said it was because her ex didn't have passion for her. However, her ex told another story: he said Christine's infidelity ended the marriage!

Next week, the girls will go on cruises with their dates, and the future of their relationships will be discussed. We'll also get to see more of Christine's reaction to the cheating allegations, and it looks like she'll be quite defensive.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chris Daughtry Says American Idol's Gone Soft

According to PerezHilton.com, Chris Daughtry thinks American Idol's gone too soft on contestants and should bring back some criticism.

I can see what Chris Daughtry is saying about American Idol going soft. I mean, the main change is obvious: Simon Cowell's gone, and Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are hardly as vicious as Simon was. That being said, the whole dynamic of the show shifted when J Lo and Steven joined the judging panel, so I wouldn't say the judging style is better or worse...it's just different. Gone was the good cop/bad cop dynamic that Simon and Paula Abdul had (with the random Randy Jackson "dawg" and Kara Dio Guardi's unmemorable comments), and in are the new judges, who are still feeling out their roles on the show.

I think it would be unfair to expect the new judges to jump in with the same confident vigor that Simon displayed during his run on American Idol. Simon, after all, built a career around judging people and making stars. The new judges are stars in their own right, but haven't necessarily had the experience judging others. They probably weren't ready to jump in head first with attitude, and besides, they had to learn where they fit on the judging panel before making too big of a splash.

One factor that I think affects the current judging panel versus the panel of Simon's generation is that J Lo and Steven Tyler have to protect their images in a way that Simon didn't. Simon was the mean guy - that was his thing. But J Lo and Steven Tyler were stars before this show and will be afterwards, so they have to consider their public images. If they turn into major jerks on TV, will producers want to work with them? Will they get cast in movies? Will managers want to take them on? A bad reputation in Hollywood is toxic...and these two have a lot to lose if they exhibit diva-like behavior.

Would some good criticism be nice in next season's American Idol? Absolutely. And I think there will be, now that the dynamic is pretty well set among the judges. Hopefully, the judges will take a cue from their increased comfort level and from Daughtry's comments and add a bit of Simon's spirit back in the mix.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tough Love Miami: You Can't Handle The Truth!

This week on Tough Love Miami, Steve Ward taught the women how to handle the truth. To do this, he took them to a surprise place, about which he said 'life is just a game.' The secret place was a game show to confront the lies the women had told in their past.

Brigette was up first. She had to roll the die and move six steps. She landed on the spot labeled sex. Steve asked her if dating more than one guy at a time and not telling them was a white lie (small lie) or red lie (big lie). She said it was a white lie, and Steve and Joanne Ward were appalled.

Christine was next. She was asked if telling a guy he was the first to give her an orgasm was a white or red lie. She said it was a red lie. She was right.

Leilani landed on Steve's Choice. He asked her what the biggest lie she ever told a guy was, and she said telling him she wasn't ready for a relationship because he had a small penis.

Other questions ranged from whether it's okay to pretend you're sick to avoid seeing your boyfriend's parents, to lie about your age and if it's okay to lie when an ex calls and say it's a wrong number. This ended Round 1.

Avonte was up first in Round 2. Avonte was confronted on the fact that she's lied about what she makes so a boyfriend will cover her expenses. She said it was a white lie. Steve disagreed - he sees it as a manipulation.

Jane was asked what the worst guy she ever told a guy was. She completely froze. She said she lied to her ex about wanting him just because she was lonely. (She'd been sleeping with her ex before boot camp began and had a hard time admitting it.) After she said that, Michelle felt like everything she knew about Jane was a lie, and other girls were happy to see Jane called out on her antics.

After the game, Steve told the women that he's surprised at the lies they tell, especially when they know they shouldn't be lying.

During the ride back to the Tough Love house, Jane was called out on her lies. The confrontation went down because Jane seemed to still be into her ex, which the girls said is why she can't be into her date Arthur the way he's into her. Avonte, the ringleader of the fight, really set Jane off. She turned red, started screaming and freaked out, calling Avonte a mean girl. The fight became a major screaming match filled with crazy amounts of anger.

The girls were brought together to discuss lies that their exes told them.

Michelle said a guy planned out a proposal for her, but he was legally married. Christine was told that her partner physically loved her when he didn't. Leilani had a guy who said he was constantly busy seeing family, but was seeing an ex. Chasity was told her boyfriend was loyal to her while away at school, but he was seeing someone else. Brigette was told by someone that he wasn't ready for a relationship, but he was dating another woman shortly afterwards. Jane had given an ex money for a reason she deemed acceptable but he used it for something else. Avonte said she was told that her relationship with her guy was spiritual, but he was married to someone else.

The girls were given the task to tell their date about the situation noted above, but not get emotional about it. They were asked to present the situation with emotional maturity and show that a past relationship doesn't equate to current damage.

Leilani's approach to her discussion was asking George what the biggest lie he's ever been told and hope that George would ask her back. He did, and Leilani was able to tell the story free of negative emotion. Chasity was also able to share her story.

Avonte struggled a bit, but when she let her story out, her date was happy to get to know the real Avonte. That being said, things didn't stay so positive - her date was taken back by her story about being in a religion where her 'spiritual husband' dated multiple women at once. She said she'd never sleep with someone while in a relationship with someone else (and she hasn't) but said she's gone on vacations with other men while in relationships. She claimed this is omission - not lying - and at that point, her date became appalled.

Christine did great - she shared the story about her past relationship but rolled it seamlessly into conversation. Later at the house, Christine and her date shared a very passionate kiss.

Jane had the toughest time telling Arthur about her past. She said that she was giving her man money that he ended up using to bail his cousin out of jail. She also noted that it ended in a bad breakup. When asked if she was told to inform her date about this, she said no, and she wanted to share it because she wanted to be truthful. Back at the house, the conversation continued and Jane had to admit that she was still sleeping with her ex before coming to the house and he's still on her mind.

Leilani and George still hadn't kissed at this point, and Steve set the pair up on a date to create some passion. The pair finally shared a passionate kiss and both looked very happy.

The girls seemed to worry before going into the group session.

Leilani did the best this week, specifically for how she handled the lie she had to discuss with George. George responded well - he said their discussions built their bond even stronger.

Christine's date didn't seem to buy the fact that the lack of passion was their only reason for their split. Her date wasn't the only one to not believe her - the girls didn't seem convinced either. When Steve asked if Christine's ex felt the same way she did about the marriage ending, she said her ex never gave her a clear answer.

The tables turned quickly to Avonte from Christine when Avonte called BS on Christine. Steve turned to Avonte and said she's so quick to call everyone else out, but she's full of it herself. Her date felt like she was deceptive, and wasn't sure if he would want to continue dating her.

Still, Jane was put in the hot seat for being worse of all. She finally stepped up and told Steve the truth about her ex. She also said she's done with her ex now, but Steve didn't seem to believe it. Arthur was concerned after hearing Jane talk about her ex and questioned what was going on with them. Jane finally admitted she didn't know whether she wanted to be with her ex or not. She eventually broke down in tears. Steve told Jane that they'd start over with a clean slate from then forward. All she had to do was stop the BS and tell the truth. She agreed to do that and went back to her seat.

Next week, the girls will have to confront their exes...and it seems that it will not go smoothly.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Divorcing!

Cougars everywhere are sighing as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher announce their divorce to the press. If there's no hope for them, things aren't looking so great for other women who seek out younger men.

Demi Moore announced today that she's filing for divorce from Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher. The two seem to be splitting amicably (which is notable in Hollywood) but the stories from behind the scenes seem to be more telling than their words to the press.

If you recall, recent rumors of Ashton's infidelity have likely taken a toll on their relationship - probably because the rumors seem to be true. Plus, the fame level (and their ages) have shifted greatly during their six year marriage. Demi started the relationship as the more famous partner, with Ashton's fame still growing. Now, Ashton's in the spotlight and Demi's taking a backseat. That in and of itself has to be hard on Demi.

Demi's status as a cougar, which probably seemed appealing to the young Ashton Kutcher, probably seems more like a hindrance these days. In his 20's, Ashton probably didn't want kids and was more than happy to play the cool stepdad to Demi's kids. Now, at 33, he's probably thinking about babies...and how Demi's not exactly still of age to keep having them.

To be fair, a 6 year marriage in Hollywood is equivalent to about 20 years for us normal people. And the relationship did seem to be great for a while. (It certainly outlasted the dysfunctional 72 day Kim Kardashian / Kris Humphries marriage!) I do hope for the best for Ashton and Demi, even if it means that they aren't together.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Got My Amazon Kindle Fire and I Love It!

I got my Kindle Fire from Amazon.com in the mail today and I love it. From the free, fast delivery to the product itself, I'm completely thrilled with my Kindle Fire.

I have been seeking a tablet at an affordable price. Because of my opposition to the price, I ruled out an iPad. And while I saw lots of other tablets at low prices on the market, they got average reviews and came from no-name brands. So when I saw the Kindle Fire, I was thrilled. The Amazon Kindle Fire is from a trusted brand, and I know that Amazon has great customer service, so I was all in when the Kindle Fire hit the market.
My Kindle came in the mail today and it's awesome. It's lightweight, has a great look and works flawlessly. It was incredibly user friendly. When I turned it on, it immediately prompted me to set it up on my home Wi-Fi network and loaded the latest software. It came pre-loaded with my my info from Amazon, so it knew my name and had my music from the Amazon Cloud ready to listen to. It also comes pre-loaded with Pandora, so I had that set up in a matter of seconds.
Setting up my email was so easy. I was able to load all three of my email accounts, view them separately and view a shared inbox.

I absolutely LOVE my new Kindle. It's so intuitive to use, lets me easily surf the web, and has an easy to use touch screen that reads my touch really well. The letters on the screen are big enough that I can type easily without having to hit backspace all the time.

Would I recommend the Amazon Kindle Fire? Absolutely. The software works great, downloads are smooth and fast, and the tablet itself looks great. Plus, the $199 price tag can't be beat. I 100% percent recommend this for everyone.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's a Tough Time To Be a Kardashian

If you're Kris, Kim, Kourtney or Khloe Kardashian, you are probably not feeling the love right now.

I'm not sure how involved you've all been with the Kardashian saga as of late, but the Kardashians are finding themselves in a world of trouble. First, the sisters were accused of copying popular designer bags to create the handbags in their Kardashian Kollection line for Sears. Big name designers have called the girls out on copying their top items, and they are not pleased about it. The Kardashians claim to have designed the bags on their own, and I believe it...but I also think their frame of reference came from the expensive handbags in their own closets, which makes their line comprised of thinly veiled (and less well constructed) copies of designer purses.

Kim Kardashian's also receiving some major public backlash for her marriage to Kris Humphries lasting only 72 days. Not only are Americans in general upset, but vendors that supplied items for the wedding are less than pleased. Vera Wang, who designed Kim's extravagant dresses, feels slighted, and other vendors feel like this could negatively impact their images.

Kris Humphries' family is also upset with the Kardashians, and not only for the divorce, which Kris claims he learned about from the press. If you recall, they thought the whole wedding was over the top and played out like a made for TV movie...which, you know, it was. And Kris was seen wearing his wedding ring after Kim stopped wearing hers, so even if he's doing that for publicity, he's winning.

The Kardashian family seems to be trying to clean up some of the mess right now and trying to distract people towards other Kardashian-based gossip, with mom Kris Jenner making lots of television appearances and announcing that younger daughter Kendall Jenner will be getting some time on TV for her sixteenth birthday. (Hint: Judging from the fact that we'll see Kendall shopping for a car and possibly a belly button piercing, I don't think this will do much to improve the Kardashian's image. Just saying.)

The Kardashians might get even more backlash when their book, Dollhouse, comes out. Sure, they might get some good publicity, but the book may just make Kim, Khloe and Kourtney look even more conceited since the book is clearly about them, and I'm sure part of it talks about how hard it is to be a reality star. Which, you know, it can be, but when you famewhore as hard as the Kardashians do, it's hard to have sympathy.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reacting to Sister Wives from Sunday, October 6th

Last night, I caught up on this past Sunday's Sister Wives, and a few things seemed to be a little, well, strange.

I realize that people say things and they're taken out of context, but Meri (Kody Brown's first wife) made a comment about the fact that polygamy wouldn't be her first choice if it wasn't something dictated by her religion. It was sad, especially coming from Meri, because she goes through so much pain because she only had one daughter while her sister wives had many kids. Interestingly, in a past episode, Meri's daughter Mariah was the only teenager who said she'd choose polygamy. I wonder if that has to do with the fact that she wants a big family, possibly due to the fact that she fears that she won't be able to have multiple children if she follows in her mother's path.

On this week's episode of Sister Wives, the Brown family had friends over: Andy and Nicole. Nicole seemed very quiet and seemed somewhat uncomfortable as the families discussed polygamy. Andy and Nicole were monogamous, although they seemed very torn about it. While both said that they want to be polygamists because that's what God wants, neither one really seemed to want to add a new person to their family. They discussed their reservations, like bringing a new person into their family of eight, since they already have six kids. And, the pair seemed heartbroken by the idea of sleeping apart at night. Andy said that he knows it's God's will for him to add another wife to his family, but the idea didn't make him happy because he loves his wife so much. That just seems so wrong! Andy and Nicole are a happy, monogamous family that seemed to be pressured by their religion to expand their already stable, happy family.

Don't get me wrong - I have no problem with polygamy if all participants are willing to be a part of it. It bothers me that people would hurt their happy lives in order to bring in another wife to follow God's will. I believe that people should live moral and ethical lives, but not live in the fear of God or their religion. In Andy and Nicole's case, the polygamist lifestyle seemed to actually be a downfall of their religion, not something that they genuinely want to participate in.

In other random TV family news, Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting is pregnant with her 20th kid. Oh, my goodness.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Talking Tough Love and Meeting Moms With Michelle Betts

This week's episode of Tough Love was extremely emotional for the women on the show. Not only did they have to address the issues they have with their moms, but they had to either meet their date's mom or have their date meet their mom.

One of the women, Michelle Betts, had some particularly tough challenges to face. First, she had to address her mom's favoritism towards her sister Renee, and after that, she had to face her date's mom - a Jewish mother. Her date's mom seemed to be particularly tough to face, especially when she came right out and told Michelle (who is not Jewish) that she wants Jewish grandkids!

Michelle handled this week's challenges with honesty and grace, so I couldn't wait to catch up with her to discuss what happened on this week's episode. Fortunately, she was willing to share, and her thoughts on this week's episode are below.


On this week's episode of Tough Love, Steve Ward asked you and the other women to write letters to your moms. How did you feel after you wrote the letter? Looking back, how do you feel about what you said in the letter? Do you have any regrets?

On this past week's episode Steve Ward asks us to write our mothers letters, after I wrote the letter I felt like an amazing weight had been lifted off of me; it was very freeing.  When I wrote the letter I did not know we were going to be reading them on TV, so it's not that I regret saying what I said, it would have just been more fair to my mother to speak to her personally, I just didn't want to hurt her because I do love her with all my heart.  She's been a wonderful mother and had no idea I had felt that way; I had never communicated it to her.

Did you tell your family about the letter before the show aired? How did they react?

I did tell my family about the letter before it aired.  The funny thing is that my sister felt that I was favored, so she could relate to me.  My mother never intended to hurt us, but I did start my attraction to "bad boys" young and I new there was a correlation.

Have things with your family gotten better because your letter and the feelings you addressed on this episode? Did writing the letter enable you to share your feelings with your mom?

Things have gotten much better since I have been back from the show.  I called my mother and let her know how I felt, that I was alone all by myself in LA and that sometimes I needed things to be about me, not all the time, but sometimes. A few days later she drove up from Northern California to visit me.  It was really nice.

We didn't hear all of the letters being read on the show. Is there anything notable that we didn't see but is worth sharing?

As far as the other letters that weren't aired, I'm unable to talk about that for confidentiality reasons. I feel like the show did very good at portraying the main issues that needed to be addressed regarding mothers.

What was it like meeting your date's mother? We only saw a quick clip of the date - how did the rest of it go? Did you mean what you told her about being willing to convert to a different religion, or is that something you said in the moment?

When my date first showed up with his mother, I was very shocked, nervous, overwhelmed, etc.  Although she was drilling me so to speak, I thought that meeting her went well, and that we both liked each other.  She is a very nice woman and who would I be if I blamed her for being a bit picky with her only child?  She's very lovely.  When I said I would convert, I meant it.  Honestly, in a perfect world I would love to meet someone Catholic, but things don't always work out that way.  I'm now a mature woman and if I met the real deal, meaning someone that I was head over heels in love with and thought I could spend my life with.....at this point I wouldn't let my religion stop me it's not a deal breaker. I would "pull a Charlotte" (fromSex and the City).  I didn't just say it in the moment, I meant it. 

After addressing major issues in the letter she wrote to her mom, Claudia had to decide between leaving Tough Love to heal herself or staying on the show. Do you think she made the right decision by leaving? Was it difficult to see her go?

When Claudia decided to leave, it was a very hard decision for her.  I got close with Claudia right when I met her, our beds were right next to each other.  I did not want to see her leave....but I couldn't ask her to stay.  I do think it was the best thing for her to do and that she made the right decision.  Claudia has become a very good friend of mine; I speak to her often and love her dearly.

Anything else?

Although this episode and week at bootcamp was really hard for me, it REALLY helped me through my process.  I'm very grateful for Steve and his mother JoAnne, they really do care about us and want the best for all of us.  They are great at what they do.  Even though there is only a few weeks left of bootcamp there is still so much more to come.  Gotta keep watching to see if I really do kick my addiction to bad boys!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tough Love Miami: Mommy Issues

On this week's episode, Steve tackled the fact that a person's parents influence their lives, whether it's for the good or the bad. Each girl was told to write a letter to her mom explaining her mom's role in her relationship history.

This was obviously emotional for some of the women. Christine teared up immediately because she's partially estranged from her mom. Jane was advised to tell her mom about her DUI. Michelle addressed the fact that her mom has always favored her sister, and it's hurtful to her. Chasity admitted that her mom's actions made her feel broken. Claudia cried as she addressed the fact that her mom did not act as a mother to her, and she believed that no good would come out of writing this letter.

This action seemed to be therapeutic for many of the girls. Michelle, especially, seemed to have a weight lifted off her shoulders after she let out her feelings in the letter. The letter was therapeutic for Claudia as well, but it took a lot for her to write it. She admitted that she knows that her mom was a good person but she has so much built up resentment. In the end, she wrote a long letter and released the pain she'd been holding inside.

As per usual with Steve Ward, this wasn't the end of the challenge. Steve asked the women to read their letters to the group.

Michelle went first. She opened up by telling her mom that she loved her. She then told her mom that her mom's favoritism towards her sister Renee caused her to feel inferior and look for relationships with the wrong men. She elaborated by saying that her prior dating life was her way of crying out for attention.

Chasity addressed the fact that she and her mom hide things from each other. She questioned how her mom could judge her when she lived her whole life as a lie (only marrying Chasity's father became pregnant). Chasity also admitted that she wants to be a Playboy Bunny but was afraid to tell her mom. She said that the secrets kept within her family have led her to be secretive in her relationships with men.

Christine said that her mom's angry words have scarred her. She feels that she failed at keeping it all together, which her mom wanted. She said she wants to go back to being best friends with her mom.

Leilani admitted that she did what she did for her parents' approval. Jane discussed her shame about her DUI.

Claudia talked about how she questions if her mother truly loves her. She noted that she needed her mom and didn't receive what she needed, but she forgives her mom. Steve Ward and his mom Joanne Ward talked about Claudia after she read her letter and determined that she may need some self healing before she's set up with a match.

The next segment on Tough Love was called "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" During this segment, the girls met up with their dates - and a surprise addition - either the woman's mom or her date's mom.

Michelle was going on her second date with Jonathan and she was feeling good...until she realized that Jonathan's mom was present as well. Jonathan's mom came right out with the tough stuff - she immediately questioned whether or not Michelle was Jewish. (And Jewish mothers can be tough, trust me!) Jonathan's mom came out immediately with the tough stuff - she asked if Michelle would raise her kids Jewish. Michelle completely rocked this. She said she's fascinated by Judaism and would consider converting. (This is like gold to a Jewish mother. Go Michelle!)

Jane and Arthur were next. Jane noted that she was concerned about Arthur's mom being overbearing, but they seemed to get along. Leilani and George followed. Leilani immediately felt insecure about her appearance (short dress and makeup). Leilani was honest about her modeling, but George's mom seemed disapproving. While Leilani is successful, she didn't articulate that well to George's mom.

The tables were turned for Brigette and Anthony. For their date, Brigette's mom was the addition to the date. During this, Brigette noted that her mom plans Brigette's wedding every time she meets a date, which explains

Chasity met Al's mom. Al's mom asked what Chasity wore as a go-go dancer, which seemed to be a test. Chasity completely overshared and gave way too many details about her outfit. She also talked about how her mom only married due to pregnancy and that she's not convinced that she needs to get married.

The group session came next.

Jane was told that she did the best this week, due in part to the fact that she kept her mom's feelings in mind. She also did well meeting her date's mom.

Leilani was asked what she thought of George's mom, and she felt that she was interrogated. We then saw a clip of George's mom talking about Leilani - she thought she was an overconfident, superficial, wannabe model. Leilani seemed devastated.

Chasity was put on the hot seat for what she said to Al's mom, specifically about her dancing outfits and lack of desire to get married. Al's mom was less than thrilled. Chasity was challenged by Steve to talk to her mom about her goal to be in Playboy. He handed her a phone and told her to call. To her credit, she did. And her mom reacted well. She said that she'd love her no matter what. Chasity looked like a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Claudia was then asked if she wanted to stay on or leave Tough Love. She said that although she went on the show to find a man, but instead found herself. Because of that, she decided to leave the show. When she told the women this, she spoke with clarity and peace in a way that we've never before heard from her. It was really wonderful for her.

That's it for this week's episode, but stay tuned...we'll have an interview with Tough Love star Michelle Betts coming up soon!