Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leah Messer Claims Teen Mom 2 Ruined Her Life

Leah Messer, who recently went through a messy divorce from Corey Simms, claims that being on Teen Mom ruined her life. So, to me, she's saying becoming a teen mom to twins and entering into an uncertain marriage weren't the issues - being on television was. Yeah, okay.

Leah Messer reportedly blames Teen Mom 2 for her failed marriage. That could be partially true, but I certainly wouldn't give it all the blame. If I remember correctly, I read articles a while back stating that MTV told Leah that she had to stay with Corey Simms to remain on Teen Mom 2, but that could have just been a rumor. And, a major factor in the Messer/Simms divorce was the fact that Corey withdrew $19,000 for a new truck from their joint bank account. Without the show, you can be sure that the pair wouldn't have $19,000 to spend like that.

That being said, I think Leah is placing the blame in the wrong place. She had a child as a teenager, decided to marry the guy that she clearly wasn't really even into during her episode of 16 and Pregnant, and then went through a messy divorce. While the show may have perpetuated her problems, it hardly created problems that weren't there...the kids, the marriage - all of that would / could have happened without Leah's participation in an MTV series.

Leah is also ignoring the positives of being on Teen Mom. She makes money that allows her and her twin daughters to live comfortably. She's also gained fame that allows her to make even more money for interviews and appearances. With her daughter's medical conditions, having some extra cash is hardly a terrible thing.

Part of Leah's issue, in my opinion, is that her start on MTV was exactly when her life changed dramatically, so she probably has issues distinguishing what triggered what, as far as problems go. Here's a hint: the pregnancy started the problems, not the show. If Leah didn't have the show, she'd have a whole different set of problems. There's certainly no guarantee that her life would be easier.

Reports state that Leah is concerned about how she'll be portrayed in the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. She thinks MTV will make her look slutty. Well, if you have concerns about how you'll be portrayed without even seeing a rough cut of the show, then your actions are speaking pretty loudly. Reality TV can twist things, but if you give them good TV, they don't need to do a whole lot of twisting.

I truly believe that Leah and her twins would benefit from some privacy (which is a major concern of Leah's), but Leah can't forget that Teen Mom 2 has been both a blessing and a curse. I won't say that the show didn't bring Leah any negativity, but I will say that the cash and fame Leah earned from being on Teen Mom 2 probably have helped her in many ways.

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Anonymous said...

I know it's no doubt because I'm not famous and living under the public eye, but I find it SO hard to feel sympathy.

I too was a teen Mom. I can't say that a fat payday from MTV would have hurt my feelings. But that's just my two cents.