Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Random Things - 9/26/11

Why LunchBots Are a Good Alternative to Plastic Containers

I think we all realistically know that our reusable plastic containers might not be the best things ever. Sure, I got mine in bulk at a discount retailer for about 50 cents each, but I've managed to melt or destroy several of them. The ones that are still in use are getting a bit mangled and discolored. You know what I mean - they're getting the weird white melted plastic spots or turning orange from the tomato sauce that sat in the fridge for a few days.

When I signed into today (because I'm a BzzAgent and love it!), I got a look at LunchBots food containers and said "Oh my gosh, I need these!" They're made of stainless steel, so they aren't going to turn weird colors or leak toxins into your food. Plus, they're cute and practical. The lids come in fun colors, they come with or without partitions and they come in varying sizes. I think my favorite product is the leak-proof thermal container. Have you ever trusted anything not to leak from plastic? I don't think so. But I genuinely believe that the LunchBot isn't going to leak everywhere. And I definitely appreciate that!

As a BzzAgent, I have a chance to earn a LunchBot product, and I can't wait to see if I'm chosen. I try to pack my lunch every day, and this product will allow me to pack food and snacks in a portion controlled size. With the strict, healthy diet that I'm on, this looks like it will be a great product for me.

"Secrets of a Jewish Mother" by Gloria Kamen, Lisa Wexler and Jill Zarin

When Borders was going out of business, I stopped in to pick up whatever books I could find at a discounted price. In my travels, I found a copy of Secrets of a Jewish Mother by Jill Zarin of The Real Housewives of New York, her mother Gloria and her sister Lisa. I thought it might be interesting, so I picked up a copy.

I think the most interesting thing about the book was reading the reviews online. The hardcover edition of the book was criticized for listing Jill Zarin's name first in the credits, even though the leader of the book is Gloria Kamen, Jill and Lisa's mother. The publishers may have taken this to heart, as the softcover has the authors listed alphabetically and in the same font size. I can see why the publishers listed Jill's name first on the hardcover, in any case, because Jill Zarin is a recognizable name in the way that Gloria Kamen and Lisa Wexler are not. It's a reality: a famous name sells books. The publishing company used Jill's name to make the book sell.

Additionally, the book took a hit for having everyday advice. Not bad advice, necessarily, but advice that most people already know. While I do agree with that, I think some of the info was good to have reinforced - be kind to others and such. That being said, I don't agree with all of the advice, but at least some of it is worthwhile. I also think a lot of the book came off as contrived - sob stories, stories where the author is the heroine, etc. I also think the parts about the other women on RHONY were kind of snubs. After all, Jill doesn't hesitate to call people TV-only friends.

In their defense, Jill & the other authors got some grief for some things that they said in particular: they're going to be matchmakers for their kids without their consent, it's wise to marry rich and a woman should marry a man who loves her just a tiny bit more. While these thoughts may sound weird to some, they are part of the quintessential Jewish-American culture. I was raised very loosely Jewish, and these are concepts that I've heard hundreds of times. Many Jewish women are matchmakers by nature. We love to make connections. It's not that Jill and Lisa think they can determine their daughter's future match by their sheer will, it's that they want to make their daughters a match if it's possible.

As for the marrying rich thing, the authors aren't saying that a man has to have money to be worthy. Gloria even said that her husband Sol had nothing when they got together. But let's be realistic - money does help. And we Jewish women love 'stuff.' A man doesn't have to have money to be great, but if he can be great and buy you a Burberry handbag? That's the icing on the cake.

The third topic is about a man loving a woman just a tiny bit more than the woman loves the man. This doesn't mean to not marry for love, not by any means. It just means that having a man who really, truly loves you will keep him around, even when you have your moments. And all women have our moments.

Overall, the book isn't that great, but it's an interesting read, especially for someone raised in a Jewish household or has an interest in learning about somewhat typical Jewish culture. You won't become an intellectual by reading Secrets of a Jewish Mother, but you'll at least get some interesting takeaways.

Just so you're aware: Jill's taken criticism for secretly reviewing this book positively under false names. She's accused of having friends and family do the same. While this is shady and does make me question some of the positive reviews on Amazon, don't automatically discount the positive reviews. The book does have interesting stories, and if you skip the self-help aspects of the book, you can enjoy the anecdotes and bits of Jewish wisdom.

The Kim Kardashian / Kris Humphries Relationship...Post-Wedding

It's been barely a few weeks into Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' marriage, and news sources are already claiming that Kim's sisters Khloe and Kourtney, as well as mom Kris Kardashian, hate Kris Humphries. This sounds like yet another Kardashian publicity stunt to me. After all, as part of Kim's wedding 'contract', Kris Jenner is now Kris Humphries' manager. So if it takes perceived hate to keep him Kris H. in the news, the Kardashians will do it. Although word has it that Kris was a big jerk in high school, so who knows.

Staged, much?
I firmly believe that anyone who believes Kris and Kim had a real wedding for pure reasons is sadly mistaken. I read a reaction to the story in People magazine where someone said to leave Kim alone because this was the wedding she always dreamed about. Really? And how do you know that, random person? I'm guessing you get your news from the tabloids and don't know Ms. Kardashian herself. Just saying. And for the record, it probably was Kim's dream wedding...the only pesky thing in the way was Kris Humphries himself.
My personal thought is that Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries for two reasons. First, her mom and manager Kris probably said "Khloe's married, Kourtney's got a need to make a move!" Second, Kris fits the Kardashian profile. He's got a K name (the Kris part is just a bonus!) and he kind of looks like Kim. If Kim wants a kid as much as the media wants you to believe, it makes sense that she'd pick someone with similar genetic characteristics to her own. She wants a Kim clone, and Kris can help her make that...all while ensuring that the kid's a bit taller than she is, which I believe she thinks is an asset.

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