Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Fresh Faces in Missouri

Dena Jackson, director of the the Fresh Face Pageant for Missouri, said to be successful in her pageant, a kid must be a "facially gifted child". The pageant only judges on facial beauty and personality.

The first contestant we met was six year old Paige, daughter of Candace. She hasn't yet snagged high titles in her ten-month pageant career, but she's trying. Even without major wins, Paige had a pageant coach named Angee Jones.

Eleven year old Sydney was second. She was spunky and had a great attitude. Mom Marlo was, well, out there. She tried to be funny, and it was kind of funny to an outside observer, but I imagine it's not always pleasant for Sydney. One of mom's weird traits? She has a very realistic baby doll that they like to carry around and scare / confuse people. She actually used this doll, Morgan, to confuse someone at the pageant. Dad Donald was more conservative and less out there. For instance, he was not a fan of the swimsuit competition in pageants because it's too revealing.

Sydney is not only a pageant girl, but a cheerleader, and a very talented one at that. She's also confident - she said with confidence that she was going to take home the win at the Fresh Faces pageant.

Madison was third. She's coached by "Aunt" Jamie and Jamie's mom Tina. Jamie was a pageant girl herself, and quit when her best friend had Maddie. (Jamie and Maddie are not related.) Tina is known for making pageant clothes and has been involved in the industry for a long time.

Madison didn't have as much luck at dance practice as Sydney had at cheerleading practice. Sydney's technique was much better than Maddie's. She'd lost to Sydney before, so she'd need to step it up to take the win.

The Pageant

At the pageant, both Maddie and Sydney had a someone named Dane Dane doing their hair. I'm not sure what I think of the double name.

Paige did okay in beauty. She looked pretty but her smile was lacking, and her face had no personality. She did the movements (pointing at her smile, blowing kisses) but her face showed nothing.

Madison was next. Her smile was on point, but her dress seemed a little bit short. She had tons of poise and technique, but she does not have the natural beauty that some glitz girls have. That being said, pageant judge Karen Ivey disagreed - she said Madison's facial beauty always earns her high scores.

Sydney performed last of the three. Sydney was the clear winner of the three for me. She was beautiful, on point with her moves and incredibly poised. Plus, her hair was awesome. Mom Marlo was concerned that her skirt was too short, but I think Madison was having more of the short skirt issue. Judge Paige Williams agreed, calling Sydney the total package.

In typical Toddlers and Tiaras fashion, Paige's mom Marlo's room key wouldn't work, and they got delayed after the beauty competition.

Outfit of choice was next. Paige's outfit was nice, but again, she was incredibly uninspired. She looked like she was just going through the motions, not actually feeling anything. She did know that she messed up, because she said her coach would be mad at her. Madison did well and had great facial expressions. However, Sydney was nothing short of fantastic. Her dancing was awesome, and her smile and facial expressions were on point.


If a girl placed Princess or Queen in her division, she'd be out of the running for a higher title.

5-6 age category:
Fresh Face Princess - Paige (Mom was disappointed, but Paige was happy.)
Divisional Queen - Shelby

9-10 age category:
Princess: Lexie
Queen: Makayla

11-12 age category:
Princess: Hannah
Queen: Ania

Supreme titles:
4-10 Grand Supreme: Madison (At this point, with less overwhelming makeup, you could see how pretty Maddie really is.)
10 and Up Grand Supreme: Sydney
Ultimate Grand Supreme: Samantha

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