Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tough Love Miami Episode 5 - Sexy Photo Shoots

This week on Tough Love, the girls were told to do a sexy photo shoot. Leilani was immediately excited, but Christine and Brigette were not thrilled.

The girls were allowed to choose their own outfits. Leilani had a hissy fit when Claudia chose a white tank top when she wanted to be the only one wearing one. To keep her from freaking out, Claudia gave in and wore fishnets, which she hates, so she doesn't match with Leilani.

Like with most things on Tough Love, Steve Ward had a twist for this challenge. Not only did the girls have to pose for photos, but they had to walk down a catwalk in front of a group of men.

Jane trying to take her top off. (From
In my opinion, Leilani looked confident in a tank top and jeans. Christine wore a loose fitting dress that was very short. Michelle wore a sporty looking shirt and underwear. Brigette wore a white dress and looked uncomfortable. Avonte wore a bra, panties and a loose, open shirt. Chasity wore a pink shirt and underwear. Claudia wore fishnets over underwear. It was over the top, and so were her poses. Jane wore panties and a white top, and as she was on the runway, she struggled to take her top off. She sat onstage trying for a while, and finally, Michelle stopped in to help. Jane held the open top in front of her, and at least the photos came out well.

The men in the audience provided feedback on the women's outfits. The guys said Avonte was sexy. One guy said she was a mix of sexy and soft. Brigette was told that she looked uncomfortable, despite the fact that she has a nice figure. She was told that she looks like a JC Penney catalog model. Michelle was called a sexy girl next door. Chasity was told that she's pretty, sexy and worked with the camera. Leilani was told that she looked arrogant. Christine was told that her dress was way too short. Jane was called nervous and that she was trying too hard. Claudia was told that she looks like a prostitute.

Brigette started to cry when Steve said she didn't look like she felt sexy, and she said she doesn't feel sexy without long hair. She said that she feels like guys always leave her for better looking girls. Steve analyzed Brigette's behavior and made it clear that her actions come from her extremely low self esteem.

The girls were set up on dates.

Chasity was set up with Al since she decided to quit dancing. Leilani was set up with George again. Jane was set up with Arthur again. Everyone else had new dates. Brigette was given a date named Frankie, who was the opposite of Anthony, the guy she'd been falling for in earlier episodes. Brigette said the conversation between the pair flowed well. Christine got Frank, and the pair seemed to connect well. Michelle got a date named Jonathan. Avonte got a guy named Trevis, who she said broke her guard. She didn't seem to be as confrontational as usual with her date.

During the dates, samba dancers in sexy outfits went out onto a stage. Then, Steve walked out in front of them. Then, the girls were given a surprising challenge: they'd be doing the samba next. The dancers would take them backstage and get them dressed, and then they'd perform.

The dancing was kind of a mess for some of the girls but great for others. Brigette did well and had fun, but it seemed to be alcohol induced. Claudia, on the other hand, did well. Christine wasn't the best dancer, but she looked confident and her date loved it. Avonte said she didn't want to go urban, but her dancing did take an urban turn.

On her date, Michelle told her ex how she's been single for five years. Brigette told her date that she's insecure and that she's concerned about finding someone to marry and to have kids with. Brigette was clearly drunk and acted over the top. In the car back to the Tough Love house, Brigette talked about marriage again and was called out, being told that she has too many issues to get married at this point. Back at the house, Brigette heard the girls talking about her drinking and went off on the girls, specifically Christine. Brigette said that she seems like the only girl who wants to let loose and have fun.

The women were brought in for the group session.

Christine did the best this week. Steve commended her for handling this week's challenges in a positive way. Steve asked Christine if she knows what her issue is, and Christine said it has to do with being confident in who she is. Steve agreed. Christine also said her date went well and hoped for positive feedback. Fortunately, she got good feedback - her date thought she was beautiful and that he wanted to see her again.

Michelle said she liked her date Jonathan but wasn't sure how her date felt about her. She said her problem was that she gets weird when she likes a guy. Her date was affected by her weirdness. He said that Michelle was positive and had a great smile, but was concerned about her being single for so long.

Jane's date said the pair had a genuine connection and that Jane was sexy. He said he'd love to see her again. However, Jane said that he reminds her of her ex, and that brought back negative feelings about her past relationship. Steve told Jane that she needs to give people the benefit of the doubt or she'd be alone forever.

Not surprisingly, Brigette found herself in the hot seat. She earned the hot seat for how she acts out her insecurities. Steve showed a video of Brigette during the date, and she said she's not like that with everybody. Steve disagreed. He said that Brigette's doing herself a disservice by putting her issues right out on the table, rather than being positive. Her date said Brigette was cool but he could tell that she was incredibly insecure. He said that Brigette didn't need to be so insecure, and he would not like to see her again. After that, Brigette admitted that she experienced heartbreak several times and had a nervous breakdown during which she didn't work for two months. She said that she self-sabotages herself and that she's embarrassed by it. Steve told her to cut that out, and Brigette seemed to want to try.

It looks like next week on Tough Love, we'll see some more breakdowns. It looks like it will be interesting!

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