Friday, September 30, 2011

Week In Review: Dance Moms, Housewives, Girls Next Door and More

It's been an interesting week for TV wives, moms and a single woman who matches people up but can't find love of her own.

Dance Moms

First and foremost, I am elated that Dance Moms has been renewed for season 2! It'll be interesting to see what happens since Chloe announced that she wants to quit dance and Maddie's dad Kurt claimed he would do anything to pull Maddie and sister Mackenzie out of Abby Lee's dance studio. He also said that dancing ruined his marriage to wife Melissa, so it's sure to be an interesting season if we get to see more of their drama play out.

I hope that next season focuses a little bit more on the moms of Dance Moms. We only get to catch glimpses of them, and that mostly happens when they're yelling at Abby. I'd like to see them interact with their kids a bit more and see what the moms and kids do outside of dance.

Well, she looks happy here...
What's especially interesting about Dance Moms is that, per, "Lifetime has ordered 13 second-season episodes of Dance Moms, which has averaged 1.6 million total viewers and a median viewer age of 38 during its first season, making the series the network's youngest skewing original program." That makes sense, as Lifetime does seem to trend towards an older audience, but I think the drama of the show would appeal to many younger viewers if they knew about the show or had time to watch it. My suggestion for season 2, in order to attract a larger, younger audience, would be to not put the show on in the same time slot as TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. Many people would probably like both shows, but without DVR, can only watch one. With Dance Moms being in its freshman (and upcoming sophomore) season, it could have a tough time competing with the multi-season hit Toddlers and Tiaras.

The Girls Next Door

This week, Crystal Harris and Holly Madison both took measures to ensure their future finances. Crystal put her $90,000 engagement ring from ex-fiance Hugh Hefner up for auction, stating that it brings back bad memories. While the ring is only estimated to bring in between $20,000 and $30,000, that's still a nice chunk of change. Do I blame Crystal for selling the ring? Honestly, no. She can't wear it, and she's certainly alienated Hef enough by insulting him and his, um, sexual aptitude, so she probably should get rid of it and put the past behind her. Plus, since she and Jordan McGraw are clearly serious at this point, she needs to get rid of the ring for his sake...he probably can't afford one nearly as nice!

Holly Madison took another approach to making sure she has income in the future - she insured her boobs for $1 million. I guess she has a point - if anything happens to them, she won't be able to work for at least a little while. And her boobs are part of her appeal in Vegas. Does this seem like a publicity stunt? Absolutely. But is it working, and probably bringing her more income than she spent on the insurance policy? I would say yes.

Patti Stanger Digs The Hole Deeper

Patti Stanger, the seemingly angry star of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole for herself. She first caused problems when insulting gay men (they can't commit) and Jewish men (they lie) on Watch What Happens Live. The host of the show Andy Cohen and the Bravo network made it clear that they don't agree with Patti's sentiments, but she hasn't had much luck claiming her words were a mistake.

Patti Stanger, full of anger. (Bad pun!)
Bryce Gruber, a millionairess who appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker, told the world that Patti criticized her for looking too Jewish. She also claimed Patti told her who to choose for her master date if she wanted to look good for America. She ultimately stopped going to Patti because she was ineffective. Former assistant Chelsea Autumn spoke out against Patti as well, noting her abrasiveness and the fact that she clearly has unresolved issues.

I'd definitely agree with Chelsea on the issues front - Patti's very unlucky in love and is probably frustrated with that because creating love is her career. She clearly hates young, pretty women (out of jealousy, most likely), so why not move on to others? Plus, her show has been kind of lame lately, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her show be the next to leave the Bravo lineup.

While former assistant Chelsea clearly isn't a fan of Patti, Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff clearly are. They invited her to their small, intimate wedding. That's right - wedding! Son Sin Halo was the best man as Destin and Rachel made it official. Congrats, Destin and Rachel!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice, along with Kim DePaola, plotted to out Melissa Gorga as a former stripper...which Melissa claims she wasn't. And, sources claim that the other housewives all hate Teresa now. Much like Patti Stanger, she seems to be digging herself quite a hole. Although the hole may just get deeper - Teresa might appear on The Celebrity Apprentice! I highly doubt she'll come out of that looking squeaky clean.

Plus, Jacqueline Laurita is reportedly quitting the show for the sake of her sanity, and word has it that Bravo is trying to get Danielle Staub and Kim Granatell on camera, probably hoping for some drama that's more interesting than the Melissa/Teresa stuff and the Joe Gorga/Joe Giudice interactions. Reportedly, they both refused to appear on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Other Stuff

Jessica Simpson is flip-flopping about her wedding. Farrah Abraham shows remorse for leaving daughter Sophia with her mom Debra Danielson, but an ex-boyfriend claims that's not true, and she's all about partying. Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore recorded an anti-bullying video, so listen to him!

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