Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teen Mom Trainwrecks Cause More Trouble

Amber Portwood, fresh out of rehab, is partying again and not spending enough time with daughter Leah.

Unfortunately, Amber says she's still suicidal because of her broken family and the lies told about her in the tabloids, but she hardly seems to be handling the situation properly. Reports state that she's spending lots of time partying and not spending quality time with Leah. She's also begging baby daddy Gary Shirley to take her back, but her actions aren't exactly proving that he should do it.

Amber says it hurts her that the tabloids are telling untrue stories about her, but to be fair, she is giving them a lot to work with. If Amber got a steady job, worked on her family's relationship and stayed out of the spotlight, she'd have a chance to rehabilitate her image and her life.

It would be unfair to say that Amber hasn't had a tough life and doesn't have a reason for her pain. On the Teen Mom reunion special, we learn that she lost a sibling at a young age, which seems to have taken a toll on her throughout her life. And, she clearly has issues with depression and self-esteem. But the girl isn't taking steps in the right direction to improve herself. Instead, she's taking what people are saying about her and making it true.

One of the worst parts of this situation is that Amber's brother, Shawn Portwood, is speaking out against her. He seems to have been a steady, positive influence in Amber's life, and has supported her through thick and thin. So when he speaks out, I think he's doing it to show that he cares and wants the world to know that Amber needs help, rather than just to say negative things to the press about her.

Jenelle Evans and her mom had another altercation...does this girl ever learn?

Jenelle Evans and mom Barbara Evans had an argument that turned nasty, and Barbara called the police. Jenelle contends that her mom randomly started yelling at her and knocked over a bottle of bleach into the laundry that Jenelle was washing. Barbara states that Jenelle got angry and starting knocking things off of her dresser. Both seem to maintain their innocence while portraying the other as the instigator.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, Barbara's story makes more sense than Jenelle's. The most obvious point, for me at least, is that Barbara knocking down a shelf ended with bleach falling into the laundry. So, does that mean that Barbara and Jenelle keep open bottles of bleach in a house with a young child? I somehow doubt it. Jenelle also claimed that her mom spilled son Jace's medicine on Jenelle and her laptop, yet I doubt that Barbara would waste Jace's medication, and there was no damage to Jenelle's laptop.

While I believe that Jenelle instigated the argument with Barbara, I think that both parties have some guilt. As we've seen on Teen Mom 2, Barbara doesn't exactly show love towards Jenelle, but Jenelle also doesn't do much to deserve respect from her mom. The pair have a lot to work out, and I think therapy would do both of them some good.

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