Friday, September 2, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras Brings Us A Girl With Butt Enhancing Underwear. That's Messed Up.

I'm a little late on watching Toddlers and Tiaras this week, but I certainly heard about it before I could snag some time to spend with the television screen. A girl's mom equipped her with boob and butt padding...way before the girl is mature enough to even think about wearing a bra.

This pageant on this week's episode of Toddlers and Tiaras was the Glamor Girls Hearts and Crowns Winter Extravaganza. For this pageant, the girls competed in beauty, outfit of choice and winter wear. Madonna Durbin, the director, told us about how this pageant gives out lots of money, crowns and toys to the contestants.


The first competitor we met was four year old Maddy, who is reliving her mother's dream. Mom Lindsay was a pageant girl and wants her child to follow in her footsteps. Lindsay said that pageant winnings paid for her college education, so that's admirable - I mean, other people have paid their way through college by being strippers, so this is at least more positive than that.

Maddy's outfit of choice was Dolly Parton. The outfit belonged to her mom when she was a pageant girl. This is the point in the episode that we see Maddy in her boob and butt enhancers. The outfit does make her look like Dolly Parton, but it still seems really inappropriate to dress up a four year old with fake boobs and a fake butt.

Maddy takes private gymnastics lessons to help her with her pageants. This is because Maddy is clumsy and uncoordinated. It's adorable to see her being a kid - even though she fell tons of times in gymnastics class, she laughed and had fun.


Queen, ten years old, was next. She's new in the pageant world - she's only been competing for a year. Mom Rosa seemed very supportive of Queen, as well as her pageant career. I respect Rosa and Queen because Queen told her mom that pageants were her passion and asked her family to support this. That's how she got involved in the beauty pageant scene - by making her own decision, not by being forced by a parent.

Unlike most pageant kids that we see on Toddlers and Tiaras, Queen liked getting her eyebrows waxed and getting beautiful for pageants. She also genuinely enjoys being onstage.

Queen's outfit of choice was really fun - she was dressed as popcorn. That's a really creative idea! Her outfit was made of red and white stripes, as well as decorative fake popcorn.


Third was Madison, a five year old with a speech impediment. Mom Laura has her in speech therapy, and I hope Laura has Madison in pageants to encourage high self esteem, because being different as a child can be difficult. This wasn't mentioned, so I'm not sure of Laura's intentions, but I do hope they are to help Madison build confidence in herself.

Madison's outfit of choice was racewear. I hate to say it, but Madison looked more like a cowboy/cheerleader/disco queen than a race car driver.

During the episode, we caught a glimpse of Madison's bedroom, and it seriously looked like someone threw up a pound of pink bubble gum. I'm all about pink, but her walls, curtains, bed, blankets and even some of the crowns on display were pink. I understand sticking with a theme, but this was a bit excessive.

The Pageant

The Glamor Girls Hearts and Crowns and Glamor Girls Winter Extravaganza pageant seemed to be even glitzier than a lot of pageants we see. There seemed to be a lot of professional makeup artists doing the girls' makeup. And, the dresses were even more covered in rhinestones than usual.

Maddy was first for beauty. She looked like an ice queen in her dress, which was fitting for the pageant. She looked great, but her smile looked more like a snarl than a happy face. Madison was second. When she was called, she did not appear on stage. At this point, we had an awkward pause with some music for dramatic effect, and then cut to commercial for even more drama. When the show returned, the original scene was replayed, and Madison walked on stage shortly after. Madison's form definitely isn't perfect - her movements were awkward, she forgot to smile, and when she did smile, it looked like she wanted to bite someone's face off. Queen was third. She said that she looks different from the crowd and she thinks it gives her a competitive advantage. Queen looked fantastic. She had poise and attitude, and had more stage presence than many girls who have been doing pageants since birth. She seriously looked like a living doll.

Outfit of choice was next. Michael Booth, Maddy's makeup artist, wasn't a fan of Maddy's fake boobs. He said that Maddy was beautiful without them so she didn't need them. That was a very positive message and one that was very healthy for Maddy to hear. Before she went on stage, we saw Maddy adjusting her fake boobs and another girl looking at them in a very confused manner. (You know, because these kids are way too young for that kind of stuff!) The judges seemed to enjoy Maddy's Dolly Parton outfit, so I guess the inappropriateness of the fake boobs wasn't something that the judges were concerned with. Madison was second, and I still wasn't her biggest fan - she wasn't nearly as poised as her competitors. Queen was third for the outfit of choice category. Unfortunately, she was a bit late, but her dance and costume were nothing short of awesome.

Winter wear was the last part of the competition. The outfits varied from penguin-themed clothes to costumes covered in fur. As the youngest, Maddy went first again in this competition. I'm genuinely not sure what she was trying to do. I'm not convinced that she has the natural talent that her mom probably had, since she won over $80,000 during her pageant career. Madison's costume looked very homemade and did not impress. When she got onstage, she forgot her routine and looked lost. Queen's costume looked professional and she once again rocked the competition. She has so much attitude and poise - in this scene, she looked exactly like a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall.


The Glamor Girls Hearts and Crowns Winter Extravaganza pageant was giving away 36 titles, with Grand Supreme being the highest.

The four year old age division:

Most Beautiful: Olivia
Best Fashion: Maddy
Best Hair: Maddy
Photogenic: Maddy
Divisional Queen: Olivia

This means Maddy was in the running for a higher title.

The five year old age division:

Most Beautiful: Mason
Best Fashion: Delaney
Photogenic: Chloe
Divisional Queen: Delaney

The nine to ten year old division:

Most Beautiful: Queen
Photogenic: Queen
Outfit of Choice: Queen
Winter Wear: Queen
Divisional Queen: Kelsey

I kind of feel bad for the other girls, but Queen was awesome!

Overall titles:

Overall Natural Photogenic: Madison
Overall Sweetest Face: Maddy
Grand Supreme: Queen


I truly respect Queen's mom for allowing her to be in pageants because she wants to. Queen made her own decision, enjoys pageants and is mature enough to handle them, so she's a great candidate to be in pageants. And Queen absolutely deserved to win this pageant.

Queen said that she wants to win Miss Universe, and I think that she can if she continues in the pageant world.

This episode of Toddlers and Tiaras was pretty interesting. Sometimes the show can get stale and repetitive, but this show was one that was genuinely worth watching. It was due in part to the craziness and trainwreck-like qualities, but it was a good episode.


What's New!!! said...

I do believe it was a bit much for a young girl to be using fake boobs and a fake butt in her costume. I think people would have got that she was supposed to be Dolly Parton from the costume and music alone. The fake additions were not necessary.

Multivitamin Reviews said...

Queen was awesome. Her and her mother were the closest thing to sanity I've seen on this show. I hope the show has her on again next season.