Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Night TV Recaps and Some Random Stuff

Some interesting things happened on television last week and tonight. Below are some random recaps and updates about television from the past few days.

Bachelor Pad

On Bachelor Pad, we found out that nobody likes Blake. Well, it's not that we just found out, but it became painfully obvious on today's episode during The Nearlywed Game competition. This put him and Erica in a very bad situation. The game also put Vienna and Kasey in a bad place because despite their confidence, they got all of their answers wrong. When asked what Vienna's exes miss about her, Kasey said 'her teeth'. What?!? For once, I sided with Vienna because Kasey's answers were a bit ridiculous.

We also found out that the men and women had to pair up, and this would be the pairings for the rest of the game. This means that the teams would be voted off together or win together. Holly had to choose between Blake and Michael, and ended up choosing Michael. Therefore, Blake ended up with Erica. The fact that Blake is so disliked in the house put Erica at a disadvantage.
Graham and Michelle had an awesome plan for the game – they created a code for their answers so even though their responses wouldn’t make sense for the questions, they’d match, which was the goal of the game. Unfortunately, mistakes were made at the end of the game, threatening their win. Still, their strategy worked out and they won, and Blake and Erica came in second.

Michelle and Graham, Vienna and Kasey and Erica and Blake banded together to vote out Kirk and Ella. Unfortunately, their votes did not work out, and Blake and Erica went home, due in part to Holly's vote.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered tonight, despite rumors that the show would be delayed due to Russell Armstrong's suicide. On the episode, Russell Armstrong's suicide was addressed, and the show featured footage from after the event. After the brief recap of the situation, we were given a disclaimer that the remainder of the season was filmed before Russell's passing, and the 'regular' part of the show began.

Early in the episode, we saw Pandora VanderPump's boyfriend Jason ask if he could marry Pandora. It was a really nice way to begin the season.

After that, we learned that lots of people are not communicating. This includes Kyle and Kim not talking as well as Camille and Kelsey. Adrienne and her husband Paul aren't communicating in person much either, but that's not by choice - they're just too busy, although they do enjoy each other's company.

We learned that Taylor and Russell were working on their marriage through therapy, which I think we all wish had gone a bit better and helped to save a life.

Random Stuff

Degrassi: Now or Never is finally over, so I don't have to watch a half hour of terrible but addictive scripted television each night. I wrote my thoughts on the season in an article because the season was so outlandish. I mean, between the "Surprise, you're adopted!" storyline with Holly J and the random characters that appeared out of nowhere (hello, Owen!), I've had enough of the show. I am definitely more of a fan of the one episode a week format than the soap opera format that this season featured because this was just too much.

We did not meet Brandi Glanville, the ex of Eddie Cibrian, husband of LeAnn Rimes, on this week's episode of RHOBH. This show will give her a chance to shine on her own, rather than just being known as Eddie's ex and LeAnn’s nemesis. However, it seems that she won't appear until episode three of the RHOBH season. I took a look at her Twitter and unfortunately, spelling may not be her strongest talent.

Friends is now on Nick at Nite. Does anyone else feel old now? When I started watching Nick at Nite, it featured black and white shows that I'd never heard of before seeing them on Nick at Nite. I definitely remember watching Friends during its initial run on TV.

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