Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sister Wives 9/25/11: Vegas, Baby! (Literally.)

Robyn found out that she and Kody are having a baby together, and Robyn was concerned about sharing the news with Meri, who could only have one child.

If you recall, the Sister Wives moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and are now each wife has a home of her own. Despite Kody's thoughts on the subject, some of the women liked having their own space.

Robyn decided to break the news of her pregnancy to Meri first, because Meri could only have one kid, Mariah, and Robyn's pregnancy could be potentially hurtful. Fortunately, Meri took the news well and was genuinely happy for Robyn. That being said, Meri wasn't thrilled that Robyn had to be extra sensitive about her feelings - she didn't think that should be the case.

When Kody and Robyn gathered the whole family together to break the pregnancy announcement, Robyn wasn't as lucky as she was with Meri. While Christine and the younger kids were happy, some of the teenage girls weren't happy, notably Aspyn and Mariah. In fact, Mariah left to go cry in the bathroom. Her sadness wasn't over Robyn's pregnancy, but the fact that she always wanted a full sibling and mom Meri couldn't have more babies.

While Janelle didn't react favorably to Robyn's pregnancy, it wasn't the pregnancy itself that bothered her. It was the fact that her life was in turmoil. She used to work, but in Vegas, she was unemployed and didn't have access to career satisfaction or monetary resources. She was in a bad place emotionally. Her kids weren't all doing well either - her son Hunter had become withdrawn and was having trouble adjusting. Kody encouraged Hunter to try football, but he refused, as he did with all other options.

The family had been holding church at home together, and it was not going smoothly. Mykelti chose not to attend because she said it was morally wrong that Kody was allowing the family to be filmed as they held church. Gwendlyn also seemed to not want to attend. That being said, the adults believed firmly that the family must maintain their faith.

Kody knew the move to Vegas was negatively affecting the Brown family, so he and the wives made a move to enroll the teenagers in youth group at a local Presbyterian church. They wanted a positive venue for the kids in an accepting environment, but not a new religion for the kids. Christine, at the meeting with the church, stated her dissatisfaction. She thought she was opening up her kids to a new religion, and they should be allowed to find their own social outlets. She felt that bringing them to a Presbyterian youth group was leading them away from their own religion. When the adults in the Brown family regrouped on this subject, they couldn't come to an agreement on whether or not having the kids join the youth group was a good idea. The decision in the end was to ask the kids what they thought about the subject.

The parents and kids gathered at Christine's house. The kids were first asked if they're making friends at school (yes) and if they share their moral values (yes and no). The adults mentioned the youth group at the Presbyterian church, and the fact that Kody and the moms were divided on the issue. The concept of going to an LDS church was mentioned, but the family was afraid they'd receive a negative reaction like they did at their own home. Madison brought up the point that she was told that she can choose her own religion, but Kody refuted saying that is true when the kids become adults. Mykelti was all for the idea. Meri and Janelle believed that the church idea was a good one because it's just social, but Robyn, Christine and Kody were opposed because they're going so far to maintain their faith, and this goes against that. Ultimately, Kody decided to tell Pastor Ray of the Presbyterian Church that his family would not be attending at the current time.

Christine decided that she wanted to put up a pool and a playhouse in her backyard. The family came together to build it, and then hosted a family party in the new yard. The kids went nuts when they saw the new setup. It was nice to see some happy moments after all of the stressful moments on this episode. The next day, the family hosted a pool party for the teenagers and their friends. The parents enjoyed meeting the friends and allowing the kids to expand their social lives. Being that the Brown family is conservative, the co-ed pool party pushed some limits, but they let it happen and even enjoyed it because they got to meet some local parents. Logan had a great time surrounded by a gaggle of girls, but Hunter still refused to participate. He instead opted to spend time with Christine and baby Truely. In the end, the family was happy that the party took place because they met the kids' friends and parents, and realized that they're good people with good morals. It was a refreshing moment because it showed that the Brown kids would most likely be okay in Las Vegas after all.

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