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Tough Love Miami Episode 3 - Makeovers!

This week on Tough Love Miami, Steve had the women get makeovers, and they did not all go well.

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At six AM, Steve and mom Joann Ward raided the women's rooms and woke them up with a blow horn. The women were sent downstairs to watch Steve and his mom search their rooms on a television screen. They insulted Chasity's stripper shoes, a copy of He's Just Not That Into You, extensive amounts of makeup and Christine's fake hair extension.

Joann and Steve Ward went down to talk to the girls. They called the guys out on being messy, and asked them if they wanted a good man or a bad man, because a good man won't want a girl who keeps her stripper shoes mixed in with her clothes. Steve also noted that he hates when girls become so fake (tons of makeup, fake hair, fake tans) because everything is over-accented and false.

The Makeovers

Steve then dropped the big bomb: the girls would be getting makeovers. Steve's focus was on beauty from a male perspective. He also wanted to prove that poise and confidence were what's important, not tons of makeup and fakeness. Claudia was told she'd be toning down the makeup. Christine was told that she'd be losing her pageant look. Christine was on the verge of tears, especially when she was told she'd be losing her extensions. Jane, on the other hand, was given extensions to make her more feminine, and was concerned about the upkeep. Brigette and Joann had a talk because Brigette felt naked and insecure without her makeup.

Surprisingly, Claudia was really happy with her new makeup look - she enjoyed not looking so dramatic. Leilani was upset with her hair being in an updo - she admitted that she felt insecure about her small boobs, her small chin and big teeth, and had been using her hair to hide those flaws.

As Jane went through her hair makeover, she said she was scared but looked happy. I have to say - the new hair worked on her, and her whole attitude seemed to change in a positive way.

Christine got sadder and sadder as her makeover progressed. She clearly used her hair as a defensive mechanism, and it was now gone.

Taylor the Tiger
In the end, Brigette ended up looking great. Jane looked happy and feminine. Christine, when asked about her makeover, made it pretty clear that she hated it. She said she went from feeling beautiful to not feeling beautiful. Steve responded by saying that if Christine had confidence, she'd feel beautiful no matter what. To be fair, though, Christine looked a bit scary, kind of like tiger-looking Taylor from earlier seasons of Tough Love. However, when she gained some confidence back, the Taylor look was gone and Christine became her normal, pretty self again - even without her defense mechanism extensions.

The Pool Party

The girls were told that they'd be going to a pool party, and surprisingly, Christine handled it well. Each woman had to choose a bathing suit to wear for the event. Every woman, except Christine, chose a bikini. At this point, Christine should have realized that she isn't the biggest girl at all...she just has the most body issues. Christine was tough - she pushed through her insecurities and had a good conversation with a guy.

Leilani did well too. When asked what she likes in a guy, she said she likes a guy who's trustworthy, which is a far cry from the description she'd used before, like saying a guy has to be hot and rich.

Jane was fantastic. She admitted to her date that she's staying sober, so she was forthright about her challenge with alcohol. It put her situation out in the open.

Next, Steve made an announcement that made Christine so happy - he told her that since she'd been such a good sport, he'd send her back to the salon to have her extensions put back. When she had her extensions back, Christine looked happy and great. But that's not to say she didn't look good without them, once she gained some self esteem.

Steve then asked the girls to do something that would let their inner beauty shine - jump in the pool and ruin their hair and makeup. His request was immediately met with protests. Still, the women took the challenge and jumped in.

Brigette, as she drank, got really interesting. She started getting silly and got into a crazy makeout session with her date Anthony. She then began to rant about a previous relationship, stating that the guy told her she's beautiful and perfect, than leaving her. Ouch, not attractive. And Brigette was convinced that she wasn't moving too fast, which she probably was. One of the other girls noted that Brigette was doing her usual thing - getting too serious too fast and thinking about marriage on the second date. Brigette later told the girls that Anthony had already planned to book a plane ticket for one of them to visit the other after the show ended, and even discussed a possible move for live near her in New York!

Michelle, who was normally calm and quiet, decided to have some fun. She and a guy were all up on each other in the pool. While the pair didn't kiss or tough inappropriately, they certainly were making a presentation.

Announcing the winner and loser for the week

The group session was next.

Jane won the challenge this week for being confident, having a good attitude and facing her sobriety issue head on. Her date said she had a warm personality and seems like a giving person, which is a major change from her old, cold self.

Christine said she thought she did well on the date, and noted that her hair extensions (or lack of) don't determine her confidence...her hair color does. Which means even though she did well during the challenge, she hadn't moved forward. She asked Steve why she wasn't in the hot seat, and his answer was that someone did worse, not that she did well.

Avonte thought her date was cocky. Steve said she's too skeptical of men. Steve asked her if she though most men cheat, and she said yes. Steve said that's not true. Avonte said that she thought that men were liars, so they were being untrue if they don't want to cheat. Her date said she was too busy pushing men away.

Michelle, who said she was attracted to her date, was criticized for coming to group two weeks in a row dressed like a librarian, then dressed like someone going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show this week. Michelle's date made it pretty clear that Michelle was aggressive and he was just going along with it. He didn't seem convinced that he wanted to see Michelle again. Michelle seemed defeated, but admitted that she learned a lesson from this experience.

Brigette found herself in the hot seat. She was told that the housemates had an expression - pulling a Brigette. It means going on a first date and wanting your date to love you. It also has to do with falling in love too fast. Steve said that he had a theory - Brigette is attracted to whoever's around her, which was proven by her flirty reaction to her hairstylist. She was accused of leading her date, Anthony, on although she's attracted to whoever she sees at the moment. Brigette admitted that she's afraid that she'll never get married and settled down - basically, she's fighting against the clock.

Review of the show and episode

Tough Love
is a must-watch show for fans of VH1 programming and those who love shows about dating disasters. Steve Ward is tough but fair to the girls on his reality show, and you can tell that he's got their best interests at heart. Steve gives good advice both on and off the show, which has been proven through his interviews on The Elvis Duran Show. I have a lot of respect for Steve Ward. He knows what he's talking about, and he's a whole lot nicer to the people on his show than Patti Stanger is to the contestants on The Millionaire Matchmaker. Team Steve Ward!

If you aren't familiar with the Tough Love franchise, this episode was a good episode to watch. We learned a lot about the show, the women and the mistakes that the women make. Plus, we got to see the makeovers, and the makeover episode of any show is always one of the best.

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