Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tough Love Miami Season Premiere

Tonight VH1 brought us a new season of Tough Love, and this time Steven Ward is bringing his love-related wisdom to Miami, Florida.

Steven Ward
Before the show recap begins, I want to note that Steven Ward has stated that the women on this series are a bit older than in past seasons (with the average age somewhere in the thirties) and the women are more relateable than in past seasons. He also said that the women on the show should serve as a warning to younger women about what they shouldn't do with their love lives.

In case you aren't familiar with Tough Love, the show brings lonely, clueless and/or needy women together to get them to learn about and accept love. The show takes place in a 'love boot camp' setting. At the end of the show, the goal is to find love for the women.

The eight women on Tough Love are:
Michelle, a 33 year old fitness trainer from Hollywood that Steve called Miss Delusional. She's ready to settle down, but refuses to settle. She has a laundry list of qualifications for men.
Christine, an ex-beauty queen (Mrs. Iowa) who gained tons of weight, then lost it. Steve called her Miss Body Issues. She's newly divorced with a three year old daughter. She still feels like the heavy girl, rather than the healthy girl that she now is. She has low self-esteem and is lost when it comes to dating.
Avonte, 36, spent 9 years dating a married man. Steve called her "Miss Other Woman." She feels used by the married man and wonders how she put herself in that position. She worries that she's only good enough to be 'the other woman'.
Brigette, Miss Desperate, has been on 37 first dates this year. She's been single for many years. She worries about running out of time to have kids. She needs help because she doesn't know what she's doing wrong in the dating world.
Leilani, Miss Superficial, is from England. She likes hot guys with money. She has a good career but feels that she has no one to share it with. She's been engaged twice and married once.
Claudia, Miss Drama Queen, is a tele-novella actress. She's the mom of a 12 year old girl. She wants to find a father figure for her daughter, but her relationships end in drama.
Chasity, a go-go dancer, is called Miss Double Standard. Being in the go-go industry attracts the wrong kind of guys, and she worries about finding Mr. Right
Jane, who calls herself fierce and fabulous, was nicknamed Miss Bossy. She said that if someone gets on her bad side, she becomes a crazy psycho. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and now feels lonely.

The first challenge began when the women walked into a local hot spot. They didn't realize they were in a boot camp challenge.

The Challenges Began

The women all reacted differently upon their entrance into the bar. Claudia looked overconfident and Chasity chatted with the guys. After they all got to their seats, Steve walked in. He began to criticize the women for their past and the images they portray, which were outlined in their opening descriptions. The girls seemed to take issue with Steve's comments - they got defensive almost immediately. Michelle probably took her criticism the best - she realized that while Steve's comments hurt, they were true. Christine also took her critique well.

Jane seemed to make a bad impression on the others - Leilani noted that she'd drive her insane, and Claudia noted that she seemed to be in overdrive. When she walked into one of the bedrooms in the house that she'd be sharing with four other girls, at least one roommate was less than pleased.

Next, the guys from the bar critiqued the Tough Love women. Christine was told that she's pretty but didn't look confident. Avonte was told that she's oversexual. They felt like Jane was ready for a fight. Claudia was seen as a sex object, due in part to her fishnet stockings. The girls seemed to be genuinely hurt by the feedback from the men. The moral of the story, per Steve, was that people judge the girls by what they see on the outside. Steve ended the session by saying that the girls would be going to a cocktail party where Steve hoped they'd meet a match.

Before the party, each girl would walk through a group of guys into an elevator. The guys that liked them would follow them in, and the girl had to pick one.

Christine went first and immediately apologized her a flaw of hers. One guy followed her. Leilani went second. She looked fun and confident, and nine guys followed her. She engaged conversation in the elevator, but it was awkward. She ended up choosing the best looking guy. Chasity was third. She was friendly, and two guys followed. Michelle got four guys. Bridgette got seven. Jane, who looked feminine, got five. Avonte got two. Claudia got 6, and impressed the guys with her beauty and brains, noting that she's an attorney. However, she said she didn't like any of them. She actually got off the elevator, leaving the guys confused.

The Group Meeting

At each group session, the women would hear feedback from their dates, and Steven would name the best and worst in the group.

Each women was given a promise ring to symbolize their commitment to Steve's boot camp.

At this meeting, no one was good enough to win the week's challenge, but one women did land herself in the hot seat (last place).

Jane was asked how she thought the date went. She said that once the guy said he was 24 and lived with his parents, she tuned him out. Her date felt like he was being attacked. Steve said that her disrespect for the date was disrespectful to him as well. Steve said he wouldn't be setting Jane up with a match for a while.

Christine felt awful because the one guy who chose her said he was doing it to be nice. She said it hurt. Steve said that Christine is beautiful, sexy, intelligent and has curves in the right places, and noted that he won't pick a guy for her who won't love her for who she is.

Avonte did not seem happy about the challenge. Steve said that Avonte deserves a loving man that only wants to be with her.

Leilani said she instantly ruled out 8 of her 9 guys based on their heights and looks. Steve tried to push back at her saying that she's superficial, but Leilani insisted that she wants someone attractive because she's settled before. Steve said that she needs to take a serious look in the mirror. Steve continued by saying that if she can't handle boot camp, she should leave. Leilani walked out.

Claudia was then put on the hot seat. Steve accused Claudia of thinking she's better than her potential dates. Steve let her know that she made the guys feel awful. Claudia said she was nervous and that she actually has low self esteem. The reaction from the guys was that Claudia was cold, standoffish and arrogant. Steve said that Claudia is beautiful and classy beyond everything and he wants her to try harder.

Steve concluded by telling the women to digest what they'd learned, and tomorrow is a new day.

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