Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reacting to the Teen Mom Season Finale - 9/20/11

The season finale of Teen Mom was hardly unpredictable, but it was interesting. The theme of the Teen Mom episode seemed to be fighting - trying to avoid it, mostly.

I gained some respect for Farrah's mom. Was she right to hit Farrah a while back? Absolutely not. But it becomes more and more evident each week that Farrah does everything she can to show her disgust for her mom. I totally understand a girl Farrah's age still disliking her mom and rebelling a bit, but as a mother, she's not setting the proper example for her young daughter.

Farrah also came to the realization that leaving Sophia with her mom was the best decision for her and Sophia. It's much healthier for Sophia to be in a stable household with Farrah's mother than practically abandoned living with Farrah. And while Farrah has responsibilities as a mother, if she doesn't take this time to grow on her own, she may never properly get over losing her childhood and might resent Sophia. And while Farrah did make a mistake with her pregnancy, Sophia doesn't deserve to suffer because of it. While staying with Farrah's parents, Sophia will most likely be happy - and I hardly think she'll hate Farrah for being in Florida, especially since she'll visit frequently.

Amber realized that her actions set an example for her daughter. In a way, it's sad that this just seemed to kick in, but at least it did. That being said, she's since attempted suicide so I don't think she's in the best place, even after coming to this realization.

It's a shame that Amber and Gary can't get along for their child. And while I genuinely believe that the pair wants to get along, Amber just gets so angry so often that it destroys their relationship. I don't blame her for being angry - having an unplanned child at a young age isn't exactly a thrilling situation. But Amber has a lot of growing up to do, and until she does, I don't think she and Gary will be able to have a healthy relationship.

Maci told Ryan that she doesn't think that she and Ryan should communicate in front of Bentley because it's unhealthy for him to see them fight. When Maci calmly brought this up to Ryan, he started to argue with her, which proved Maci's point. It's evident that the two need to get past their own issues for Bentley's sake, and for now, not being together in front of Bentley is a great choice.

I clearly don't understand the situation that Maci and Ryan are in, but I can't understand why they can't try to get along a bit better. It seems to me that Ryan is the major roadblock in this situation because Maci's willing to get along. I would still say that Ryan has feelings for Maci and can't get over the fact that she's with Kyle, not him. Maci and Ryan did almost get married, after all. They've come a long way from a young couple in love to bitter enemies. Towards the end of the episode, Maci and Ryan made an effort to get along, which is great, but I doubt that they will be able to get along properly overnight. It seems like they're going to lapse again.

Butch Baltierra temporarily moved in with Catelynn and Tyler. Fortunately, Catelynn and Tyler were smart enough to set down some ground rules. Also fortunately, they realized that having both Butch and Carly at their graduation might not be the best idea. Butch clearly isn't over the fact that they gave Carly up for adoption, and he's hardly the best influence. I can't blame Brandon and Teresa if they don't want Carly being exposed to her biological grandparents. Especially because they've seen Butch's actions on Teen Mom and know that he doesn't support their adoption of his grandchild.

I'm glad that Tyler realizes how good his mom is to him. While Tyler doesn't always agree with her thoughts (like her opposition to him moving in with Catelynn), she's very supportive and has done a lot to keep Tyler on track as much as possible. As Tyler noted, his mom is the one who ensured that he went to school every day. She's clearly the positive influence in his life - Butch is hardly a role model for Tyler. Just as a note: at the end of the episode, Butch went back to jail.


Anonymous said...

did anyone else realize that farrah is driving a bentley around in the season finale?

Less Than Reality said...

I didn't notice the specific type of car, but I did notice that she had a nice car. Despite being horrible to her parents, the girl sure is spoiled.

Anonymous said...

Actually it was a Mini Cooper...

Anonymous said...

She still has the Cooper Clubman in driveway but in Being Farrahs she is definitely driving a Bentley