Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Takeaways From Tonight's Teen Mom - 9/6/11

I have so much respect for Tyler Baltierra on Teen Mom.

He has such strong family values, is motivated and cares so much about Catelynn. I really respect the way he handled the situation about going out to dance - it could have been handled in a negative way, and he kept himself so positive.

I definitely understand Catelynn's struggles - she feels inferior to Tyler, even though he doesn't view her that way. After all, her self esteem is hurting and she's in high school while Tyler's now in college. Tyler did the absolute right thing by going to counseling with Catelynn - it should be great for their relationship.

Farrah Abraham, on the other hand, drives me nuts.

Farrah has visited and dragged her parents around the country to all of the places she wants to move (on their dime, I'm sure), just so she can follow her dream, regardless of what's best for daughter Sophia. When her mom actually offered to raise Sophia temporarily and fly Farrah out to see her whenever she wants, instead of being grateful, Farrah acted out. I'm not the most respectful person ever, but this is astounding even to me.

Gary Shirley is a great guy and has his priorities in order.

Even though Amber has been nothing but awful to Gary, he still cares about her and their relationship. Week after week, we see Gary take different kinds of abuse from Amber but still try to make their relationship work. He truly cares about Leah and keeping his family whole.

Maci Bookout is making good decisions.

It was frustrating to see Maci drop out of college in the past since she's clearly an intelligent person. It was refreshing to see her make college a priority and realize the impact it can have on her future, as well as Bentley's.


Anonymous said...

I agree...with the exception that I really think Gary is a doormat for Amber. He needs to cut his losses and just be a good Dad to Leah.

(I never miss the show!)

Less Than Reality said...

I agree that Gary is a doormat for Leah, but I respect that he still tries. I think most guys in this situation would have run by now, and either taken their kids or left them in their mom's incapable hands.

He does need to grow a pair, though, and stand up to Amber. He should tell her to straighten up or leave him and Leah alone, because he's clearly the more stable parent.