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Tough Love Miami Episode 4 - 10/16/11 - Dating Wearing Earpieces

This week on Tough Love, Steve Ward sent the women on dates with earpieces in their ears, from which he gave them questions to ask their dates. Let's just say that some of the questions were a bit embarrassing.

The goal of this week's challenge was to learn how to flirt properly. Steve Ward brought in some guys for the women, but there was a catch - they didn't speak English. The lesson was that the women could flirt without speaking the same language - they can use their body language to entice a guy.

At first, the girls seemed to flounder - when asking her guy if he had pets, Claudia actually started barking like a dog to explain what she was talking about. Another girl repeated the name of her favorite musicians several times to see if her date would recognize who she meant.

The girls were told to teach their guys how to salsa and roll a cigar. Steve said the goal is to keep things simple. This is very effective with a language barrier. Michelle did well at this. She simply showed her date how to roll a cigar, but she made it fun and silly.

The girls were in for a surprise after the dates ended - they found out that their guys actually spoke English! Chasity's date called her 'uppity' and said she gave up too early. Michelle was told that she had good body language. Avonte's date said she had good body language. Brigette did well with the situation, according to her date.

Steve then told the girls how to flirt, which includes appropriate physical contact and saying a guy's name in conversation. After that, the girls discussed flirting, and Leilani admitted that she's awful at it.

The next day, the girls had dates, and their goal was to show their guys that they know how to flirt.

During this, each girl would have earpieces with Steve speaking into them. He told the women to do what he asks from the earpiece, even if it's uncomfortable and weird. The girls couldn't let the guys know that Steve was talking in their ears.

Brigette and her date Anthony were first. Steve told Brigette to tell Anthony to unbutton a button on his shirt because his chest is sexy. She then told Anthony that she wants him to sweep her off her feet. In response, he asked for her ring size. She started laughing in shock, but then gave him an answer.

Avonte had to tell her guy to sit closer. She then had to ask her date what he does to get his blood racing. She laughed a lot during her session, and her guy was really loving it.

Christine and Jason were next. Christine was very impressed with her guy. The problem was that Christine ignored Steve's advice and flirted in her own way. Unfortunately, Steve said she wasn't flirting at all.

Chasity didn't actually remember he guy's name - that was a problem.

Jane was next, and she talked with her mouth full. She told her guy that she eats like a viking. She thought her guy was too good to be true.

Michelle was coached to be over the top during her date. She was told to ask her guy if he had any piercings that she couldn't see. When the guy said he had a nipple piercing, Michelle had to ask to see it. Then, she asked her date if he'd ever get a Prince Albert. (He said no.)

Leilani and George were next. George presented her with jewelry, and Leilani noted a guy hadn't given her a gift in quite some time. Leilani noted that Steve's requests made her uncomfortable because she wanted George to know her for who she is, and Steve's requests didn't represent her. Still, she went along with it. Still, Steve commented that she's coming off like a spoiled brat.

After the date, Leilani complained to the other Tough Love girls about the session. She was upset that she would have to wait a week to explain to George that she was listening to Steve during this date. The other girls called her out on it, because they said that George should know that Leilani likes him. Then, Leilani went on a rant because she thought that Steve may have told George to give her the gift and it wasn't genuine. The girls had no sympathy and thought she was being paranoid. Brigette tried to explain that Steve has their best interests in mind and was trying to get Leilani to open up.

The group session was last.

Avonte did the best this week, and she admitted that she had a great time. Steve showed the girls a clip of Avonte's date, and she really did open up and play the game well. Her date said that Avonte was hot, friendly and open. He also said that he'd love to see her again. Avonte said that this guy was someone that she would normally overlook, and she thanked Steve for the enjoyable opportunity.

Christine was next, and Steve said he thinks Christine still doesn't trust him. Christine's date said that she was pleasant, but wasn't flirty. She didn't do anything to turn her guy off, but she didn't turn him on either. He said he didn't sense chemistry and would not go on a second date. Christine was upset because she did like the guy but didn't properly show it by going into pageant mode.

Brigette said her date made her nervous by asking her ring size. Steve said Brigette shouldn't be surprised because she wraps guys around her finger. Her date agreed with Steve's sentiment - her date was really falling for her. The problem was that Brigette was falling in love with falling in love, yet she wasn't in love with Anthony like he was falling for her. Steve told Brigette that her next date would be with somebody else.

Chasity felt like she was acting during her date and she wasn't being true. She and Steve discussed Al, the person that Chasity liked in a past date, but wouldn't be with her because of her dancing career. She said that she'd love to see Al again, but said she might be lying if she said she'd quit dancing. After this conversation, Steve told Chasity she'd have to be honest with Al, and in a surprise twist, brought him into the room right at that moment. Chasity asked Al why go-go dancing bothers him even though she's fully clothed. Al said it would be a tough situation to introduce her to his family and explain what she does. This seemed to get through to Chasity, and she swore that she was done with go-go dancing. Then, Al agreed to see her again. Chasity hugged Al, then thanked and hugged Steve as well.

Leilani was in the hot seat. She cried, and said that she's bad at flirting. Steve said that's not why she's up there - she was up there because any time something doesn't go her way, Leilani blames Steve for it. When Leilani asked, Steve said he did not put George up to giving her the necklace. And, Steve said he has the girls' best interests at heart, and we saw a clip of Steve telling George about the situation on the date. Steve said he knew something was up and still liked Leilani. The point is that Leilani didn't need to worry, and she's acting like a brat when it's completely unnecessary.

Next week, the girls would be doing a sexy photo shoot. From the previews, it looks like this does not go well.

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