Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Random Things

Two and a Half Men Premiered Last Night

 Ashton Kutcher made his debut on Two and a Half Men alongside Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones. He played a dull, suicidal millionaire who women find attractive and has no qualms about being naked. The main objective of the episode was to introduce his character, Walden Schmidt, and explain his poorly attempted suicide because his wife left him. At first, he seems to be the antithesis of Charlie, but by the end of the episode, he might as well have become Charlie 2.0. At the conclusion of the episode, Walden decided to buy Charlie's house, and thus began the new story on Two and a Half Men.

Ashton's appearance gave Two and a Half Men a ratings boost. In fact, it set a ratings record, attracting 27.8 million viewers. I think part of the ratings boost, aside from people wanting to see Ashton Kutcher, was wondering how Chuck Lorre would decide to get rid of Charlie Sheen's character Charlie Harper for good. The answer, if you're curious, is that his girlfriend pushed him in front of a train after he proposed to her and then cheated.

Things I'm Loving: Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees is a good brand. It's got a strong brand image and uses natural materials in its products. However, I think most people don't know about all of the Burt's Bees products. Sure, we've seen the lip balm at the drugstore, but I didn't realize that the company had a lot more to offer. The new product line I'm planning to try is the sensitive skin line, which includes moisturizing cream, facial cleanser, eye cream and night cream. I discovered this product line on BzzAgent.com today (I'm a BzzAgent!) and am ready to purchase these items right away. I have sensitive skin and I love the idea of using natural products from a company with a great reputation. (Basically, I know that I won't have to expect any surprises - this is good, natural stuff.) BzzAgent has an upcoming campaign for the Burt's Bees sensitive skin line, and I'm hoping to be accepted so I can give it a try.

Dancing With the Stars

I don't have much to say, except that The Parents Television Council didn't win the battle of wanting Chaz Bono off of the show! Thank goodness! In my opinion, the PTC should get a life and start worrying about real things in their communities, rather than worrying about shows that some of us, as adults, can watch happily. Their argument that Chaz's transgendered status will confuse children is ridiculous because hiding your face behind your hands also confuses young children. And people still do that. So relax, PTC, and shut off the TV if you don't want to see sex, violence, or anything that doesn't fit into your squeaky clean belief system.

Teen Mom: The Teen Dad Special

I hate to say it, but this episode was pretty inconsequential, aside from the fact that it reminded us of how bad Corey Simms and Leah Messer's relationship (or lack of) has gotten lately. It also reminded us why Tyler Baltierra is awesome, and did the right thing by sticking by his choice to have Carly adopted, rather than listening to dad Butch Baltierra say, "all a kid needs is love!" Keep in mind that Butch has been in and out of jail, therefore not providing for his kid, and was recently accused by Catelynn Lowell's mom, who is also his wife, April that he beat her. Yes, clearly, love would protect Carly from this unhealthy environment. (Sarcasm.)

Where to Shop

I've been on a major Hautelook kick lately and highly recommend it to anyone who loves to buy high end clothes at reasonable prices. The site's been featuring amazing sales lately, like on my favorite shoe brand, Kelsi Dagger. I also just bought some gorgeous black and white jewelry. Hautelook's known to feature some of my favorite brands, including Romeo and Juliet Couture and Sweet Pea. For a listing of all of designer sale sites, click here for invitations to RueLaLa, Ideeli, Beyond the Rack, etc.

NBC's The Playboy Club

The Playboy Club premiered on NBC last night to very low viewership. While I found the show to be interesting, former Bunnies at the club were not fans. Former Bunny Marilyn Miller said the show does not accurately portray the club environment and is degrading to those who were actually there. For example, Bunnies did not dance with keyholders and there were no mobsters at the club. I find this interesting because Hugh Hefner seems to be very involved with the show (including being the narrator), and he should probably know a lot about his own brand. Although as we learned on Undercover Boss, many bosses don't realize what really happens within their organizations, so maybe Hef isn't the most reputable source after all.

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