Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So Many Choices, Yet Tori Spelling Chose Hattie...What?

I am very picky about names. A name, when given to a child, will help shape and define the child. A name comes with teasing nicknames and stereotypes. So when you name a child Hattie, as Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott did, it kind of makes you wonder...what were you thinking?

I understand why Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott chose a name like Hattie. You know, old school, not common these days, slightly offbeat but not unheard of. But did they have to go so far off the beaten track? The name Hattie is just wrong on so many levels.

Tori Spelling, mom of Hattie McDermott
It seems that the other McDermott kids got off easy - the names Liam and Stella are becoming current again and have cool meanings: determined protector and star, respectively. And, neither of their names sound like something you'd wear on your head.

Hattie, on the other hand, is a name that makes you sound like you're 65 years old right from birth. In fact, per BabyNamer.com, the name Hattie has not been popular since 1960, which explains why I make the connection. Also, Hattie isn't really a name - it's actually a nickname for Harriet or Henrietta. Again, names that aren't popular these days, but would at least give the kid some leeway with nicknames. Harriet could be Hattie, Harry, Hatsie or something. Henrietta could be Hattie, Hettie, Retta, Etta or Etty. (I got most of these from BabyNamer, if you're curious.) I'm not saying most of the options are awesome, but at least give the poor kid a choice!

The meaning of Hattie is home leader. Which could be kind of cool except it makes the girl sound like she's destined to be a domineering housewife. (I am home leader, hear me roar!) Either that or a strict housemother for a rowdy sorority. Neither one is terribly appealing.

Anyway, here are some other reasons why Hattie is really not the best name for a child born in 2011:
- As noted above, Hattie sounds like a grandmother even before she learns how to talk.
- The teasing nicknames are ridiculous. Heaven forbid the girl ever has hat hair. She'll never hear the end of it. And if she's chubby, I wouldn't be surprised to hear her called Hattie the Fattie.
- Per ParentsConnect.com, 53% of survey participants think that people always misspell the name Hattie and 43% occasionally misspell it. So...that pretty much means that people will be misspelling Hattie's name for her whole life.
- Also per ParentsConnect, Hattie the Hottie is a teasing nickname. It's not necessarily mean, but it could probably get pretty annoying.

Names are a very personal thing, so it's not really fair to judge someone for choosing a name that they like for a child. But it is important to consider the child's well being in the long term. Does Hattie make a good name for a teenager? Not really. Is 'Hat' really a good nickname? No. Does the kid have nickname options if she hates her name? Again, no. So in my opinion of good baby names, Hattie does not make the cut.


soshoppe said...

you do realize she was named for Tori's beloved nanny of Stella and Liam, who was essentially a mother figure to Tori while her own mom was not in the picture?? little more research before judging next time.

soshoppe said...

now my fault, it was Tori's nanny, sorry.

Less Than Reality said...

I'm not debating who Hattie was named after, I'm just saying I don't like the sound of the name. I think it's a wonderful thing that Tori's paying tribute to someone, but stand by the fact that the name isn't modern or pleasing to the ear at this time. In fact, as far as paying tribute goes, I'm named after my grandmother using the same first initial. Using the whole name isn't the only way to pay tribute.

Less Than Reality said...

Also, Margaret, not Hattie, was the nanny. Hattie was picked from a baby names book.