Monday, October 3, 2011

Tough Love Miami - Episode 2

Tough Love gave us a double header on October 2, 2011 - the season premiere at 8 PM and the second episode at 9. This post is about episode 2.

Avonte left the first group meeting feeling like she had a scarlet letter. She felt awful. Jane disagreed with Avonte having any sympathy - she said she doesn't deserve it. In reality, Jane was the one who didn't deserve sympathy because she alienates everyone, which Chasity noted.

This week's rule was about love in the digital age.

The women were each set up with a man of Steve Ward's choosing. The girls were given text-only phones to communicate with the men before the date. The goal of the challenge was to see if the women could text in an appropriate way. Each girl was given a card with info about their man. The description was both about physical and personal traits. Leilani was immediately upset by her guy because he's a banker, and she subscribes by the theory that 'bankers are wankers.'

The secret of the challenge was that the men weren't texting their guys - they were texting Steve. Steve's goal was to see how the girls did at the texting challenge. We watched the girls struggle over sending texts. He noted that women shouldn't overthink texts because men certainly don't. One girl included a smiley face, which Steve didn't like. He also didn't like the sexual comment Christine gave - she said she likes fishing but her date would have to 'bait her hook.' Steve (as her date) wrote back about reeling her in.

When 'her date' asked the scariest thing Brigette ever did with a guy, she said, "A haunted house LMAO!!!!" and Steve did not like that. Avonte asked two questions before Steve could ask one, which Steve found exhausting.

Before revealing to the women that Steve was acting as the women's dates, he told them that they should not use acronyms like LOL because not everyone knows what they mean. Then, he revealed that he was playing the dates to teach them what to do and what not to do via text. He noted that the girls should not drink and text, should not send three texts before receiving a response and should save text messages for logistics, like your location in proximity to where you're going.

The women were set up on dates.

Steve sent the women to the All Star Bar and Grill for their dates. Jane thought her date was hot. Avonte thought her date looked pitiful, and she called him out on his braids, which she said looked like Medusa. Leilani, when she looked at her date's picture, wasn't impressed. Because of that, she didn't try to look nice for the date. However, she was surprised when her date was hot, and she felt like she'd made a mistake.

At this point, Steve Ward appeared on the television screens in the bar. He surprised the women with pictures of themselves from the web and their Facebook pages. As each girl's picture came up, she looked horrified. Avonte was posing in provocative ways, and had online messages about sex. Brigette had a picture of a guy eating chips off of her lap. Fortunately, her date wasn't upset. Chasity's photos showed her go-go dancing and passed out on the floor. Chasity told her date her profession (dancing) and he didn't flinch. Leilani's picture revealed her half naked. Christine's status updates were all about her ex-husband and former married life. Jane's photos showed a picture of her bloody tooth at the dentist and a mug shot from a DWI charge. Jane looked horrified and apologized repeatedly. Despite the fact that her date was okay with the situation, Jane left the bar and cried.

The dates ended and the women returned to the house.

Jane, who had been crying, tried to connect with the girls and talk about her issues. Avonte noted to the confessional that the problem she and the other girls have with Jane is that she's fake, but this emotion was real. Avonte went to talk to Jane, and she told her that people would like her if she allowed herself to be real. Once Jane allowed herself to be vulnerable, the other girls talked to her. She was very appreciative.

Steve brought Anthony, Brigette's date, to the house so they could spend more time together. Brigette was thrilled - she smiled the whole time. They kissed, and Steve noted that he hoped Brigette would take things slowly.

The group session began.

Brigette won the challenge and did the best this week. Steve played back Anthony's feedback about Brigette. He had so many positive things to say, like their connection was growing stronger.

Chasity said that she and her date had chemistry. When Steve asked if she could have her go-go dancing career and have a healthy relationship at the same time, Chasity said yes. However, when Steve asked her date if he could have a serious relationship with a go-go dancer, he said no. Steve advised that Chasity quit dancing. When asked if she can decide to quit today, she wasn't sure.

Steve said his goal with Jane was to show her that any guy can look online and find her mug shot. Jane cried and said she didn't realize that Steve would do that to her. When her date first saw Jane, he really liked her. He then said that he understands Jane's situation with the DWI, and he said it doesn't make her a bad person. He was willing to see her again. Still, Jane fought back as if Steve had wronged her. Steve said that Jane should feel happy because she's dealing with this around her friends. She then said this was the first time she's had girl friends, and the girl agreed that they were friends.

Leilani had an attitude problem towards Steve. She said her date was great and thought she was great in a way that Steve doesn't. Unfortunately, Leilani's date recalled Leilani saying that she usually goes for guys with looks and money. He said she was vague beyond that, and that could be a problem. Then, Steve and Leilani argued, which already seems to be a recurring theme among the two.

Next was Avonte, and she was in the hot seat. She was in the hot seat for criticizing the guy she was set up with. Avonte contended that she was right, and if the guy had a problem with it, he should tell her. Avonte was pretty brutal to the guy and it was not okay - she told the guy that his hair made it look like he was going to rob her. After arguing with Steve, Avonte took the hint and realized that she's insulted a nice guy with whom she could have potentially had a relationship.

Steve concluded the show by saying that he could help the women, but they'd have to put work into it. We also learned that the women would be getting makeovers next week, and it looks like Christine will end up looking like scary Taylor that we saw on the first two Tough Love seasons!

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