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Dance Moms 10/5/11: The Girls Audition for a Music Video

Abby Lee surprised the moms and kids by saying they weren't going home after Lake Tahoe...they were going to Hollywood to audition for a music video.

Abby Lee noted that in Hollywood, your dancing doesn't matter - all you need is the look. That being said, Abby still gave the girls a crash course in hip-hop because the video needed hip-hop dancers, which isn't the girls' forte.

Abby got the girls a music video audition with MCA.
The audition was hosted by MSA (McDonald Selznick Associates), an agency that represents dancers. It was full of kids of all ages. MSA staff member J.C. Gutierrez began by letting everyone know that MSA was looking for the next set of young stars. Then, Ben Allen taught all of the kids choreography in a large group. Chloe noted that the dance was long and they had to learn it fast. Mackenzie panicked and cried.

When the girls danced in smaller groups after the large audition, Brooke felt confident about her audition because she pulled out all of her tricks during the 16 bars of improv of the dance.
Julie McDonald, co-owner of MSA, asked Abby's group to come in to meet with her. She opened her speech to the girls by talking about rejection - so positive, right? Julie let the girls know that auditions aren't all about dancing - they're about attitude and commercial image as well. The mood got more positive after that because Julie and a co-staffer told the girls that they'd be performing together in a music video for an up-and-coming pop star.

Producer Seven Williams told the girls that they'd be in a video for upcoming pop star Lux. Then, they introduced them to the choreographer, who has worked on Shake it Up and Victorious. He said the girls would be working long days, and on the day of the shoot, one girl would be chosen as the star of the video. Again, Mackenzie didn't do well. She cried during practice and said that things were moving too fast for her. Melissa was concerned about Mackenzie holding up during the long hours.

The girls got their hair, makeup and nails done for a screen test. During this, Holly noted that she'd criticized Abby for making the girls learn dances in a short time frame, but now she understands - they need the skills for experiences like this.

Melissa would do anything to get Maddie to be a star, so she set up a private meeting with Seven. When Melissa asked if Maddie has the it factor, Seven said she does have talent, but he didn't seem sold on the fact that Maddie would win the chance to be the star. 

Christi was also dedicated to Chloe's success - she scheduled her daughter an acting lesson with Howard Fine. Howard had Chloe talk about her saddest moment, but she had trouble expressing her emotions. Howard also asked if Chloe thought she was the best dancer in the group, and she said she and Maddie are equal. Howard asked what stops her from being number one, and Chloe said 'nothing.' Howard told her that she's holding herself back and shouldn't consider other people's feelings. Her success isn't holding anyone else back - she has to value herself and do her best.

While the girls rehearsed, the moms spent some time together. Melissa told the moms that she went out to meet with Seven the other day. The other moms were not happy. They said Melissa isn't playing by the rules by going above and beyond and chasing an advantage. Melissa stood by her beliefs - she was going to do whatever she could to get Maddie to be the star.

The Video

In the video, the girls would be dancing with boys, and they were really excited. However, Abby was upset - she thought the boys weren't big enough. Mackenzie's partner was the same size as her and totally clueless. Again, Mackenzie had a breakdown. Abby watched with disdain. Melissa pulled her out of the room, and Abby told Mackenzie she can't be difficult like this. Abby did have some positive reinforcement - she said that she believes in her, the choreographer believes in her and her mom believes in her...she just needs to believe in herself. Mackenzie was given a different boy to dance with and she did a lot better.

Luxe spent some time with the girls. She told them that one of them would be playing a miniature version of her. That's when the girls, specifically Brooke, realized that not everyone had a chance. After all, not everyone looked like Lux. In fact, Chloe probably had the closest look to Lux, and since Abby wasn't choosing the winner, Christi said that Chloe actually stood a chance.

The choreographers asked the girls to walk as if they were on a catwalk. They all rocked it, but it wasn't lost on Nia that she couldn't get the part.

Melissa gave a speech that she knew that Maddie would get the lead and others would be jealous. Maddie also said she thought she had a good chance. In her confessional, Chloe showed a lack of confidence. This was a great foreshadowing that Maddie, in fact, would not get the part. That was somewhat of a surprise twist...although it really wasn't that surprising.

Ultimately, Chloe got the part! It was her time to shine!

Melissa followed this up with a backhanded compliment - she said that she was happy for Chloe, but the choice was based on looks, not ability. It seemed that Maddie was genuinely happy for Chloe, though. Melissa and Abby also found a positive in Maddie not winning - she'd be dancing the whole time, whereas Chloe would only be onstage during certain parts of the video. Abby still said that she was happy for Chloe and the opportunity she was given. She also gave a backhanded compliment. She said that ability aside, Luxe and Chloe made a perfect match. That seemed to say the same thing that Melissa said - Chloe only won because of looks, not talent. She did admit that Chloe did amazing, though.

At the end of the episode, when the Dance Moms cast arrived home in Pittsburgh. Abby brought the moms in for a meeting. Abby said she didn't just call the girls in to remind them that they're title holders and she's proud - she'd never waste their time for that. (Nice, huh?) She showed them a copy of Lux's music video, which we saw as well. From this, we were able to hear that Lux was a talented singer....but the song was not great and the video was kind of a gold-toned mess.

Abby closed out the episode by telling the girls that they will make it and will be stars. She said it was time to rest, but the new dance season would be starting soon...and it sounds like she'll be more brutal than ever.

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