Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review: Why Am I Still Single? on VH1

Why Am I Still Single? is a new matchmaking show on VH1. It's a cross between Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker and VH1's Tough Love.

Why Am I still Single? is a show featuring Siggy Flicker, a matchmaker and love coach. In the premiere episode (and presumably the rest of the episodes), she takes two hopeless daters and makes them datable.

The show opens up with the two featured daters being put on a date together. This isn't for a match-up, but so Siggy can see each person's dating behaviors. During and after this scene, Siggy and her team discuss what was wrong with each person's dating skills and what the next steps should be for each of them. From here, the show proceeds like any other matchmaking show: Siggy 'fixes' the daters and sets them up with potential dates.

Why Am I Still Single? is a fun show, although it's got a bit of the been-there-done-that feeling. We've seen this same kind of thing before on The Millionaire Matchmaker. However, Siggy is in a relationship, so she's got more credibility than MM's Patti Stanger. And, she's funny. She's also more hands-on with her daters than Patti is. She really interacts with her clients and helps them to improve in funny and somewhat embarrassing ways. (That's how the show is similar to Steve Ward's tactics on Tough Love.)

The show also features makeovers from a set of twin stylists (Jenn and Jamie), clueless daters and some really awkward dating situations. In the first episode, dater Katie showed her test date her scary sweat stains and told him she still has her "V card." This kind of stuff makes you cringe, but it also makes you laugh.

My recommendation for Why Am I Still Single? Give it a try. It's not the most original or compelling show on television, but it is fun to watch. It's more of a feel good show than The Millionaire Matchmaker (where Patti is beyond mean to her clients) and it's more hopeful than Tough Love, where the girls often backtrack throughout the season. It's a good 'popcorn show' - you know, the kind that's fun when you're relaxing and want to watch something that doesn't require a lot of thought to enjoy it.

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